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Menendez: Obama Iran Red Lines Seem to be Green Lights.

In just under a minute, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey sums up the major problems with President Obama’s Iran deal.

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  1. Basic and simple. However many people in office and many Americans do not seem to be concerned.
    I suggested politcians addressing young children on another matter last week.
    Same here, have them address a young person’s face on national TV and explain how everything is going to be just fine.

  2. I had just been wondering about Menendez the other day, since I haven’t seen him anywhere in a while. I figured that with his indictment a few months ago that Obummer was successful in silencing him.

  3. Apologies to Keith and to all for going OT here. I respect the blog and the commenters. I have been infrequent because I dislike my responses to what is happening to our country. In America our representatives should represent us and they do not. Nor are the laws or balance of power or the constitution being respected. So, what to do?

    Anyway, it appears that the Vichy House quietly today voted that relatives of confederate soldiers buried in nationally historic cemeteries would no longer be able to bring a confederate flag to their ancestors’ grave sites and honor them with the battle flag for which they died. I don’t have a dog in the confederate hate/heritage fight. But I do think this rewriting of history and of banning American citizens from honoring their dead in a appropriately historic manner is frightening.

    Nothing good comes from rewriting history. Unless you are a PSD (Progressive Socialist Demokrat) who had nothing to do with the founding of the KKK or was ever the party of Strom Thurmond or George Wallace, etc. etc. Or unless you are Hillary Clinton or the Obama Administration who just plain destroys evidence before it can become public history.

    We here generally know how to follow the arc of history. We live in the times of Black Lives Matter not All Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. We know where that leads — and it pretty much comes in the form of armbands and stars.

    If the Progressive Socialists aka Democrats win and carry the future of this country how long before all the white Republicans buried in Arlington Cemetery are relocated or some such nonsense. What will happen to that Imperialistic Vietnam War Memorial?

    Every day is a fresh hell for America under this Administration and its supporters.

  4. Puzzled as to why there has ben virtually no mention of the Iran nuke negotiations in any of the news media the past couple of days.

    Has Obama just directed the media to put a lid on things while he closes on a bad deal?

    How about Fox News?

    • A few days ago — here and also over at the Beacon and The Right Scoop and elsewhere — there was a real good recap of 12x Obama had commented on the deal — and how he crossed his own “redline” to greenlight the nuke capability of Iran.

      • As painful as it is to think about or even write, it’s perfectly obvious that Iran has our government negotiators completely baffled and stupefied and in a very weak position to demand anything. They are giving away the store before our very eyes.

        The net effect is that Iran will have a nuclear bomb and delivery system at some point, thus setting off a ME nuclear bomb race.

        In effect, Obama–whether purposely or not we just don’t know at this point– has paved a straight superhighway for the Iranians and everybody, we and our allies, as well as our enemies know it.