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Who Is Hillary’s Secret Santa?

She keeps mentioning in her emails that she needs to see Santa. Who is it? Carson Daily speculates that it’s a shrink. Maybe her banker . . .

31 Responses to Who Is Hillary’s Secret Santa?

  1. A “Doctor Feel-Good”? Maybe she’s a pill-popper? I mean… We know she likes to drink, maybe she needs stimulants to get through the day…

    There’s also the matter of all that cash floating around… Maybe it’s a bag-man? Handing off some cash?

    Just thinking out loud.

  2. Her emails have revealed her dependence on advice from the likes of Blumenthal. So my guess is she also relies on regular visits to Santa the Palm Reader. It only makes sense when you look at what a hands-down lousy record she has.

      • Your post is the best — thats it, Satan instead of Santa, fits her perfect, evil that she is. But she truly loves Santa as she can’t get enough money for her sick self, its obvious that she is compulsive when it comes to money, she takes it from anyone who will give it to her and pays her daughter from these ill gotten gains, other people’s money so that Chelsea could buy her 10 million dollar apartment. Where would Chelsea get ten million to buy an apartment if not from the CLINTON FOUNDATION of donations and handouts that should have gone to poor people and the immigrants that Hillary Clinton says she loves and wants to help them? Disgusting.

  3. I can’t wait for the Big Blonde to take over Amerika in 2016! What a President she’ll make!

    Big Blonde will reign over her totalitarian TERRORtories with unabashed aloofness that would make a Borgia blush. She’ll rule from her giant screen JumboTron from the White House and keep Billy on a chain.

    • Big blonde? She’s no big blonde. She’s a little Miss Piggy who’s off her rocker. But I mean, just who the hell does she think she is? Because her husband was President, that gives her the right to be President? If that happens, our military will be more depressed than they are now and the country will be ruined by a 70 year old ugly 1960’s old hippie who is still living in days past. Her greed for money is unsurpassed and she can’t even talk to the press to answer any questions because she is nothing but GUILTY of destroying government property (e-mails) and guilty of not helping the Ambassador and the other men in Benghazi when they begged and begged and begged for help. She purposely refused to help them and then they were murdered and the Ambassador was raped. And she should be President? She should be President as much as Obama should be President! These two crooks are not for us the American people, they are for the United Nations who is anti-semitic and they are for the Muslim Brotherhood — they do not believe in America, they do not deserve the Presidency. they were voted in by fraud and the low I.Q. people and Hillary Clinton is hoping for another fraudulent election.