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Video || Christie Releases Accidentally Ironic Video

Chris Christie is not yet running for president – that will come Tuesday – but his campaign website is up and it starts with a video “introducing” him.

“I get accused a lot of times of being too blunt, and too direct, and saying what’s on my mind, just a little bit too loudly,” Christie says, opening the video, which ends with a phrase on the screen, “Telling it like it is.”

But, uh oh, Mr. Blunt DOESN’T SAY ONE DAMN THING about what he stands for, other than being Mr. Blunt. Now that’s not very blunt, is it?

Another “straight shooter” candidate, like Donald Trump, marketing his lack of discretion as his chief qualification for office.

What Trump stands for is a string of absurdities based in part on what’s pissing him off at the moment. What Christie stands for is, apparently, nothing in particular.

But their messages will resonate because people understandably love straight shooters amid all the careful posing and polling our politicians do. If only the straight shooters were packing serious ammo.

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  1. The LEFT and their head nodding media will love to see Christie enter the fray. You will hear ALL about the Bridgegate calamity, and yes, even FAT jokes. For you see, they lack the consideration to accept an opposing view and will do all they can to destroy a challenger to their agenda. Witness the past, Herman Cain comes to mind…


  2. How about we give the Gov a chance to tell us “ it is” when he actually announces his intentions?
    Til then, we can all savor and ponder MrsClinton’s wishy-washy socialist dreams of wealthy people sharing with the little people, and a world peace.

      1. The fiscal year ends on June 30th, but now there’s been a delay in getting a final budget signed. So, Walker is pushing his decision off a couple of weeks:

        With Wisconsin’s state budget impasse dragging on for another week, Gov. Scott Walker is changing the timetable when he may officially get in the presidential race — now linking it to the budget year, rather than when he actually signs the budget.

        When asked Thursday about his 2016 plans, the second-term Republican governor noted the budget year, or fiscal year, ends June 30.

        “For us, my goal has always been to get through the end of the budget year, which ends June 30th. We’ll see after that. Sometime in July is a pretty good time,” Walker told reporters in Ripon Thursday night.

        That was a change from Walker’s previous pledge — one he had made multiple times since late 2014 — that he would wait until the budget process was finished before formally deciding whether to get in the race.

        “We won’t do anything, we won’t make any public pronouncement one way or the other, until after the budget is signed,” Walker said in Milwaukee on May 7.

        Walker is targeting July 13 for his presidential announcement.

        Already, Walker is sending out a flurry of fundraising emails to donors asking them to give him a financial sign he should run.

  3. Christie is way down on my “to be for list”. He always talks about himself and not us. “This Jersey boy this, this Jersey boy that”, for example. He went to the Republican Convention. His speech was all about him.

    1. I agree. I could have stood up there and gave many wonderful examples of things my relatives said and or did.
      I want someone to save our Country from this slippery slope that we are on.

      1. He always talks about himself and not us. “This Jersey boy this, this Jersey boy that”, for example. He went to the Republican Convention. His speech was all about him.


        Exactly! I always say that Christie is so in love with his own “tough talking” image. It’s always all about him and how he has a big mouth and is afraid of no one. That’s his whole shtick and it’s so very tiresome.

        I can tell you that everyone that I know in NJ is so over this tool, including people who campaigned for him the first time and have known him for years. In 2009 I enthusiastically voted for him, but didn’t even bother to vote in 2013’s election. He’s a horrible governor and has proven to be all talk, no action. He has barely even been in the state for the last year and a half anyway, campaigning and fundraising all last year, and promoting himself all this year.

        NJ’s credit rating has been downgraded so many times under his tenure and he doesn’t even care. Unemployment is very high, businesses continue to flee, and he never has any solutions. It’s all about him and what he can gain from office. He very much loves the lifestyle, even once proudly proclaiming that he will take every opportunity to expose his kids to world travel like the freebie luxury trip to Israel and Jordan that Sheldon Adelson paid for for Christie and his entire family:

        Mr. Christie loaded the plane with his wife, three of his four children, his mother-in-law, his father and stepmother, four staff members, his former law partner and a state trooper.

        “I relish these experiences and exposures, especially for my kids,” Christie said. “I try to squeeze all the juice out of the orange that I can.”

        I guarantee that he would be another Obummer as far as the travel he and his wife and kids would enjoy. Also, the parties with celebs, I’m sure. He loves the high life, loves being a pseudo celeb, loves all the attention and press. Everyone that I know here in NJ is so sick and tired of him and would never vote for him as president. His record as a governor is so empty and terrible, he frankly has a lot of nerve to even throw his hat in the ring.


  4. Speaking of world travel (my previous comment above), I knew when they created this “Let Girls Learn” B.S. initiative back in January that it was simply a scheme to allow Moochelle as much international travel as possible in their last two years. “Let’s Move” and “Joining Forces” have enabled her to fly all over the country these last several years for fundraising, campaigning, and fun, while billing it to the taxpayers. Now she has the “Let Girls Learn” scam so she and her kids, (and her mother, and niece and nephew, and probably friends and others), can take luxury vacations on spring break and in the summer:

    First lady: More foreign travel to promote girls’ education

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama says she’ll do more foreign travel to promote education for girls in developing countries.

    The first lady announced a new program earlier this year to help adolescent girls improve their lives by attending and staying in school.

    She since has traveled to Japan, Cambodia and London to promote the initiative.

    Mrs. Obama says the U.S. will continue to urge developed countries to join the effort. And when they join, she says “I’m going to hop on a plane and join them” to highlight the work.

    The first lady says she’ll also visit developing countries to show how the program benefits girls and their communities.

    She spoke Monday at an awards luncheon sponsored by the women’s magazine More.

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