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Obama Schedule || Monday, July 6, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:20 pm || Receives an update on ISIS; The Pentagon
3:55 pm || Delivers a statement to the press; The Pentagon

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. (I’m posting this in parts because it’s long, and because I think posts with too many links get thrown into moderation)

    Regarding the embassy in the Dominican Republican and the link posted in the Sunday Open Thread by Old Timer this morning – I went to that blog and clicked on the link there for the original story and photo, and I did a few minutes of digging around.

    That photo of the pool party at the embassy actually came from the Facebook page of the “husband” of the US ambassador to the Dominican Republic:


    Bob J. Satawake
    My first pool party celebrating equality!!! My first party at the pool celebrating equality!
    June 28, 2015

    Here’s some info on the ambassador, who’s been there since November of 2013:,_Jr.

    James “Wally” Brewster, Jr. (born c. 1960), is the United States Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. He was unanimously confirmed by the Senate of the United States on November 14, 2013, and was sworn in by Vice-President Joe Biden at the White House on November 22, shortly before Brewster left Washington to take up his post in Santo Domingo.

    In the evening of that same day, Brewster married his long-term partner of 25 years, luxury real estate executive Bob J. Satawake; the ceremony and reception were held at the Hay-Adams Hotel, near the White House. Brewster and Satawake made history as the first openly gay couple to represent the United States at the ambassadorial level in the Americas.

    So, he married his long term partner the same day that he was confirmed as Ambassador. And, now they’re living together at the embassy, and apparently hosting their many gay friends at our embassy there. Basically, he and his “husband” are enjoying a very nice long vacation on our dime. It seems that Brewster and his gay activist “husband” are also enjoying rubbing it in the faces of the locals and the Catholic church in the Dominican Republic.

    Upon arriving in the Dominican Republic, Brewster posted a video introducing himself and his husband on the embassy’s web page.

    Prior to his appointment, Brewster was a realtor, gay activist, and Obama bundler:

    In addition to his business career, Brewster served as the National Co-Chair of the LGBT Leadership Council for the Democratic National Committee and held the same role in the Obama 2012 campaign. It was reported that as a fundraiser for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, Brewster and Satawake raised over $1,000,000 in donations.[5] Brewster was also involved with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for more than 30 years and served on their National Board of Directors.[6]

  2. Oh, I didn’t see my =first post show up. Here’s Part 2:

    Brewster’s appointment was controversial in the Dominican Republic:

    Gay U.S. ambassador faces backlash in Dominican Republic
    Thu November 28, 2013

    The welcome message from America’s new top diplomat in the Dominican Republic touched on baseball, culture and trade ties. No surprises there.

    But U.S. Ambassador James “Wally” Brewster brought one thing with him this week that’s a first for a male U.S. ambassador in the Caribbean nation: a husband.

    “My spouse, Bob, and I have traveled the world, from the far reaches of Asia to the stunning coastlines of southern Europe,” Brewster says in a video introducing himself on the U.S. Embassy’s website.

    Then husband Bob Satawake chimes in: “But we always return to the beauty of the Dominican Republic.”

    After months of pressure from religious groups in the Dominican Republic who protested his appointment, Brewster arrived in Santo Domingo this week to begin his tenure as ambassador.


    High-profile Catholic Church leaders have decried the new diplomatic appointment as a sign of a lack of respect from Obama.

    “He has not considered the particularities of our people. The United States is trying to impose on us marriage between gays and lesbians as well as adoption by these couples,” said Father Luis Rosario, director of youth ministries for the church.

    Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez has also criticized Brewster’s selection several times since Obama announced his appointment over the summer.


    His arrival in the Dominican Republic this week was front-page news in many of the country’s newspapers, which also prominently discussed the arrival of his spouse.

    A major fundraiser for Obama’s 2012 campaign who most recently worked as a senior managing partner of SB&K Global, Brewster has also served on the national board of directors for the Human Rights Campaign, a prominent gay rights group.
    In a blog post this month, the group described Brewster as the fifth openly gay U.S. ambassador.

    “It is a testament to President Obama and the U.S. Senate that the sexual orientation of these ambassadors is irrelevant to their qualifications for their posts,” the campaign said.

  3. Part 3:

    Brewster and his husband have been supporters of a gay tourism campaign in the Dominican Republic even though the D.R.’s minister of tourism does not want to target that market:

    The gay U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic has sharply criticized comments the country’s tourism minister made against LGBT tourists.

