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Jimmy Carter: U.S. “Most warlike Country on Earth”

“We are now violating about ten of the 30 paragraphs in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” Carter said.

See? This is why we don’t elect liberals president.

Oh, wait, we do that.

14 Responses to Jimmy Carter: U.S. “Most warlike Country on Earth”

  1. Ah, Jimmy Carter…..tied for first place in the contest for “worst POTUS”. And dear Ms.Lillian…..her best comment ever ~ “if I’d known how my children were going to turn out, I would have stayed a virgin.”

  2. Sigh. If it wasn’t for the WWII victory and the hunt for Communists under every table, we would have been focused on our problems, not those of the Socialist countries.

    The second, minute or hour that the American military retreats from it’s posture around Europe is when they start screaming for help. The EU can’t even pay their domestic bills, much less fund armies of their own.

    MrCarter needs to go home, check the peanut plants and be quiet.

  3. I guess that you here will hit me hard for what I am saying now but, this time I agree with Mr Carter. Ever since Snowden, Nuland, the orchestrated Ukraine crisis, the sanctions, the warlike rhetoric versus Russia , the questionable involvements in the conflicts in North Africa and the Mideast, I have begun to question the US foreign policy and I do think that the US, from many other countries perspective, can be seen as too warlike. Don´t get me wrong, I, and most of us, love the country, the people, the culture the American way of life , but the current administration is transforming the country and the politics in a bad way. They want a new cold war, they would probably not even mind a hot war if fought on other countries turf. And to think, this man, Barack Obama,who warmongers with happy, ignorant, indifference, he was rewarded the Peace Prize. How can Carter be worse than him ?

    • Carter is NOT worse than Obama.
      Obama IS worse than Carter.

      Why is it that the democratic liberal presidents never seem to go away ?

      Name one still alive that has.

      If you think Carter is still in your face, just wait for Obama.

  4. Like anyone, he can speak…But I don’t think this is true–we have gotten involved in more wars–not fomented them–because we were a superpower and because people and countries needed help. No, it wasn’t all altruistic, we had to look out for our own interests, but it also was not random aggression and bombast. Now–We just look like sort of a patsy.

    • Excellent points, Star.

      Carter claims the US has violated ten of the thirty articles in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Hmm, Jimmy, how about listing for us the many, many countries around the world who are in terrible violation? Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are among the countries who signed off on it. Somehow I missed Carter chastising Assad about his horrific violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Political prisoners, assassinations, torture, mass killings, ethnic cleansing, and chemical weapons are not a problem for you, Jimmy?

      I’m tired of Carter, and totally dreading the fact that we will be hearing from Obummer and Mooch for the rest of their lives.

  5. I supposed I should be thankful for this arrogant peanut farmer, for it was during his presidency I formed my political views and there was just no way in hell I could ever be a leftist after his reign of stupidity.

  6. Southern Dems started the “Civil War.”
    And every war in the 20th century that comes to mind, there was a Democrat President in the White House.

  7. ah yes, Jimmy Carter. as I posted on twitter, I think he’s just upset that Obama stole the “worst president” crown from him, so he’s trying to make up for it by being the worst EX-president ever.

    fortunately for all of us, Jimmah doesn’t have too many years left to make moronic statements before he’s face to face with Hashem trying to explain why he hated His people Israel so much. boy, I’d like to hear THAT conversation.

  8. My boy, Jim-Mae, at it again – I knew in the 1960’s when I first saw Carter at UGA that he was a bad and very liberal politician. He came by it honestly as his mother was a raving liberal. Iim-Mae certainly followed in her footsteps.

    He needs to just go off somewhere and die – I am sick and tired of listening to his prattling on and on.

  9. Yes sir, Little Jimmy your befuddled handling of our foreign policy and attempted hostage rescue got a friend’s son killed, a young Marine. JUST GO AWAY!