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Twelve Times the Obama Administration Caved to Iran

This video is an extremely damaging indictment. A huge tip of the hat to the Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz, who assembled it. It is based on an analysis by the Foreign Policy Initiatiative’s Tvzi Kahn of the administration’s various misleading, disproven, and contradictory statements on the Iran deal.

26 thoughts on “Twelve Times the Obama Administration Caved to Iran”

    1. There will be a deal-by hook or by crook. Once again, Obama has been caught up in his own web of lies as he did with O/Care and everything else in between.

      His need for self-aggrandizement and adulation supercedes his duties to this country. He bragged that he would never do a bad nuke deal b/c his name will be on it. HIS name? The United States of Obama!

      You and I didn’t build this country-Obama the Singular did.

      1. Clarification: Obama is seeking the ‘adulation’ from citizens of other countries, i.e. Cuba, Iran, Mexico, VietNam, etc….not from Americans. In my book, that’s called tyranny.
        “Citizen of the World” should have been a red flag for America. His internal policies are destroying us.

    1. Yep. Iran is playing chess and Obama/Kerry are playing checkers. Kerry got played like a fiddle the last 2yrs.


  1. Thanks as well Keith for the video.
    Neither is denied.
    Those three words, seemed to not belong in this topic at all……………..

  2. I hear Iran added another request yesterday–lift the arms embargo on them so they can sell arms to people. Who rolls over on this one–do they take turns?

  3. Joshi can blast all he wants.
    Joshi and o do not have illegal criminals walking in their backyard at night sneaking back into the Country.
    They are not concerned, nor worried about being harmed by a illegal criminal because of our money protecting them from any and all.
    They are not worried or concerned about their job being taken.
    No it is not just fruit picking jobs.

    1. I looked into the very same list yesterday. The ‘left’ will still complain that it has to do with gun laws as opposed to outlaws.

    2. OMG it is worse than I thought. No wonder I feel over run here in CA. I had no idea there are that many sanctuary cities!

      Zero is a commie Muslim with ValJar the Iranian helping or actually running the country.

      We are 17 trillion in debt with no hope of every paying that bill. Someday we will be Greek!

        1. Why bother with laws at all if various people can cherry pick which ones to follow? I notice that at least in NJ, the sanctuary cities are also among the highest crime rate cities. I had no idea there were so many.

    3. Why do we call them sanctuary cities and even need this list? We are clearly a sanctuary nation. The whole freaking place!

        1. Yes, and I blame it all on congress.
          The spineless morons that are supposed to reign in a dictatorial president.

          The entire situation is disgusting to me.

  4. Somebody needs to set up a big screen in the park across from the WH and play this on an endless loop.

    And thank Corker and all the Republicans who signed that dumb a** legislation.

    There is nothing Barack Obama or that useless John Kerry will not do to get a deal with Iran. Deal first. Safety and Security of the US second. Isn’t there something about that in the oath of office?

    Lots of bragging about being CIC and getting Osama bin Laden — but this — well, we all know what this is for a supposed commander in chief.


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