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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 8, 2015

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of Treasury Secretary Lew

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

21 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 8, 2015”

  1. Keith, loved your article about the hawk, many good comments too. Yes, we could do a lot ourselves in our garden,in our vicinity, to make the wildlife thrive, to make the world a better place for every living creature. Lay out meadows, build ponds, put up nesting boxes, keep bees, allow “wild corners” in the garden, there are a lot of little things to do.
    All we talk about in Europe is Greece. I read in Daily Telegraph that Barry had weighed in on the subject. He called Merkel and Tsipras. He told Merkel that ” it´s in everyones interest to reach a durable agreement that will allow Greece to resume reforms, return to growth, and achieve debt sustainability within the Euro Zone ” Barry is so clueless, who wrote that script for him ? For us who follow the Greek drama day and night and who know about the rampant mismanagement, corruption, tax evasion etc in Greece this is laughable. “Resume reforms” ???? “Return to growth” ???? Oh dear, can´t help laughing. I hope that the other Euro zone leaders will rebel against Merkel and Hollande ( and Washington ) and kick Greece out.

      1. Agree Girly, but they “cooked the books”. After this disaster, I don´t think anyone will squeak about membership for Turkey or Ukraina.

      1. Marcus I tried to pull up the site. A page keeps appears stating: There is a problem with this website security certificate.

        1. Oh, oh. That’s not good. I just checked with with my virus scan and it’s ok on my computer, but I reckon you have to be careful.

  2. At lunch, Barry will regale Biden with all the cool things he’s going to do on vacation, And then his meeting with Lew is to get it all paid for by us. What a great day for him!

  3. “I’ve said before that the global enironment is as uncertain as I’ve ever seen it,” Dempsey told the Senate Armed Servie Committee, “The world is rapidly changing everywhere, and we’re seeing significant shifts in an already complex strategic landscape.”

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