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Live Stream || Obama Statement on ISIS

The event has concluded.

8 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Statement on ISIS”

  1. He is a community organizer, not a leader.
    He dismisses advice from military leaders because it does not fit within his parameters.
    He disregards advice from economic advisers on the economy.

    He isn’t qualified for the position foolish people elected him to do.

    He once again presented himself as the dictator in chief.

    I, Me, and My are prevalent in his remarks.

  2. More gobbledygook. No change in policy; Stepping up air strikes (1000’s ISIS fighters being killed); Will strike ISIS leaders at every chance; Congress needs to get off their duff and confirm the DOD under-secretary (as if that’s going to help); we are pushing ISIS back in many towns (ISIS is on the run); Military strategy is not the only answer – we need to outsmart them (fat chance); social media recruiting is increasing – we ‘need to step up our game’ (what is wrong with him? Shut down their access!).

    Final caveat: it’s going to be a long haul-a generational battle. Passing the buck to the next guy!

    1. “Final caveat: it’s going to be a long haul-a generational battle.”

      Translation: “I, Barry The Royal Screwup, have created a situation that will threaten your safety and survival for many years to come.”

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