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Obama to Abandon College Ratings

The March of Progress – aka the gradual intrusion of government into every possible corner of your life – is somehow being slowed a bit as the Obama administration puts on ice plans to provide government ratings for colleges.

The Education Department blog says an evaluation of higher education centers of learning, to be released today, will, “take a more consumer-driven approach than some have expected, providing information to help students reach their own conclusions about a college’s value,” which, according to the Wall Street Journal, means no actual ratings.

Now, as the WSJ mentioned, the gray part of this silver lining is that we won’t get to see academics suddenly victims of the very left wing dogma they are drilling into our young people, forced to cope with the same government chimera they are helping to create. While it would have been delightful to savor these just desserts, the price to liberty would be just too high.


Because imagine how this was to go down. The Education Department was to give its USDE Grade of Approval to individual universities. Universities with poor grades would experience less demand from students for an education, and perhaps fewer donations from alumni aghast that their alma mater was not up to federal snuff.

So, of course, these universities decide they must start aggressively kissing some federal government booty, doing whatever the government requires in terms of creating diversity, structuring a curriculum, and providing a warm, loving environment – but not too loving less someone claim they are being assaulted.

You get the picture. These ratings are a backdoor entrance to federal control over higher education.

Supposedly, the Obama administration backed down in the face of the objections from what are usually its allies in academia. But I’m hardly convinced this is over. The temptation to control the minds of our college-age youth, as the federal government is already doing with their younger counterparts, is too great. I mean, it’s what average Socialists are permitted to do in normal Socialist societies.

Teach the people to read. And then give them something to read.

8 thoughts on “Obama to Abandon College Ratings”

  1. Has anyone notice how thin Obummer has become? I saw a clip of him walking and his suit seem several sizes too big.

    College degree’s can be worthless in today’s new normal. Over 1 trillion dollars in student loans out there. The 5.3 unemployment number is a joke.

    The number of people employed right now is the same as it was in 1977.

    So the college rating is meaningless. In a country where too many peeps are getting a degree, the college rating is of no value if there are no jobs.

    Illegals have a better chance of getting a job right now. You degree means nothing if you are flipping burgers and owe $20,000 in student loans.

    Nothing to see here move along.

  2. Believe the dark side is trying to control the minds of the younglings I can not. If Americans could see their future, revolt they would now.

  3. In Ohio, Kasich just signed a budget bill that essentially tells the colleges that a request to increase their tuition rates are not going to be funded by the state, i.e the taxpayer.

    In other words, they are on their own to support themselves.

  4. Don’t know on this rating stuff–the ones the govt would have rated “higher,” would have been made more expensive immediately. Good or bad? The govt has no business rating stuff…They don’t know anything about anything.

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