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Chris Christie’s Can-Do Claptrap

It’s accepted always as a given in Washington that “gridlock” is a terrible thing and that our elected leaders need to do better at “getting things done” and “working together.”

Because we are a nation of doers. “What do you do?” is our way of saying “Who are you?” One of the more pathetic laments you can hear from someone is, “I didn’t get anything done today.”

And so, supposedly unbiased articles by journalists will mention the “problem” of gridlock and the terrible “inertia” in Washington.

Never mind that the Founders, envisioning limited government, created checks and balances and intentionally made it difficult to get anything done in Washington. Because what they feared more than anything else was the can-do spirit taken too far by power-hungry individuals certain of their views.

It occurrs to me that none of this had occurred to Chris Christie – who reminds me in every respect of a bully who probably shouldn’t be entrusted with power – as he announced his presidential run.

For Christie, the imperative is getting things done. And both Republicans and Democrats are hapless fools, compared to him, whose disagreements are harming the nation.

He said:

Both parties have failed our country. Both parties have stood in the corner and held their breath and waited to get their own way. And both parties have lead us to believe that in America, a country that was built on compromise, that somehow now compromise is a dirty word. If Washington and Adams and Jefferson believed compromise was a dirty word, we’d still be under the crown of England.

And this, this dysfunction, this lack of leadership, has lead to an economy that is weak and hasn’t recovered the way it should. It’s lead to an educational system that has us 27th in the industrialized world in Math and 24th in science. It’s lead us, it’s lead us to weak leadership around the world where our friends no longer trust us and our adversaries no longer fear us.

Really? Did Christie want more “leadership” so that Obama and the Republicans would spend more and raise taxes, or try to put people in homes who can’t afford them – the government policy that caused the last recession? Does he want more federal control over education?

It seems to me there’s been plenty of compromise and leadership, which has led to $18 trillion in debt, entitlement programs headed for bankruptcy, a government takeover of health care, and a welfare state driving millions into hopelessness.


This country is in very deep doodoo. It needs radical restructuring, not more compromises that allow the system and its ills to continue to metastasize. Leadership is about selling major changes to the American people, not bringing legislators together just for the sake of it.

The tax and spending cuts needed must embark us on a whole new direction. I’m not really hearing any of the GOP candidates talking about the short-term pain that will be involved in taking back the much-too-much that has been given by the government, and turning things over to the private sector for the long-term benefit of all.

If Christie wants to lead, he can warn America of the trouble that’s coming. Not talk about compromising with Bernie Sanders.

And that will take running up Republican majorities in Congress and finding a few Democrats to pick off, not broad compromise. Because the Left is too entrenched, too ideological, and will never roll back its success creating a government leviathan – achieved through compromise.

H/T to Washington Examiner for the video.

46 thoughts on “Chris Christie’s Can-Do Claptrap”

  1. It sounds to me, like Chris Christie wants to cut off social security, and medicare. If I’m reading between the lines correctly. Our Country is not poor!Our Countries needs will not be met by trying to strip people already in poverty. We need to invest in education!
    Go Bernie Sanders!

      1. Plus Christie never said he wanted to cut off those programs–use your ears.

        After all these yrs of whining about Congress and Obama on this list–now we want less action, thought, and leadership? Guess I don’t.

        I know we have joked about how when Obama is playing golf, he can’t get into trouble legislatively and pen-wise, but are we really banking on more of a huge, unwieldy, slow-moving, stupid-thinking govt.

        1. For me? Are you implying I want a socialist govt? That is silly and you know it’s not true. But you can’t roll back laws, evaluate programs, adjust regulations, overhaul systems without leadership…

  2. Christie is an overbearing bully with a 30% approval rating and 9 credit downgrades in his own State. So I say to him…”Sit down, and shut up”!

    1. He is imposing and a very good speaker, but that doesn’t make him right.
      The federal government needs to be reduced and more power given back to the individual states.

      The Tea Party happened because England was imposing regulations on the colonies.

      How is that different from now ?

  3. Yes, compromise.Leadership through compromise. That’s what we need. What a bunch of crap. What happens when Republicans compromise: Corker takes away advise and consent in foreign treaties, Boehner and McConnell get a plane ride and an out of body experience in return for Obamatrade compromise, and Amnesty/Immigration. No compromise there — just a gift.

    And to make it worse, Pataki sent out a letter requesting that the Republican candidates chastise/deny/disassociate themselves with Donald Trump. So far, Perry is first on the bandwagon. Makes my job of eliminating this field easier. Anybody who joins the Trump firing squad is disqualified. Fire at the Democrats. So, bye bye Perry who claims he knows more than anybody about the border and Trump’s comments do not reflect the Republican Party.

    1. You are so right! Pataki has some nerve, where is his common sense and intelligence. Trump is the best one and only one who tells the truth that we are all feeling but afraid to say. I am so surprised at Pataki that he is so mean and what a phony he is!

  4. The only one that I have heard submit a tax plan that can work is Rand Paul.
    I do not agree with him on a lot of things, but this one I do.

