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Obama: We Have Common Values with Brazil; Similar History

During his press conference at the White House Tuesday with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, President Obama asserted that Brazil and the United States are “similar.”

A lot of people wouldn’t have noticed this, but Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit did. And it’s a serious part of the problem with Obama.

He said:

Our common values, the strong people-to-people relations that we have, the fact that we are the largest countries in the hemisphere with similar histories — I think all that means that we should be very strong partners for years to come.

Similar histories? Does this sound like your history? From the New York Times’ “Brief History of Brazil:”

Pedro had ideas of his own: he proclaimed Brazil’s independence on September 7, 1822, and established the Brazilian empire. Nine years later, following a period of internal unrest and costly foreign wars, the emperor stepped aside in favor of his five-year-old son, Pedro II. A series of regents ruled until 1840, when the second Pedro was 14 and Parliament decreed him “of age.”

Brazil has spent its history rocking back and forth from monarchy to military juntas to a republic and back. For now, it’s a republic.

Sure, Obama was in part playing a little mood music to make Dilma think the American people love Brazil for something other than Pelé and Brazilian nuts, which aren’t particularly popular, BTW. But that he could even say such a thing speaks voluminously about his attitude toward his own country.

Obama Rousseff

Obama thinks our culture is malleable, changing all the time, moving forward, and so on and so forth. He had to force himself during his presidency to say he is an American exceptionalist, because actually he is not.

He thinks all cultures are basically equal and that ours has succeeded as much because of the evil within it – greed, oppression, etc. – as it has because of what’s good about it. Actually, he doesn’t really think ours has succeeded at all, because of income inequality. We neglect to spread the wealth around.

And of course, all cultures being equal, what harm can it do to permit millions of people from one country, Mexico, to flood into the America over just a few short years. Change is good!

Here are some of the similar Brazilian values to ours.

Uh, on second thought, it does look kind of like our culture.

Maybe it is in fact too late to preserve the Western Europe-based value system that guided this country to its preeminence. Sure, spiced up by other cultures, including that of my ancestors – Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.

But not supplanted by other cultures. And not even “similar” to them.

18 thoughts on “Obama: We Have Common Values with Brazil; Similar History”

  1. IMO, his remarks are just a variation on his insistance to be involved in anything, whether it’s an American holiday or a foreign country.
    It’s insulting to Brazilians to compare them to the unique US when there might be many instances of their own exceptionalism.
    They are not like us, and we are not like them.

  2. Obama admittedly is a ‘citizen of the world’, not the U.S. He has no interest in our Constitution or following the rule of law.

    He wants everyone to love him…not the country he represents. He is the Messiah, after all.
    Except for himself, there is no such thing as American exceptionalism in his mind. He has spent the last 7 years raiding OUR U.S. Treasury to back up his agenda. Come one, come all! Every day is Christmas. Americans be damned!

      1. He was raised with a foreign world view of America and he truly despises this country. Evil, powerful people backed his entry into politics, and then to go for the presidency. He is the enemy within, destroying the US from the inside.

  3. Obama didn’t force himself to say he believed in American exceptionalism; in fact, he went out of his way to say that he DIDN’T. remember his line about “I suspect the British believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks”–FUNNY choice of nation today, right?!–“believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

    I think the problem is ignorance. I would bet you that Obama has no freaking idea about Brazil’s history or government. he’s supposed to be a constitutional scholar and he doesn’t know anything about the constitution, so why should we expect him to know anything about world history?

      1. He’s a “scholar” who never wrote a scholarly article, was never recognized by any association or group as a scholar, was never quoted in a scholarly journal, and never did a lick of scholarly research.

        Sorta like his getting a Nobel Prize for doing nothing.

        1. He’s also the first editor of any law review, or even any member of any law school’s law review, who seemingly hasn’t written any articles. It makes absolutely NO sense. Law review is all about writing legal articles.

  4. ….”But that he could even say such a thing speaks voluminously about his attitude toward his own country.”

    For Obama, the United States of America is just another piece of geography where he can bloviate, get rich, and create more chaos. He proves it every single day.

    Who does this strange person in the White House really work for?

  5. Maybe he was confusing Rousseff’s real-world Brazil with Terry Gilliam’s dystopian, dark-comedy, sci-fi movie “Brazil”?

    It would actually fit his usual MO–the film “Brazil” has just about nothing to do with the real-world version of Brazil, and many of King Barry the Wicked’s other pronouncements on various things have just about nothing to do with the real world versions of said things.

    So, in a way, it does kind of make sense.

  6. What country is Barry from again? Not the USA it would seem. He can’t seem to get a handle on American history.
    And he was billed as a Constitutional Law Professor in his past life?
    I would not send my kid to that school, fo’ sho’.

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