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Time Lapse Video || White House Goes Rainbow

The White House videotaped the rainbow as it descended the night of Friday’s Supreme Court gay marriage decision.

What I’m wondering is, how were they so sure? By their comments before these decisions are announced, it seems to me they know what’s coming, because they appear to be trying to influence the justices, either to change their vote – which John Roberts seems to have done during the first case involving Obamacare, as Obama menaced the Court – or to try to make sure they don’t change their votes.

My guess is that Elena Kagan, who is close to many people around the president and in fact served in the White House herself under Bill Clinton, rings someone up to make sure the White House is aware of what’s up.

But that’s just a guess. And I don’t think it would be against the law, although it would probably a breach of protocol. But protocol is a very quaint notion for this White House and its allies.

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  1. The “Rainbow House” wasn’t the only thing lit up last Friday evening ~ Niagara Falls was, as well as a few other buildings I didn’t recognize. Whether it was Kagan or someone else, your suspicion about a head’s up is probably quite accurate. Imagine if a POTUS with the “R” after the name did the same thing.

  2. “protocol.” oh, that’s cute, Keith. if the constitutional-lawyer-in-chief doesn’t care about the law, he certainly doesn’t care about protocol.

  3. I still think that if this was arranged by Valerie Jarrett and the cost was born by special interest groups then they have used the WH as a billboard for something that only represents less than one half of the American citizenry.

    And as for Kagan — didn’t she and Ginsburg officiate over numerous gay weddings prior to the ruling? They should have recused themselves. Kagan calling the WH is not so much a breach of protocol but standard operating procedure.

    I suspect that further that there are phone calls to the WH for guidance before Supreme Court Decisions are made.

    As for the lighting of the WH in colors of the gay — after you fly the rainbow flag over a military encampment in Afghanistan what else would you expect from this crew?

    • When I was in AF basic training at Lackland AFB 1965, while marching we sang”
      “Rainbow Rainbow don’t be blue, six more weeks and you’ll be through”
      So far ahead of our time.

  4. It just irks me that this transgender couple inhabit our White House. They are a continual disgrace to God loving, patriotic Americans.

  5. At the beginning of the video, our White House looks beautiful and stately in its splendor but as the colors begin to appear, the appearance of the White House descends into a vision of garish mockery.

    What a sad, sad transformation we see – indefensible and unforgivable.

  6. Yeah,Obama knew ahead of time.Kagen sounds right.The real problem is the republicans at the end of the day.All they seem to care about is feeding the corporations that bought them a long time ago.Let’s remember who put Roberts on the Supreme Court.That would be George Bush with the help of Karl Rove and all the little minions running around the halls of Fox News.As an aside,I read Redline everyday and I get great info from it.May I suggest a little less input from the Washington Post and Politico and a little more from sources that are not in bed with the DC echo chamber.Thanks.

  7. NOT that he’ll light the place up with red, white, and blue this weekend. You know…AMERICA’S colors, not the colors of some cause.

  8. They knew the same way they knew the government was going to be shut down.

    If the negotiations went late into the night before how did all those government agencies know to have the Barrycades ready, and the signs bought (you’ve seen government procurement regulations?) so they could say Yes we Cone and shut the public out of their bought and paid for parks?

    It was planned well ahead of time.