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Bush: Confederate Flag is “Racist”

Appearing today in South Carolina, Jeb Bush minced no words about the the Confederate flag, terming it “racist” and noting that he had pulled it down from the Florida state capitol grounds 14 years ago.

According to the Washington Post:

Bush, a former two-term Florida governor, explained that in 2001, “I decided to do something politically incorrect” and ordered the removal of a flag that included the Confederate symbol from the Florida State Capitol grounds.

“The symbols were racist,” he told workers at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant here. “If you’re trying to lean forward rather than live in the past, you want to eliminate the barriers that create disagreements.”

Bush was speaking to a racially diverse, mostly blue-collar crowd at the manufacturing plant, which produces medicine for patients suffering from asthma and COPD. He was asked about the Confederate flag by a black woman who identified herself as Valerie Hillary.

I have no love for the Confederate flag. And I recognize that most African Americans view it as racist, and in the hands of certain whites, that’s exactly what it is. I don’t think it should fly on government grounds. And while individuals have a right to display it, I think they shouldn’t, because it’s very hurtful to some people.

Jeb Bush

But I also recognize that there are many Southerners for whom the flag is a symbol of Southern pride, and not meant to harm or insult anyone. I do not agree with or think fair Bush’s implication that anyone who displays the Confederate flag is a racist. It’s a terrible thing to suggest about someone and should not be done so irresponsibly – and with an obvious eye toward protecting himself politically in the general election, should he get there.

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  1. But Keith, Bush did not imply that “anyone” who displays the flag is racist. He said, “in the hands of certain whites”.

  2. I am offended by black people that believe they are entitled to use the deragotory word for blacks. This is as racist as the Confederate flag.

    Why haven’t we heard from America’s first black president about this topic? I know that blacks of certain age find it just as offensive as the Confederate flag.

    There are lots of offensive thoughts, ideas, and things to different people. However, we can’t change history or deny it.

  3. The right to display the so-called Confederate flag is obviously a right guaranteed by the First Amendment. Period. It’s a flag that carries many subjective messages–good and not so good– to all sorts of people. So what? Big deal. Displaying that flag is exactly the kind of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. The fact that politicians (and others) are caving in and refusing to display (or sell) that flag because some people “don’t like it” is one more sign how we are becoming dumb cattle being led to the slaughter house.

      1. ;+} Thanks. The issue seems so obvious, doesn’t it? I’m worried about how far this sort of thing will go before people wake up.

        1. Unfortunately, we have probably reached the point of no return as we’ve become a nation of low-info lemmings. I often wish I were fifty years older and ready to check out.

  4. He thinks the Confederate flag is offensive and creates disagreements, does he?
    I find it offensive that he gives part of his campaign speech in Spanish, a language that most Americans don’t understand or speak.
    Since English is the agreed upon common tongue, and in some states as the official language, then his use of a foreign language (Spanish) is insulting, offensive, and does nothing to “lean forward” our common goals.

    I don’t support the flying of the Confederat flag on any public building, but defend the rights of those who want to privately display it, just as I defend the rights of Blacks to call me a racist, a cracker, or any other vile name.
    The whole point of the First Amendment is to allow, by right, any speech or thought or symbol no matter how others might react to it.

    1. Thanks srdem for defending our rights.
      I also find it offensive that he speaks Spanish in his campaign speeches.
      I for one can’t understand a lot of the words and I don’t intend to learn there language anymore than I have to! Took Spanish in high school, but because I refuse to use it, I don’t remember a lot that I learned.

    2. Great point Serdem65.
      Fox yesterday had the nerve to bring up the word Ya’ll as while discussing the confederate flag.
      People in Ohio and Pennsylvania use the words Youins and Yous guys. So why was the slang word of Ya’ll even brought up?
      I do my very best not to use the word Ya’ll while at work, here at WHD only because it is not proper. However I use it to speed the sentence up. It has nothing to do with anything else.
      I will say it again the maniacs and every other enemy of America are having a great time with what is happening to us here.

      1. I live in Ohio and have never used youins.
        You have to get deep into the southern hills to hear that.

        I have had a chance to travel the Country though and have noticed that dialects do differ from place to place.

        It’s the same all over the world.
        Blame it on the tower of Babel.

        Ya’ll be careful now Lee. :)

    3. They removed the Confederate Flag from Ft. Sumter. That is history. Period.

      This is crazy. Surprised Jeb didn’t make his remarks in Spanish.

