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Video || Obama on Isis: “This Will Not be Quick”

President Obama warned Monday that we won’t be able to make quick work of ISIS.

This will not be quick.  This is a long-term campaign.  ISIL is opportunistic and it is nimble.  In many places in Syria and Iraq, including urban areas, it’s dug in among innocent civilian populations.  It will take time to root them out — and doing so must be the job of local forces on the ground, with training and air support from our coalition.

Etc., etc . . .

Obama added that we can’t win this by military effort alone and that we will have to spend a generation defeating the Islamists’ ideas because “Ideologies are not defeated with guns.”

Tell that to the Nazis.

15 thoughts on “Video || Obama on Isis: “This Will Not be Quick””

  1. Weird. I could have sworn he once said they were the JV team. Weird….I must have made that up or dreamed it up. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    1. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan…if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

      He’s never held accountable for anything.

  2. Isis is ”nimble’…and they are ‘quick’..and Jack jumped over the candlestick.
    Such profound observations from the Bystander-in-Chief. I’m overwhelmed!

    “We will have to spend a generation defeating their ideologies”. Is he serious??? Calling Dr. Krauthammer….

  3. My late Mother-in-law had a saying she was fond of when she heard drivel like this; “he talks like he has a paper ___hole”
    It was never clear what that meant exactly, but it seems to fit here.

    (sorry about that)

  4. So, let me get this straight.

    Obama ordered our troops out of Iraq, overruling the then-valid, and now-vindicated, concerns of his military commanders. His only apparent reason seems to be that he had campaign promises he was determined to keep, consequences be damned.

    Then, when ISIS stepped in to fill the void he himself ordered us to create, Obama pooh-poohed their march of conquest and barbarism, calling them the JV team. OOPS.

    And this is to say nothing of his mishandling of the Arab Spring generally, his fetish with legitimizing Iran’s mullahs and their quest for an atomic bomb, his war of choice in Libya (without the consent of Congress, BY THE WAY), and on, and on, and on.

    And now, he’s telling us that the eternal Middle East complication is having a little complication, and this could be a long fight, yadda yadda yadda.

    You know, pardon my French, but I’m sorry, Barry, this clusterfuck is all and entirely YOUR clusterfuck.

    This man has done so much bungling in the Middle East–and I mean that in the Goethe-an sense–that it could take decades, if not CENTURIES, to cleanse the Augean stable Obama’s made of it.

    1. FUBAR.
      Some caller on a radio show tonight stated that no-one since Carter has said so many words that mean absolutely nothing.

    2. Accurate description.

      On foreign affairs, I’m beginning to think he’s incompetent and on domestic issues, that he is despicably competent (and/or has despicably competent handlers with whom he agrees) on domestic affairs. Not totally sure because this thought just crossed my mind.

    3. And…. ……he gets away with all of it. No consequences for him, no serious MSM effort to finally expose his defeatist strategy, no Congress to stop him in his tracks. Just astounding.

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  6. Watching Obama live on CNN yesterday, one of the regular panelists was searching his brain for something positive to say about O’s comments. He finally came up with this: “He looked somber”. LOL.
    I think that was code for ‘hungover’.

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