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Labor Participation at Lowest Level Since 1977

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. employers steadily added jobs in June, but wages were flat and the participation rate fell, suggesting pockets of weakness remain in the labor market.

Nonfarm payrolls rose a seasonally adjusted 223,000 in June, the Labor Department said Thursday. But revisions to the prior months showed weaker job creation this spring than initially estimated. Employers added 254,000 jobs in May, down from an initially reported 280,000. April’s gain was revised to 187,000 from a previously reported 221,000.

The unemployment rate, which is obtained from a separate survey of U.S. households, fell to 5.3% in June, compared to 5.5% the prior month. The rate is the lowest since April 2008, but reflects fewer Americans were looking for jobs.

Meanwhile, the share of Americans participating in the labor force fell to 62.6% in June from 62.9% in May. That rate was the lowest since 1977.

13 thoughts on “Labor Participation at Lowest Level Since 1977”

  1. Ahhhh, 1977. I remember it well. That was the year that President Carter predicted that the world had 6-8 years of fossil fuels left.

    Democrats. Always wrong about nearly everything.

    1. I have an uncle that claims that Carter was the best president we’ve ever had.
      Go figure.

      And you wonder how we end up with Barry.

      1. I always kind of liked the peanut guy. Even that Col Peters said the other day that Carter learned as he went along–as opposed to stubbornly sticking to whatever inner voice was saying.

  2. Just clicked on CNN. They have a big screen showing Unemloyement rate is lowest since April 2008. I agree with AFVet regarding the Common Core math being used.
    I would like msm to give a figure of how many of the people who lost (long term) jobs due to nothing else but o care. I am still upset because msm never paid attention to that issue.

  3. The Obama people never talk about the U6 rate in their propaganda about employment in the US. U6 gives you a much more comprehensive look at what’s really going on, employment-wise. It used to be part of the employment story years ago, but no longer. They only brag about the U3 rate, as they are doing today, and that’s misleading. The MSM falls for the trick every single time.

    Here’s what U6 measures and why it gives the real depth of “unemployment” in the US.

    “U-6 includes all classes of Unemployed even those considered ‘marginally attached’ and/or part-time for economic reasons. In other words, those who would like a full-time job but can only find part-time work. Or perhaps they were working a full-time job and their employer cut their hours rather than actually laying off employees.’

    Put another way, if a PhD chemist, let’s say, cannot find a job as a chemist, but is forced to work as a hamburger flipper to survive, that chemist is not counted in Obama’s unemployment (U3) stats, but WOULD be counted in the U6 stats (as severely underemployed). Anyway, here’s some info you may find useful to get at the real unemployment story story, not just what Obama wants you to know.

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