  5. This whole topic is nothing but crap. A phony, knee jerk reaction to an assault on humanity by some little nose picking moron who needs to be fed to the Gators.
    The flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is a representation of part of the history of the USA. We cannot erase our history. There are great things about our country and some things not so great. Taken all together, they have made us the greatest nation on earth.
    If people cannot stand to look at this particular symbol because it invokes such deep angst, I say they are either being overly sensitive or terribly manipulative.
    What will be next? Will the American Indians start a campaign to remove the American flag from public display because it invokes some collective past memory of their ancestors struggle with the settlers who came to America from other countries?
    I am deeply offended by the homosexuals who hold their annual Pride Parade in San Francisco, and wander around the city half naked, having public sex and otherwise offending the sensibilities with their bizarre behavior.
    No one is going to give a hang nail about that.
    Grow up people.

    1. Excellent comment!

      As a parent, I am deeply offended that the homosexuals have misappropriated the RAINBOW as their symbol. They should have come up with their own distinct symbol.

      Most parents know that rainbows are on a lot of kid toys and little kids like rainbows. When my son was a toddler, he had a Fisher’s Price Noah’s Ark ship with all the little animals. The ship had a rainbow flag on it. Darn, was that poor kid shocked when he was old enough to be told that the rainbow is used as a symbol of “gay pride”.

      And, don’t even get me started on the word “gay”. When he was in fourth grade, the class was reading Trumpet of the Swan, which uses the word “gay” several times. They would read chapters out loud together in class, and all the kids would giggle when they heard the word “gay”. The poor teacher had to explain to the nine and ten year olds that “gay” USED to mean HAPPY! It’s pretty sad that today’s kids only know the word “gay” in one context.

    2. Why do they feel the need to parade about half naked and have public sex? What is it that makes them want to be so in our face with their lifestyle? Frankly, I would not want to see half naked heterosexuals parading about and having public sex either.

  6. I do not see the Confederate flag as racist. People are racists, not flags. The flag represents a time in our nation’s history and people need to get over their silly entitlement because their ancestors were slaves. Not all slaves were black either but I hear nothing or read nothing about that from the MSM.

    Here’s an article on white Irish slaves that were brought to America. Funny how we don’t see the Irish protesting and demanding all sorts of rights just because their ancestors were slaves.

  7. True Snark.
    They have succeeded in changing the language through political correctness.
    Black rappers and the president can say nigger, but I can’t.

    1. It irks the hell out of me that the POTUS can say “nigger” on a radio podcast, but when the media, including Fox, played that snippet, they had to bleep it out. And when they discussed the podcast, they had to say that BHO said “the n-word”. If he can use the word within a certain context, the media should be able to fully report on what he said without censoring themselves.

      1. That’s called ‘control’.
        How do you like it ?
        Under this regime,… get used to it.
        They are plundering the 1st amendment at will and we are told to suck it up and deal with it.

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  9. OK, the Liberals want to Erase American History from 1776 to 2015, 239 Years in order to Remove all references to the Confederacy and Racism. This is what they have Proposed Doing so far:
    1. Remove all Confederate Flags
    2. Remove All Monuments to Confederacy including Statues of Confederate Generals, Colonels etc. in every town and city including Washington DC.
    3. Change the Names of all Streets named after anyone connected with the Confederacy
    4. Change the Names of all Schools named after anyone connected with the Confederacy

    This is what they forgot and must do to complete their plan:
    1. Change the Names of all US Military Bases named after anyone connected with the Confederacy
    2. Change the Names of all Cities, Towns, Counties and Hamlets named after anyone connected with the Confederacy
    3. Remove and Destroy all Movies portraying the Confederacy including Gone with the Wind and The Searchers with John Wayne.
    4. Remove and Destroy all Books portraying the Confederacy, both Fiction and Non-Fiction.
    5. Remove all references to Segregation & the Confederacy including the Destruction of Museums and all information about the Confederacy and Racism on the Internet.
    6. Destroy all homes built in the South owned by Slave owners built between 1776 and 1865, the end of the Civil War.
    7. Return all Black Descendants of Slaves to Africa or their Country of Origin

    Only when ALL of the Above steps I have Outlined above are taken, plus hundreds I haven’t even thought of, are completed, will the Liberal Elites be Satisfied in their attempt to re-write American History.

    A far simpler alternative and a Much Better one is to just “Get Over it”. Slavery Happened. Segregation Happened. The Civil War Happened and Blacks were Treated Badly, as were Jews, Irish, Italians and many other Groups.

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