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Chelsea’s Speaking Fee: $65,000

That’s quite a family business they got going there.

Chelsea Clinton made a brief appearance at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in February 2014 and billed the school $65,000. The money went to the Clinton Foundation.

What’s with these universities? How many kids could they have given a scholarship to instead of hearing Chelsea talk about nothing, since she knows nothing in particular and has done nothing in particular.

According to the Washington Post:

More than 500 pages of e-mails, contracts and other internal documents obtained by The Washington Post from the university under Missouri public record laws detail the school’s long courtship of the Clintons. They also show the meticulous efforts by Chelsea Clinton’s image-makers to exert tight control over the visit, ranging from close editing of marketing materials and the introductory remarks of a high school student to limits on the amount of time she spent on campus.

The schedule she negotiated called for her to speak for 10 minutes, participate in a 20-minute, moderated question-and-answer session and spend a half-hour posing for pictures with VIPs offstage.

As with Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches at universities, Chelsea Clinton made no personal income from the appearance, her spokesman said, and directed her fee to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

More $1,000 per minute, just to be in the presence of someone famous.

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    • After eight long years of three constant spark plugs of intense controversy (Bill, Chelsea, and Hillary Clinton) is the Democratic Party so hard up for viable candidates for their party’s nomination for President in November of 2016, that they would even consider Hillary to be the most preeminent choice of all – A woman that has “baggage” that would overload an ten ton flat bed trailer dragging behind her?

      The last thing this country needs is another lying Democrat in the White House.

      Obama has crippled the US economy. Everybody I know is either out of work or under-employed. I haven’t had a raise in years despite all my expenses increasing from year to year. My health insurance is now up to $400/month. Before the government touched it, it was $250/month! My auto insurance, which the government has yet to ruin, is thankfully only $25/month (from Insurance Panda). Please, Obama! Don’t try to socialize auto insurance!

      If you thought Obama was a failure, Clinton is a serious downgrade! The official Clinton motto: “Cheat until caught, and then lie!” The Clintons still don’t think that laws apply to them.

      Democrats have been scoring potential GOP candidates for months already and leveling criticisms based upon their ties to previous presidents last name, their implication in some past accusations of improprieties, their lack of college degrees, and on and on and on while simply ignoring this giant Elephant in the room called Hillary, who already has a bipartisan dislike percentage stacked up against her that should sink any other normal proposed candidate. It boggles the imagination.

    • she(Chelsea) was luckily born to the
      Clintons, because otherwise she would
      be working at the Post Office…no
      personality, no….no nothin…zero.
      Yes,she draws from the Foundaion…..
      I’m shocked everyone didn’t fall asleep listening to her try to talk about…
      well anything…

  1. People and business concerns know that government officials need to be personally bribed to get favorable treatment.
    Here in the USA, we pull a veil of charity or endowments over bribery.

    The Clintons have raised ‘gaming the system’ to new levels.

  2. “The Clintons have raised ‘gaming the system’ to new levels.”

    Why not utilize it,…they were probably instrumental in creating it.

    Do I agree ?….Nope.

    I can’t do it, you can’t do it, we don’t have the right connections.

  3. What the heck? What merits that amount of money from a woman who has lived a sheltered life and whose job was a temporary one? Then you wonder why universities and colleges keep raising the tuition. This is a total rip off and students should march to the offices of the rector/president and protest for poor management.

      • Star, no. You are ethical & honest. You can live peacefully with yourself knowing you are sincere & real.
        (& don’t put up with any guff!)

        • I was kinda kidding, but thanks for the comps. I once got knocked down by a car, it was going slowly turning–my knee hurt a little but in a week it stopped. The ins co kept calling–I finally said I was OK. So many people said I could have gotten money. It really did not occur to me that I deserved any. I didn’t deserve any. I don’t know if this is honesty or cluelessness.

  4. Any school stupid enough to think that Chelsea Clinton has done anything noteworthy other than being born to a couple who were once the President of the US and First Lady deserves to be charged as much as Chelsea Clinton can strong arm them to pay.

  5. In that family, $65,000 is like speaking for free. A pittance. Did she fly a private jet? Did they pay for that? Does the foundation pay for a private jet? Obama has learned a lot from the Clintons.

  6. If she assumed and used her married name, what would the fee be and how much in demand would she be?

    Case Closed

    PS Dweizel Zappa is not much of a musician as well.

  7. School thinking that one day she will be the President!

    Jeb wins this time and then after 8 years it will be Chelsea’s turn!

    Its easy to make predictions, but the ones about the future are harder!

  8. Chelsea is now the titular head of the Clinton Crime Enterprise. She has been working/training full time at the Foundation and is now the sole proprietor.

    It’s inconceivable that this corrpt family will be allowed back in the WH in light of the horrendous scandals – past, present, and ongoing. It boggles the mind!

  9. And let’s remember this little chapter in Chelsea’s life:

    “However US news outlets have reported that Chelsea, who was hired by the network (NBC) in 2011 to be a “special correspondent” and earned close to $650,000 a year without any journalism experience, disappointed news executives when she failed to capitalise on her influential little black book.

    “NBC hired Chelsea for the stories she could bring in from her influential contacts, and access to Hillary. But they didn’t get Chelsea to do any serious work, and they didn’t get access to Hillary,” Page Six reported.”

    $650,000 a year and NBC couldn’t get Chelsea to do any serious work. For three years! LOL… I dunno. Just strikes me as indicative of all the scams the Clintons try to pull off. She learned the Clinton-way very well.

  10. So, at the ripe old age of 35, the price for an hour of her time is more than the annual household income of at least half the population of planet Earth.

    Talk about #checkyourprivilege!

  11. The University is not out anything, they will get it all back and more in government grants when Chelsea’s famous Mother takes office. Not that I like that, but politics is what it is.