In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 29, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

11 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 29, 2015”

      1. Oh dear, Keith. Please delete these posts. I wrote a long post for this thread but there was another window open. So embarrassing!

      2. Admit it. This is code for some nefarious caper you are involved with. You were finally caught! Hands behind you! You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…..

      3. Good grief Girly, I thought that I had fallen down the rabbit hole !
        This one makes you tall, etc.

        Good Lord girl, try not to do that anymore.
        It plays havoc with our thought processes.

        1. Holy cow!!! Can’t believe that stuff is still up there!!!

          The sinister reference above was the French definition of
          ‘Trousseau’, LOL.

    1. LMAO!!!
      this “WH press corps” asking ANY questions about the Obama regime with ANY passion, worry or concern…

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