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Video || American Strong

One of our regular contributors around here, musician Ron Tankersley, has penned a great new song I thought you’d like to hear. It’s called “American Strong,” and it’s out today, just in time for the Fourth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You probably are aware of Ron from the satirical videos he does as theronniebuss.

Anyway, without further ado . . .

You can find all of Ron’s videos on his YouTube channel.

Congratulations Ron on your new release!

27 thoughts on “Video || American Strong”

  1. Thanks Keith and Ron. I loved it. I think we really needed that after the last few weeks. Happy and safe Fourth to you and all the WHD readers.

    1. Thanks Trouble! Please share the video so we csan share the message. We MUST as sane people try to step up and save our country from the cancer that eats it from within! Thanks again…

  2. America is strong, and I am tired of the president telling the world that we aren’t.

    The people that populate this site are indicative of the spirit of America.

    We are the people that will sustain our precious Country, not the politicians nor the monumental regulations that we have to live under.

    All things pass however the time frame is important.

    Damage is being done to this Country intentionally by our president.
    And the people that still support him are questionable as to what their theory of Patriotism really means.

    They are all fools, children raised under the influence of liberal colleges and radical ‘professors’.

    None of them have the experience or the wisdom to govern.

    1. AFVet….we ARE strong no matter the the new tyrant would believe. I’m an Armagedoptimist. Someone who believes the crap is going to hit the fan, but it’ll be OK in the end. lol
      Seruously though…I keep reminding myself that MUCH greater tyrants have underestimated America and it’s citizens many times in the past. All were thoroughly trounced…at great cost of lives by us, but whipped they were! It is a shame we never seem to learn our lessons, but survive this clown we will! Surely! Share the video, to share the message please!

  3. Love it! Great job, Ron. Thanks for posting it, Keith.

    I needed that after reading this story:

    A video of Americans being asked about Independence Day is a concerning reminder that many do not know why they celebrate on July 4.

    Media analyst Mark Dice interviewed citizens in San Diego, California, asking whether they will be at a party this weekend.

    He then questioned them on the historical details of the event they will be marking – and many of them struggled.

    When asked, ‘What country famously broke away from England to start their own country in the late 1700’s,’ one man responded, ‘I have no idea man, I don’t know.’

    Asked what they were celebrating, another woman said that Independence Day was to recognize ‘the day that we overtook the south….it’s our independence….from the south.’

    She was actually referring to the Civil War which took places 100 years after America celebrated its independence from Britain in 1776.

    One woman wrongly said Abraham Lincoln approved the final words of the Declaration of Independence in 1964, then tried to correct herself with another wrong answer, 1984.

    When a man is asked, ‘What country did we declare our independence from, his wife responds, ‘California,’ before the man says, ‘I don’t know,’

    But he tells Dice that he will be celebrating the occasion anyway.

    Many walked away from camera because they simply didn’t know the answer.

    The only person to answer the question correctly, was an Italian tourist.

    Polls in the past have revealed many Americans simply do not know what happened on July 4 1776.

    In 2011, a Marist poll found: ‘Only 58 percent of residents know that the United States declared its independence in 1776. Twenty-six percent are unsure, and 16 percent mentioned another date.’

    The findings added: ‘About one in four Americans doesn’t know from which country the United States declared its independence.

    ‘While 76 percent correctly cite Great Britain, 19 percent are unsure, and 5 percent mention another country.’

    1. Thanks for the link, SnarkEsq. I watched the video and it’s startling that so many celebrate on July 4th without understanding what it represents. :(

    2. I saw that, and it was one of the most depressing things I’ve seen in a long time. And some of the respondents were giddy with their stupidity. They were enjoying it.

  4. Thanks. It was good and a good reminder especially on this 4th of July where the country that I and so many Americans love should be celebrated for the freedoms and liberties we have.

    It’s pathetically sad that we have to fight now to defend that America from our own President and other Americans.

  5. Hey everyone, the Obummer administration knows how you should spend your July 4th weekend!

    First, be sure to grill some fruit, (as I’m sure Moochelle will be doing):

    Then, be sure to sell your family and friends on the benefits of Obummercare, (you have to read the propaganda in that one complete with suggested scripts!)

  6. Best Country on the Planet!
    Best Military on the Planet !
    America Strong in spite of the Idiots trying to take it apart!
    God Bless our Veterans who have made America
    God Bless Americans who Love this Country!
    Great Song Ron Tankersley & your band is awesome.
    Be safe everyone!

  7. I loved this song, Ron. It’s a beautiful reminder of our great country and perfect for this holiday weekend. Keith, thanks so much for posting this and all Ron’s other great songs.

    Everyone, have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!

    1. Agree completely. What a powerful document, full of wisdom and courage and hope. That day in Philadelphia, they understood they could be be signing their death warrants, and they signed nevertheless. Incredible. They weren’t even sure this experiment in freedom would be successful, long term. But they signed it.

      Here what Calvin Coolidge, the President the nihilistic Socialist Progressives love to hate, had to say about the US Constitution on the 150th anniversary of the signing. Remarkable insight. Worth reading quietly, thoughtfully, on this day.

    According to the Fraser Institue, the U.S. ranks 12th amoung countries in terms of economic freedom, a decrease from past years tha’s due in part to a decline in property rights and a rise in the costs imposed by government on businesses.
    Another First Amendment right under attack is the freedom of speech. According to Reporters Without Borders, the U.S. now ranks 49th in the world in terms of freedom afforded to the press, in alarming decline fro 20th place in 2010. Among the countries whose jounalists enjoy more freedom are Namibia, El Salvador and Burkina Faso.

  9. Oh my! Love it. What a beautiful voice to sing it. Thanks so much for sharing this Keith.
    It brought tears to me eyes!
    Never be ashamed to fly our AMERICAN flag!! Be ashamed of those trying to stop us~
    Have a great and safe 4th to all my beautiful friends here~

  10. Happy Fourth of July !
    The Red White and Blue is flying from our flagpole, makes me proud. We are having an American BBQ with friends tonight.

  11. Its hard to celebrate with the heavy boot of our leftist government on our necks.
    With Propaganda main stream media bleating out the same old BS. When I talk to liberals I know their eyes pop out of their heads when I tell them what Obumer has done. They still to not believe!

    At least we can post here with our unhappiness!

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