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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Cuba

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    • I missed it too – purposely. So, Cuba remains a totalitarian regime…and we’re going to help them pay for it. Really??? I supposed that applies to Iran, also. God help us all!

      • I heard comments from a couple of older people from Cuba today on the noice. They are not happy about this at all.
        One said the younger people may think of it as just great, thinking of pina coladas as well.

      • At this point I expect Barack Obama to unfurl a newly designed Amerikan flag over the WH this 4th of July. And it will look nothing like the old one.

  1. Venezuela was taken over by Fidel Castro when Chavez was alive. Cuba relied on Venezuela for financial support. Now that Venezuela is dead broke Cuba is looking for a new sugar daddy.

    Iran has been a close ally with Venezuela since the Chavez days. There are now reports Iran will provide Venezuela with a $500 million line of credit.

    The Latin world is in sad shape. Puerto Rico does not make the news like it should. It owes $77 billion in debt and can’t pay it. Droves of Puerto Ricans are leaving the island and coming to the US.

    The other Caribbean countries will be hurt because the American tourists will flock to Cuba instead to them.

  2. Let’s see, a country that has no freedom of expression, block committees to spy the neighbors, paid hoods to assault, denigrate, harass and spit anybody who openly dissents, the “accidental” death of a well-known dissident. I came to this country from Cuba in 61, then went back in 2000. All I can say the country is physically and morally destroyed. Obsma is an ardent supporter of our enemies and other things which I’d rather not put in print here (not profanities).

  3. Did he mention anything about “The Dukes of Hazzard” being pulled from the TV Land broadcast schedule? He must be pleased.

    • Pulled off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I will not be watching anymore reruns at that channel anymore.

      • It’s ridiculous. As someone on another forum noted, “I guess I missed the episode where they were burning crosses.”

  4. So, that’s it. Obama declares it. No consultation with citizens. And Congress will shower the embassy and ambassadors and tsars and whatever with funding. The power of the purse means nothing. Anybody get any communique from your Congressman or Senator asking your opinion? BTW, Arizona — Flake thinks this is great.

    Anybody who thinks the Cuban people will benefit from this just doesn’t get it.

  5. After 7 miserable years, MrObama has finally done something remarkable and statesman like; opening an embassy in Cuba.
    We have embassies in countries where the regimes want to kill us all, are so brutal and disgusting to us that we cringe from their excesses.
    Cubans don’t want to kill us, they want to BE us. They want to go to Disney-magic, they want a new/used car/truck, they want what we want and over time will upset the jack-booted regime that keeps them from the life they want.
    American business wants to open the gold mine that Cuba represents, Cubans want them to do that.
    I never thought I’d ever say this: Good job, MrObama.

  6. It appears nobody briefed him about Brazil’s history. Dilma must have been wondering if Obama had some weed before making those stupid remarks. Let him be an ignorant jackass in front of others.