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Obama Playing Golf

Well, the White House finally released Obama’s actual schedule for the day. It’s golf.

The man does make the most of his weekends. I could learn a thing or two.

Not that it’s the weekend yet.

The president today is playing with some of his usual relatively junior White House aides. But instead of the customary military base course, he’s at Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, Md.

Columbia golf

What’s not to like?

Obama is maintaining a blistering golf pace this year, with today’s outing marking the the 22nd time he has played in 2015. That’s about 110 hours devoted to the golf, if we include the trips to and from the courses, or nearly three weeks of 40-hour work weeks. He has now played 235 times as president.

UPDATE: After being rained out Saturday, Obama played again on Sunday, marking his 23rd outing of 2015 and the 236th of his presidency.

47 thoughts on “Obama Playing Golf”

  1. It’s the weekend Keith ! Today’s the local, state and federal “holiday”.

    Good, let him disturb the 1%ers at their country club our troops and vets can enjoy theirs :)

    1. If I were able to work hard and be able to belong to such a Country Club, I would be very upset if my day/weekend were disturbed because he was showing up. In other words, I paid for my time there and to have him drop in for free, or the tax payers dime would be pathetic.

    2. While he golfs, the rest of us have to worry about potential “lone wolf” terror attacks. If Obama gave half-a-rat’s backside of concern about this country I wouldn’t care that he golfs, but he dosen’t. He is our worst, most evil enemy.

      1. They are just hyping the “lone wolf” Propaganda in hopes someone will do it.

        You cannot believe anything you see on TV in this regard. Its all fake news!

  2. A member of the MSM asked him the other day if last week was his “best week ever”…other recent headlines say he’s “on a roll” and his “mojo is back”…and he’s comparing himself to Reagan as a “transformative figure.”

    No surprise he’s livin’ it up.

    1. He also said better weeks were the weeks he married Michelle and the weeks his kids were born–going for the Parade cover again. I hate being so cynical all the time…I am sick of having to be.

      1. MissWhitehousegolfer

        If people would pay close attention to what President Obama was saying… he was trying to tell the world that the week he married Michelle and the week the girls were born is the only time he’s been happy… It’s been hell ever since and he wants out of the marriage. Michelle has been cheating on him the whole time. The girls are not his biological children. How come no one ever hardly sees them together anymore? She looks at him like she can’t stand him anymore. She has moved out of the White House and if you don’t believe this.. go to the and go back through pictures and videos and look at the way she looks at him. Very negatively started back Nov 2014

  3. Somewhat unsurprising. They’re calling for thunderstorms for most of the day tomorrow.

    Still, most civilians are working today, so the optics don’t bother him, evidently.

    Reminder: “Now watch this drive” George W. played 24 rounds in his entire 8 year term. Sir Golfalot may match or beat that by the All-Star break.

      1. Funny you should mention that.
        Lee Trevino once said that if you are ever caught in a thunderstorm on the golf course, hold up a 1 iron.
        He said that even God can’t hit a 1 iron. :)

        1. Oh my god, that was hysterical AFVet. Coming from a golfing family, I’m shocked I’ve never heard that joke. Plus, it’s true.

          As for Obama golfing, I’ve noticed lately he’s venturing on to more and more private courses. I think he’s seeing where he wants to join once he’s no longer President.

      1. I know, right? Go figure.

        How the lefties can maintain, with a straight face, that all of Bush’s time in Crawford is morally equivalent to hundreds of rounds of golf, and all the high-roller vacations Mouchelle has soaked We The Serfs Taxpayers for, is beyond me.

        Michael Savage has said that he thinks liberalism is a mental disorder, and…well…

  4. I just came from 1 World Center and the 9/11 Museum in NYC. We Americans have so much to be proud of and thankful for. I hope bho pays his respects to our great country and stops with his disparaging remarks on this beautiful Independence holiday weekend.

  5. On Wednesday night, while catching up on comments here I saw someone was wondering where Moochelle and the kids were this week. I myself wondered if Malia was in LA like last summer when she was an intern on Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg’s show, “Extant”. So, I did a quick Google search and found a tweet with a sighting of Malia in NYC, but I wasn’t able to find any other info, so I didn’t post the tweet the other night. But, here it is:

    Saw Malia Obama outside of the building I work in.
    Saw Maya Rudolph in the elevator.
    Gotta love Midtown.
    2:58 PM – 1 Jul 2015

    Well, I guess that was in fact a Malia Obama sighting, as it seems she is an intern on Lena Dunham’s HBO show,”Girls” (photo at link):

    Add Malia Obama’s name to the cast and crew of “Girls” — but before POTUS has a heart attack … she’s not starring in the racy show … just interning for the summer.

