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Video || Puerto Rico, Progressive Paradise!

Guess, what? Everything President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders wants is right next door, in lovely Puerto Rico. Income inequality eliminated! Rampant Socialism! More time for recreational pursuits outside or work!

And guess what? The place is broke!!

Scott Ott of PJTV explains.

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  1. Guess what – so are we ! 18 trillion worth of broke! We can never pay the bill on this.

    The only reason we are not in foreclosure right now is – we are currently the reserve currency for the world. We can print all we want and send it some where else.

    This may change soon. The new BRIC bank opens this month. Brazil,Russia,India and China have formed this new bank. It will compete with the IMF . (USA) So if they are a successful we may soon be looking for a bail out of our own!

  2. Puerto Rico – a place where you can watch a cock fight as you dig into a “winner-winner chicken dinner.”
    No kidding.

  3. I’ve been. What I remember: Heavily armed Policia, everywhere. Security bars on every window in apartment buildings -as far up as 20 floors.
    Eyes following us everywhere.

    The general geography was beautiful, green, lush, and white beaches. Blue/green waters.
    A paradise.

  4. Below is from Fausta’s Blog on July 1st. It was her take on Governor Garcia Padilla. Note her last sentence. This is exactly what Obama has done and is doing to the USA. The problem Americans have is they have no safe haven to run to.

    I read Fausta’s Blog daily. She does an excellent job covering the Latin world.

    García Padilla’s administration relies heavily on a large bureaucracy, and he knows his predecessor was voted out of office for trying to reduce it. Estimates show that the government of Puerto Rico has 160,000 employees too many. That’s enough of a voter base to keep him in office.

    If the U.S. refills the ATM, García Padilla will claim credit for it; if the U.S. doesn’t, he has someone to blame.

    And don’t forget that García Padilla and other commonwealth supporters lost miserably during the last plebiscite, when statehood won by approx. 60%. For as long as Puerto Rico remains in a financial swamp, García Padilla knows the question of statehood will be dismissed with “And They Want to Be a State?”
    (Or as Ed Koch put it, “The People have spoken … and they must be punished.”)

    Again, it is not in García Padilla’s interest to improve the economy.

  5. These are the real statistics of the PAN program in Puerto Rico. You are such a racist. The salaries are much much lower than in the states; more poverty. You are generalizing and you dont know about statistics. Maybe you dont like Obama. This information was given by the person in charge of the program here in Puerto Rico. How dare you speak withou the right information. Maybe you should talk about US history in Latin American, were they killed so much innocent people.
    Of these participants, 119,949 have a disability, 3,672 are homeless people, 258,482 are students and 410,529 are under 18 years of age. Another important fact is that 751,050 are women and 578,486 are men.
    In addition, a growing number of adults are over 60 years old living alone and in November 2014, accounted for a total of 274,299 people. In many cases, adults and older adults worked and contributed to the society, but the money that they receive from retirement or social security can’t afford to cover their food needs. Of the total of adults participating in PAN, 227,591 report social security income and 11,597 retirement or pension.
    Up to November of this year, 127,356 participants reported income by concept of employment. These data reflect that the participants of PAN are people who want to overcome, work and get back to their country. To meet the needs of this population, recently the transition period to employment was increased to one year for people who work 25 hours or more weekly. This allows a more staggered process of adaptation that strengthens the Mission of the ADSEF to foster families to move towards self-sufficiency.
    In addition, amendments have been done to the program to encourage agricultural employment. It is an incentive so that low-income families can work on farms. They are not required to report their earnings to qualify for PAN. In this way agriculture is stimulated in the island.

    1. The moment you wrote: “You are such a racist”, you lost the high ground. You may well have had something interesting to add, but we’re not interested at this point.

  6. And the statistcs about the labor participation has a lot to do with underground economy. People dont report it. I have seen it everyday here in the island. You are taking the numbers and saying things out of sheer ignorance. That is very offensive.

  7. This information was given in a news report in the island. The author of this video is antidemocratic and in all reason ignorant. Disparate in Spanish..false information….

    1. Suggestion: Stick around here a little before judging and scolding. Sounds like you have some interesting research…Why not present it pleasantly and instead of insulting people you don’t even know?

  8. This guy has no idea what he is talking about….rampant socialism? hardly, lots of poverty and inequality….one of the most unequal countries in the Americas….liar

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