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Obama Schedule || Monday, June 29, 2015

2:05 pm || Signs trade adjustment assistance legislation; East Room
6:00 pm || Hosts a working dinner with President Rousseff of Brazil; Blue Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

37 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, June 29, 2015”

  1. Let me see if I’ve got this straight! We have given the Prez the power to “Fast Track” trade bills. THEN we have a TRADE BILL which basically makes it easier to deal with countries that use slave labor (what else can you call it when all you pay them is food for the day and you won’t let them leave, NIKE???) Then we have to have ANOTHER bill to help the American workers who will be HURT by the 1st bill!!!! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going down the rabbit hole armed to the teeth!!!

  2. Oh, a dinner with Ms Rousseff ? Hmmmm, maybe a little worried about her relations with Putin, with the BRICS ?
    Anyhow, the big, big all consuming drama here in Europe is Greece. Nervous, nervous, nervous.
    So this weekend we went looking for the place of another drama, although a fictional one. Hamlet. We went to Helsingör, Denmark and visited the grand castle, Kronborg, were, according to Shakespeare, it all happened. I think I prefer a Danish drama before a Greek drama. At least I know how that one ended.

    1. Visiting “Hamlet’s castle” must have been quite an experience, swedishlady! As you note, a much better more bearable tragedy than the recent ones in Tunisia and France, and the drama in Greece.

      1. Yes, it was, I´mNoDhimmi.
        The tragedy in Tunisia,unbelievable. And so close to Europe. I am sure these murderers will hop across the sea any day soon and show up at the beaches in Spain and France to start with. I say it again, Islamism is the greatest common threat to us in the West. We feel the threat very strongly here in Europe. It´s no use that the Obama administration tries to pit Europeans against Russians, most of us don´t want bad relations with Russia. We have other, real, evil enemies. And there, I believe, Russia could be of great help.

        1. One of the great political tragedies of our time is the utter failure of Obama to work with Russia and the European countries, as well as other nations such as China to coordinate a powerful and highly effective unified worldwide force against ISIS and Islamic terrorists. We are all paying the price for that failure.

          1. And in the meantime, swedishlady, the net effect of Obama’s “negotiations” with Iran will be to pave a broad road to an Iranian nuclear bomb, and thus set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia has already said they now want a nuclear capability). It’s just astonishing. I raise the question I often raise: who is Obama really working for?

          2. obama work?? Marcus you have to be kidding…
            obama can’t work with OUR Congress..He can’t even work with his own Party.
            It’s all about ,Party, and speeches.. that’s about it. He is worthless!

  3. From the Reference library. See if you can obtain a copy of Barbara W. Tuchman’s book, “The March of Folly” from Troy to Vietnam, published 1984. Most interesting insights of leaders being a fool. Their human conditioning to do stupid stuff.

    1. Yes…. a very good read. May I also recommend Federalist 51, in the Federalist Papers. This is where Madison brilliantly explains the need for a balance of powers in the branches of our government. It’s a particularly important essay to read during these days of the of the Supreme Court/Obama Tyranny.

      It’s entitled: “The Structure of the Government Must Furnish the Proper Checks and Balances Between the Different Departments”

      And, via the magic of the internet—here it is.

      Let’s send a copy to John Roberts.

  4. Well, it looks like Barry is having another day of secret meetings with behind the door agreements. Let’s see what’s hiding under the radar today–the real schedule.

    Oh look! There’s a meeting with some Lefty economists to develop tactics to cripple the economy even more than he has so far. And another meeting to screw up ObamaCare even more than it is now. And after lunch, there’s a monthly meeting to create more Rules of Engagement for our troops to make sure ISIS can increase its progress.

    And of course Barry will spend time today with Larchmont Deadweight, his long term “sincerity coach”, to help him learn how to fool even more people in his next television speech. And late in the afternoon, we see that Josh Earnest is scheduled to shine Barry’s shoes and check the sharpness of the crease on Barry’s pants. “Looking good, Sir Mr. President!”

    What a complete, utter fraud.

    1. He doesn’t even pretend to be on top of the ball. Three different Countries had a tradegy. What did he do? Play golf.
      I know my fellow readers are tired of me mentioning the issue of him sitting behind his desk or the large conference table to try to tackle this issue with the maniacs. He plays golf.
      I just heard on Fox that he did however send a private message to Iran. Will this “private” message make it to the archives, for our children and grandchildren to read, or will they be shredded?

      1. All great points, Lee. On the three latest ISIS slaughters–in Lyon, France, the Mosque in Kuwait and the beach murders in Tunisia, Obama has nothing to say. On the ISIS cells existing in all 50 states ready to kill us, he says nothing.

        I’ve been listening to UK talk radio and the Tunisian slaughter is all they are talking about. Politicians are on the air all day long to explain what the UK is doing, what the security forces are planning, etc. ISIS has said, what, about 10,000 times they are coming to the US to cause mayhem and murder, and Obama doesn’t even mention it.

        1. 0 has a nice bunker to slime in to so he will be safe, well fed and able to play golf. Because you know he had some in-bunker area torn out to make him a course.

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