    President Obama’s firstborn — who turns 17 on Saturday — was seen hanging Thursday on the Brooklyn set … though she hardly seemed to be breaking a sweat.

    According to the photo agency, Malia’s scored her 2nd TV gig in as many years … working with Lena Dunham’s crew. Remember, last summer she interned on Halle Berry’s show, “Extant.”

    Kid’s got this Hollywood thing down — it’s all about who ya know.

    1. Well Chelsea Clinton got big bucks from NBC when she wanted to be a newscaster or whatever. Let’s see how Malia does in Hollywood.

    2. MissWhitehousegolfer

      Michelle moved out of the White House. She left President Obama for another man and they are about to get married. She filed official divorce papers way back in 2012. Pay attention you barely see them together anymore. He is always alone. Michelle always looks at him with contempt as if she can’t stand him anymore and if she is smiling…it’s phony. She hates him and wants out of the relationship. Read this brand new article

    3. That leaves Sasha and Granny. No doubt they are on a very lavish vacay in a very expensive resort somewhere on the planet.

      1. Maybe not yet, Girly1. If I recall correctly, they usually have a lot of family and friends here for the long Fourth of July weekend. It’s Malia’s birthday and they all get to meet the singers and celebs that are there for the WH 4th celebration. So, they’ll probably take off for a vacation next week.

      2. I just saw these two tweets by two different people:

        Sasha and Malia Obama were eating at a restaurant in the neighborhood where my college is and one of my friends saw them…. nice
        3:03 PM – 3 Jul 2015

        I just saw Malia Obama in Georgetown.
        4:09 PM – 3 Jul 2015

  6. Also this (photos at link) –

    Malia Obama’s already a first daughter — but she also just wants to be one of the “Girls.”

    President Obama’s elder daughter was spotted in Williamsburg on Thursday, casually sipping a soft drink while hanging out on the set of the raunchy Lena Dunham comedy.

    The 16-year-old — who turns 17 on Saturday — spent about three hours on location in Brooklyn as the HBO show filmed at the Aurora Ristorante, a hipster haven on Grand Street.

    There were no sightings of any other Obamas during Malia’s visit, which included time with Dunham, according to sources.

    It wasn’t clear if Malia did any work or would appear in an episode.

    Dunham is also a fan of Malia.

    On the first daughter’s birthday a year ago, the actress tweeted: “Happy Birthday Malia Obama! Let’s all hope we’re as elegant as you when we grow up.”

      1. What downfall? He keeps surviving everything…Supreme Court decisions on O-Care, various scandals that seem to just disappear (IRS, etc.), broken promises that would sink previous presidents (“If you like your doctor…”), losing both the House & Senate, yet merrily going along and still getting his way.

        If it hasn’t happened by now, I don’t think he’s going to have a downfall.

  7. More about Obummer’s golfing:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Pres Obama now at Columbia Country Club in Bethesda, MD for a round of golf. It’s his first time playing there as pres. Its 77° and sunny.
    11:50 AM – 3 Jul 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    The Columbia Country Club is a private member-owned club that dates back to 1911. The US Open was played there in 1921.
    12:27 PM – 3 Jul 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    The Columbia Country Club is also a change of pace for Pres Obama from the golf course at @AndrewsAirForce where he’s played some 85 times.
    12:30 PM – 3 Jul 2015

  8. Because he is President, not because he is Barack Obama, this man could play golf with almost anyone he wanted to. Instead, outing after outing, he plays with junior staffers and a handful of suck up cronies.

    Also glad to see that he is not on a military course. Small favors.

  9. Because O’BarfMe usually plays with junior WH staffers, you wonder if his circle of true friends is so small as to be counted on 3 fingers: William Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Rev. Al Sharlaton, none of whom are golfers. Also wouldn’t surprise me if 20 years from now, when O’ButtWad is about 73, it will be confirmed he had “intimate dalliances” with several junior staffers, all of whom were white males. Just sayin’.

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  13. news flash kids….he doesn’t care. He knows there is nothing we can do about it and it’s an in your face. He has really aged, and don’t know why, because he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world and there isn’t a golf course he doesn’t like…and he is a lousy golfer, which is why, other than paranoia, that he doesn’t play with excellent golfers. It’s party time for both of them until he leaves…and then the girls will have to face the real world. Frankly, neither of them act like they will set the world on fire..and whatever it is won’t be on their own merit. The beast looks angrier all the time, despite the professionals who have tried to take that image away…we have 450 plus days left to even have to look at them..
    thank God!!!

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