    El Caribe, a Dominican newspaper, reported James “Wally” Brewster during an interview on Tuesday “deplored” what the publication described as Tourism Minister Francisco García’s assertion that the country “is not interested in exploiting the potential of the said market.”

    “When the official that is the head, the boss of the Dominican government, says that he does not want a certain group of people, it puts us in a difficult situation in terms of supporting tourist activity in this country,” Brewster told El Caribe.

    Ambassador’s husband defends LGBT tourism campaign

    García’s comments come less than a month after the Blade reported that a Dominican advocacy group is working with government officials and travel industry representatives on a campaign designed to promote LGBT tourism and gay rights in the Caribbean country.

    Members of the Center for Integrated Training and Research, an organization that has fought the AIDS epidemic in the country and throughout the Caribbean for more than two decades, on Feb. 2 met with representatives of the Dominican Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Police at a hotel in Santo Domingo, the country’s capital. Representatives from the Dominican travel industry and Brewster’s husband, Bob Satawake, are among those who also attended the gathering.

    Religious groups have sharply criticized the campaign, with one accusing the Dominican government of adopting “an official policy to sell the Dominican Republic as an LGBT paradise” during a recent interview with a local television station.

    Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez of the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo in 2010 described a park in the capital’s Colonial City in which LGBT Dominicans gather at night as “a space where all types of insolences and vulgarities abound.” López during a 2013 press conference described Brewster as a “faggot” after President Obama nominated him with the apparent approval of Dominican President Danilo Medina.

    Satawake on Wednesday defended the LGBT tourism campaign that is scheduled to formally launch in May.

    “I am hopeful this program will lead to the expansion of the entire tourism sectors between our two nations and continues to promote and grow our strong trade alliance through tourism,” he told the Blade.

      1. We send women diplos to Muslim countries–even female generals…Other ambs bring their spouses…I don’t get the outrage… Other countries need to acknowledge our laws…Embassy grounds are US territory.

  4. Fourth and final part (with thanks to Keith for letting me share what I found):

    As I said, our ambassador and his “husband” sure are living it up at our beautiful embassy there. Brewster’s “husband'” also posted a pic on July 3rd of a “disco fever” party in celebration of Independence Day. Who knew that a disco party with guys dressed up as The Village People and John Travolta was a way to celebrate July 4th:


    Bob J. Satawake
    The most amazing Disco Fever Show ever tonight celebrating the Independence Day of the United States!!! — with Wally Brewster.
    July 3, 2015

    So, yeah, that’s what our ambassador and his “husband” have been up to over there. It’s one long freebie vacation in the D.R., a chance to push their gay agenda, a reward for a gay activist/Obama bundler and fundraiser. What a joke.

    1. Every time I hear a ‘married’ gay male refer to his partner as ‘my wife’ (or vice versa), I am repulsed. This is not what God intended when he created the first man and woman. It wasn’t ‘Adam and Ed’ or ‘Eve and Bridget’.

      How pitiful for the children who are going to suffer utter confusion and identity crises due to this twisted mind-set.

    2. Regarding ISIS announcement-what could Obama possibly say to put himself in a good light? We killed them all? They’re on the run?
      If it’s ground troops-he’s a day late and a dollar short. This is exactly what ISIS wants – a war on their turf.
      Whatever he does, it will be a disaster.

      1. Ret. Col. Shafer on Fox just mentioned that the Pentagon has tons of plans…
        o has chosen not to use any of them…
        He also mentioned 24/7 bombing that is not being done.
        This little comment/speech he is making today is again being one step behind.
        What is he going to mention today? Instead of doing something by surprise to them. He is going to announce a statement.
        I am sure the maniacs are shaking in their boots/sandals. sarc.

        1. As Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer said on a Fox this morning, Barry’s little trip to the Pentagon today is all for show. Shaffer said BHO has done nothing to destroy ISIS; we’re just not in it to win it. We should be doing 24/7 bombing, not 7 sorties a day, more like 700 a day.

          1. My plan would be to send in 1,000 ten-man teams comprised of Army Special Ops/Delta forces/Navy Seals/Marine Special Operations/Air Force Special Operations. Give this folks a week or two to do what they do better than anyone in the world. End of ISIS problem.

  5. He has already received to make a statement with the press.
    I would think/hope he is getting daily reports about the maniacs.
    How can he plan ahead to schedule to release a statement, if he don’t already know what is in that report?

    1. How long will it take him to get the women’s soccer team on his schedule. GO USA! Something to be proud of America. I hope this is the first of many upcoming prideful moments that begin when he leaves 1600!

