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Video || Rafael Cruz Missile

Um, is the right Cruz running? Because Ted Cruz’s dad is on fire.

Here he is speaking at the Western Conservative Summit a few days ago. He gets a special push of the Like button from me because somehow this Cuban émigré’s accent sounds a lot like my Polish Jewish immigrant grandfather’s did.

13 Responses to Video || Rafael Cruz Missile

  1. Fantastic !
    I have heard him speak before and he is dynamic.

    He has been there done that, and he sees where this Country is headed.

    The clarion call has been sounded, listen to him.

  2. The man has a historical perspective that most of us lack. He truly pledges his allegiance to our great country, one that he was not born unto. We can learn a great deal from people such as this…

    I need to see the entire speech…the clip was riveting, inspiring, regardless of the candidate he represents…

  3. I don´t know anything about this man and his views but I liked what I saw and heard. I have a weakness for this “grandfatherly” look, and he appears to be earnest, I like that too.

      • Oh dear, I just found out that Ted Cruz wife, Heidi Nelson, works for Goldman Sachs as a VP. And Goldman Sachs boss Sutherland, a Bilderberg member, has said that Europe will flourish with quarter million immigrants from Africa-Syria – every year ! This is the mindset of the super rich in the BB-group, people who influence the politicians. They are not affected themselves at all by the politics they are pushing.

  4. As stated Fantastic words. You can hear it is true passion.
    I just made a note on the previous thread thanking the GOP Congress for doing saying nothing regarding SC vote.
    All of them need to speak none stop with the same passion and concern.