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White House: Hillary Cherry-Picked Emails? No Problem!

Here’s how to think of the Hillary Clinton email saga.

It’s difficult, in a way, because emails are not tangible things. They’re a form of organized electricity. Lighter than air. Like thoughts that can float away, or in this case, be erased in an instant.

To better understand what she did, let’s go back to a time before there were emails. Let’s go back to the Reagan administration. And let’s imagine if Reagan’s first Secretary of State, Al Haig, instead of archiving written memos sent to him by other administration officials, brought them all home. And then, when someone found out about it, he went through them and turned over 30,000. And then he got his fireplace roaring and burned 30,000 others, claiming they had nothing to do with official business.

What would Democrats, and many Republicans, be saying about that?

Mrs. Clinton had no particular reason to erase her email server. It’s a piece of electronic hardware. It doesn’t start to bulge and take up more space around the house if it has emails on it. The only reason to erase it is that she didn’t want people to see what was on it.

Now we find out that she didn’t, as you might have expected, turn over all the work-related emails. What’s more, some were edited by her staff

None of this, somehow, is any problem at all for the Transparency White House.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

Kevin Corke of Fox News, who in his short time at the White House has already established himself as one of the best cross examiners in the briefing room, wasn’t letting White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest get away Monday with the usual buck-passing to Hillary’s staff. The conversation made for some great TV.

One sample will show you why Corke presents a problem for the White House:

CORKE: “While she worked for the president, those emails were public record. They’re supposed to be maintained. All of them. Turns out they weren’t. They were on a private server. Which was against what the president asked her to do. And then after the fact we all find out she had her team, or her staff, pick and choose which ones that she said were available. Can’t you see how that’s a problem?”


Here’s the full exchange.

10 thoughts on “White House: Hillary Cherry-Picked Emails? No Problem!”

  1. This e-mail controversy has been going on so long, I forgot what it’s about – Benghazi maybe?
    Anyway, nothing can be erased as long as the server survives. Failing a ‘lost’ server, the e-mails went to other servers. If that doesn’t work out, then contact NSA – they have every stroke, every blip that MrsClinton caused on her devices.

  2. For Hillary, her emails are like farts. We all know they when they present themselves, but she just denies they are hers, or moves into another room and blames someone else.

  3. I love how CNN is heralding HRS’s ‘First National Interview’ tomorrow night with Brianna Keilar (who just attended Clinton aide wedding).

    All of this fanfare for an old bag with more baggage than Grand Central at rush hour! Meanwhile, the lies keep piling up, the server self-destructed, and the press corps is hog-tied.

  4. CORKE: “…those emails were public record. They’re supposed to be maintained….Turns out they weren’t….Which was against what the president asked her to do. And then after the fact we all find out she had her team…pick and choose which ones that she said were available. Can’t you see how that’s a problem?”

    EARNEST: “No.”

    Baghdad Josh strikes again. nothing to see here, folks!

    1. And if the WH has any thoughts of charging Fox News with racially charged questioning, they can put a Corke in it.

  5. Personally, I would like to see the elimination of the position of Press Secretary. Under this administration, this position has become more of a campaign spokesperson than Press Secretary. It is no longer about the truth. Why should anyone in government tell the truth if the spokesperson of the President doesn’t ?

    There is another position that needs to be revised as well. That is the Attorney General. This position has become both an attack dog and protector of the President and not the U.S. Government. How many companies have gone under scrutiny to be settled with a fine. Out of the financial crisis no one went to jail? All the banks that committed fraud were allowed to pay a fine. There have been serious allegations against Cabinet level Officials of this Administration and it has been ignored. I hope Gowdy gets Secretary Kerry under the spotlights soon. He has tried to run a fair investigation over the past year. Now is the time to let Kerry tell the public why he is protecting the former Secretary instead of doing the business of State and complying with the law. I believe it is time for articles of Impeachment for Holder, Clinton and Kerry.

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