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Video || Girl Scouts Camp Out on South Lawn

Now this is really cute.

The Obamas hosted a group of Girl Scouts for a campout at the White House Tuesday night, singing songs, drinking bug juice, and promoting outdoor activity at the National Parks, of which the White House is one.

And the president was very funny and cuddly with them. He’s used to dealing with girls.

Unfortunately, it rained overnight in the Washington area as if the Chinese air force had arrived, and the girls were forced to run for their lives in the middle of the night, settling in a conference room in an office building near the White House.

18 Responses to Video || Girl Scouts Camp Out on South Lawn

  1. Nothing cuddly about this. Just more propaganda. Note to Michelle: National Parks are not FREE. You conveniently neglected to tell those girls about taxes and entrance fees.

  2. While we might not like camping in the rain, we “true” campers never run from it. Did Barry ask one of them to hold his umbrella?

  3. First thought – was the mom-in-chief ever a den mother? I doubt whether Communists enroll their children in the American tradition of scouting.
    Where are the little princesses, btw? Off on European vacays?

    They must be trying to make up for closing all National Parks during sequestration. Too little, too late.
    ***What happened to the WH tours? Still closed???

    • My favorite was They Built the Ship Titanic. Still know all the words! And we were such brats, we used a sarcastic falsetto on the line “Little children lost their lives.” Oh to be young again.