    Essentially, he said to eliminate the FICA tax that is taken from everyones paycheck and tax everyone at 14.5%, across the board.
    That means businesses also, no matter how big.
    No deductions, and you could do your taxes on one piece of paper as opposed to the convoluted tax laws that we have now.

    As far as Keith’s post, I agree with that also.
    We don’t need compromise, we need reform in the direction of getting out of America’s face and leaving us alone.

    A drastic reduction of this government is sorely needed.

  5. Watining the video again, one thing out stood out today and when I watched the entire speech on Tuesday – the facial and body language of his young children, especially the son. The wife, as usual, always has her perpetual, fixed open-mouth smile spanning from ear to ear; but the children seem to be harboring a little hostility. Hope Christie isn’t a bully at home! Just my own observation, of course.

    1. An astute observation, Girly. I hope you’re wrong about the bullying. I watched the video again, and what I think I see are normal kids who have not been coached in any way to appear phony on stage.

  6. Keith: thank you for pointing out that so-called “gridlock” is actually how the government was DESIGNED to function. this is a significant fact about our system of government that people just don’t know.

    I hear people pompously say “Washington is broken.” when you question them, it turns out they have no idea what they mean.

    and they don’t know because they don’t know anything about the US government. look at all the people who think Congress reports to Obama! (ex: “Congress didn’t check with Obama first about Bibi speaking.” a) they don’t have to and b) yes they did.)

    but I wouldn’t worry about what Chris Christie says or does or doesn’t say or do. he has no shot in hell at the nomination. in fact, he and Jeb would do better to stand on the street corner and tear up $100 bills. it would be a better use of their money.

    topic for next Open Thread Saturday: “Who do you think the top 5 GOP candidates will be?” my wish list is Walker, Rubio, Fiorina, Cruz, and Jindal.

  7. Surely you must be joking! Christie cannot be trusted with power? He is ten times more trustworthy than greedy for ANYONE’S money, terrorists included,the one and only Miss Piggy, Hillary Clinton AND smelly liar Obama, the craziest SOB that everyone voted for the first time because and only because he’s black! Gimme a break, Christie is so much more a hard worker than the above two criminals will ever be. I admit when Christie embraced and kissed Obama to get money for strom Sandy, I lost a lot of the good feeling I had for him, but please don’t call him untrustworthy for no good reason when we have the biggest and most untrustworthy and unpatriotic president ever in the White House that he and his freeloading family are laying up in.

  8. Christie is not the answer. I’d like to take parts of each candidate and make up one with the best ideas of each. As stated already the federal government needs to be smaller and let the states make more decisions. It does not make sense for states to send money to Washington and then have Washington send a portion of it back and tell the states on how to spend it.

    One encouraging article I read about Carly Fiorina. She made a speech at Oklahoma City. A 19 year old girl student from the University of Oklahoma stated she was excited to what Carly had to say. She had heard Carly’s name but that was all she knew. I hope the candidates concentrate on the younger people because that is where the votes are. The Republican candidates are preaching to the choir when they go to The Villages in Florida although that is a good place to raise money.

  9. Why you cannot compromise with culture warriors…… AKA: Lib/Progs ( Just examine their attitudes )
    1. No matter how ridiculously they attack you…. we deserve it.
    2. Regardless of how many people are hurt…… their plan is better.
    3. They don’t care how much education you have….. they still consider themselves smarter.
    4. Even through their policies continue to fail….. their plan is better.
    5. Even through their “ideals” have failed…’s now become our fault.
    6. So what if we do more charitable works…. we’re still evil.
    7. It doesn’t matter that they constantly lie….. we’re still wrong.
    8. So what if they don’t apply the rules evenly…. they’re still more fair.
    9. So what if they disparage our religion… they’re more “enlightened”.
    10. So what if they dislike our traditions and culture… it’s us that has to change.
    11. So what if their side created the KKK… we’re the racists.
    12. So what if their side interned the Japs….. we’re the fascists.
    13. There is nothing wrong with abortions….. it’s just tissue
    14. There’s nothing wrong with Che or Mao…… you just don’t understand.
    15. Why follow the Constitution?…… It’s lame anyways.
    …. and last but not least
    16. Even though my party always sides with criminals….. it’s you Conservatives that are the crooks.
    Culture Warriors….. what’s to get? They can’t distinguish a lie from a truth and a truth from a lie. Obama this goes for you and your deceitful and racist wife!!!

    1. POW! You nailed ’em. The Progressives have been running their propaganda program for a very long time–100 years or more. E.g. they still refuse to acknowledge that their hero, Woodrow Wilson, re-segregated the military and the Civil Service. And much of the MSM (because they are Progressives, as well) cooperates fully.

      1. I stopped trying to reason with them a long time ago. They would not stay on topic when their reasoning failed to defend their position. They would end up either telling me I was racist because I opposed Obama or that it was all the fault of Bush. I oppose Obama because of what he did or failed to do. His skin color has nothing to do with it.

        1. I agree. Obama would be a destructive and dangerous POTUS in any color or shade or size or height. As I often say, he was programmed to do what he’s doing from a young age by the most radical elements of our society. This is all he knows, and all he wants to know.

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