  6. If Barry, the Prince of Chaos, paid attention and gave a hoot about what was going on in the world–including the rampages of ISIS–he wouldn’t need to be briefed so he could make a pretty speech at 3:55 pm on July 6th. He would know what’s going on already.

    He would already know the details of the situation on ISIS. He would know names, places, strategies and the tactics of ISIS. He would be the most knowledgeable person in Washington DC on ISIS. He would have a plan to deal with ISIS.

    He wouldn’t miss 60 percent (at least) of his daily PDB’s. He would act like an adult leader who was determined to wipe ISIS off the map. He would certainly have an action plan to eliminate the ISIS cells we have in all 50 states.

    Instead…well, we are seeing the “instead” every day. What a sorry excuse he is for a President.

    1. Exactly! Will the msm make the same point? No!
      As I mentioned earlier, how can he plan a press release when he doesn’t know what is going to be mentioned.
      I attempted to make the same point.
      I agree, He should already know what the dickens is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If……he didn’t know already, How can he go play anything untill he was on top of this matter?
      He screwed up from the beginning and watched them grow and grow and grow.

      1. For sure. Our national policies toward ISIS and the Iran “negotiations” are a complete disgrace. Obama is just not wired up to deal with these serious issues as a serious adult. Had he worked for me when I had my business, I would have fired him in a week. Or less.

          1. Exactly right. Would have spotted him as a fraud with a forged “personality” in a lineup of potential hires. Lordy, it’s just so obvious. It drives me crazy that so many voters fell for the trickery of his handlers and voted for him.

    2. Obama’a attitude is ‘let the heads fall where they may”…sorry to be graphic…but he hasn’t done a thing to stop it.

  7. *Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.*
    ~John Quinton~

  8. 10:00 Look at Ipad on desk with Presidential Daily Briefing, decide practicing putting more important.
    2:20 Receives Pentagon ISIS update informing him ISIS has definitely moved up from J.V. status
    3:55 Tells the oogling press corpse that his plan to “degrade and destroy” ISIS is right on track. Final phase to begin January 20, 2017 12:01pm EST.

  9. He has to travel to the Pentagon at the peak of rush hour just to deliver a statement to the press? Maybe they’ll chopper him over that mess.

    1. If he thinks he can screw up rush hour traffic, cause accidents, make people late for dinner by traveling by limo—then that’s what he’ll do.

    1. Just finished reading this over at Drudge. My first thought was how stupid the RINO Congress is to give Obama complete control…until I realized they are in perfect harmony with him.
      Obama’s hatred of Israel has no bounds-nothing surprises me. Borders-who needs borders. We certainly don’t.

        1. You’re right, AFVet. He took control. What I should have said is how stupid Congress was to trust him. No deal is better than a bad deal.

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  12. I read the article regarding Greece and have watched the news through out the weekend. I was hoping to read comments from my fellow readers of what they thought about this matter.

  13. I have heard enough of what Christie wants to do. I as well have heard enough of everyone slamming Trump for his comment. If they disagree with him, Fine! Let all the illegals from Mexico, and South America, and Lord knows where else camp out in their backyard.

    1. Illegals are NOT Immigrants: they are criminal, foreign invaders.
      Legal migrant workers, legal skilled workers and legal foreign students are not IMMIGRANTS either. They are “guests”… they must leave when their Visa’s expire: should they fail to leave, they are then criminals and NOT Immigrants.
      Immigrants are law abiding foreign nationals who honor this country’s generous invitation to go through a process to become “legal” USA residents and, ultimately, under the guidelines, USA citizens. Should they fail to follow all of the laws, they then can become illegal immigrants.
      Illegals are criminals. They do not respect this nation, its citizens, its sovereign nation rights and they break the laws every single day they are here.
      We do not need future citizens who have no respect for our laws, refuse to learn our language or assimilate into our culture. Past waves of immigrants from around the globe have all blended into our society but they came here LEGALLY.

    2. I was listening to voters from Greece explain why they voted the way they did—(on UK radio this morning). After listening to a dozen or so Greeks explain their vote, several theme come through pretty clearly.

      1. The two choice (yes/no) were written in a confusing manner, and some weren’t quite sure what they were voting for.
      2. Some voted “No” (against austerity), but weren’t sure what that would actually mean.
      3. Some were not sure what getting out of the EU actually meant or what the impact would be.

      Etc. You get the idea.

      Sounded like a confused group.

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