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White House Bathed in Rainbow

The White House Friday evening was lit up in rainbow, the symbol of the gay rights movement.

white house colors 3

Addressing a heckler the other day, President Obama complained that he was being interrupted in “my house.” It is not his house. It is the people’s house. All the people. And it should not be used as a billboard for his agenda.

Obama has every right to his opinion on this matter. But for many people, the Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage is deeply traumatic. His decision, as president of everyone, to rub this Court ruling in their faces is simply despicable.

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    1. “Freedom is a precious commodity. Like virtue, once it is given up it is difficult, if not impossible, to regain.” Cal Thomas.

        1. Well said. But then everything this man has done overtly and covertly has been well thought out and planned for in advance. Read the Communist Manifesto and you will find Every item of the 45 have been completed except for complete takeover.

    2. Did someone from the SCOTUS leak news about how the decision was going to come down yesterday? The WH was not the only structure that was lit up in all these colors on a moments’ notice. I didn’t take the time to write down what other buildings changed colors, but there were numerous ones.

      1. Decision is generally made well in advance of public disclosure. Since half of the Supreme Court was specifically appointed by Obama, it was understood that he was told the day decision was rendered.

      2. Most of these buildings are lit by LED systems capable of changing color at the flick of a switch OR by inserting filters in holders.

        It only takes seconds to make them any color.

        But yes, I could see it coming without insider info.

  1. History will show that rubbing things in others’ faces is one of his job descriptions.

    As to the white house dye job, it’s a pretty close match to an image on today, linked to an email on WH stationery from the plaintiff in the SCOTUS case, a man whose name Obama had trouble pronouncing today:

    1. How tacky! Also, it looks like a typical Obummer fundraising stunt because when I went there just now it said:

      #LoveWins: Show Your Support for Marriage Equality Everywhere

      The Supreme Court just ruled that, for the first time, any couple — straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender — can obtain a marriage license and make their commitment public and legal in all 50 states.

      If you’re standing with them today, say so here — and add a message of support. Then, watch reactions from the day here.

      They just want to collect more email addresses to hit up for fundraising. I bet if you fill out the form and click on the “Love Wins” button, (instead of “Submit”), they ask for a donation now. Then they have your email address for future solicitations. This is all on the WH site, when it should be on Obummer’s Organizing for Anerica site.

      1. Between the White House (soon to be renamed the Black and White House?), White House Snapshot and OFA, three different emails went out yesterday on this subject.
        Oh, yes, and two days earlier, OFA sent out a chance to win a free trip to Hawaii, to celebrate that state’s work on climate change. Four days earlier, OFA was selling a PRIDE (and joy) shirt. Prior to that, OFA sold a climate change bottle.
        And as you noted, they are constantly imploring people to “ADD YOUR NAME” to the newest campaign. Meanwhile, the Democrats send out even more emails to “ADD YOUR NAME”, including a recent one titled “AMAZING photo (Obama)” — which was of Barack and Joe yucking it up after Obama put down that LBGTQ heckler.

    1. Agree! Why is it not life up for Police Week, July 4th or any holiday. This is just another spiking the ball in your face by Obama

  2. Every day brings a new low for this a**hole. Not one of those idiots on the left remember that he just found his pro gay when it was hurting his campaign coffers running up to the 2012 election.
    Obama’s hypocrisy is one thing, public ignorance is another. Combine the two and who really can tell how much damage will be done in the next 17 months.

  3. maybe he will finally crawl out of the closet tonight. I love rainbows in their natural beauty. This is ugly and OUR WHITEhouse.

  4. If I see a house that somebody painted orange and blue around the Super Bowl, I conclude that the residents are Broncos fans. If there are Christmas decorations up, I conclude that the residents celebrate Christmas.

    If a house is decorated top to bottom to look like a gay pride parade, there is only one logical conclusion.


    But Obama isn’t doing this because of “equality.” He’s doing it to be smug. Is there ever a time in our country’s history that the President used the White House in this manner? Or is it another of his “historic firsts?”

    1. Historic firsts, like injecting himself into past presidents info pages that are on the WH web page. He really changed around the wording so his name is all over prior pres bios/info pages.

    1. Carolyn I have asked that question of what the world was thinking for quite some time. Mostly with the foreign policy issues.
      I am more concerned for the very young Americans. When they ask their parents what the lights are for, the parents are either going to have to change the subject or explain the issue to them. They have not been taught the normal facts of life, but these lights can be placed on the house.
      I am still in mod jail. Have been there for the last day 1/2. Longest time ever.

    2. Carolyn, I think we all know what the world thinks of us.

      But the media hypes up the huge adoring crowds that Obama attracts when he travels abroad. And then Obama fantasizes that he has restored us to the most respected nation on earth.

      And so many are fooled by that.

    3. Russia wraps its public trash cans in the U.S. flag. Russian toilet paper is decorated with Obama’s face. Putin must be enjoying this whole “marriage equality” dealio.

    4. “What must the world think of us?”

      Nothing good, I assure you.

      This ruling is going to have very, very serious geopolitical consequences for the United States, none of them good.

      One of the Muslim criticisms of the United States is that it is a decadent society. Now, it’s true that their idea of “decadence” does include some of America’s societal norms: they really do hate the United States “for being America.”

      But THIS?! This is only going to get more and more imams to decry the decadence and amorality of the United States.

      ISIS just got one HELL of a recruiting talking point.

      “Why do they hate us?”, the hand-wringers ask. They HATE us, because they think we’re decadent and immoral.

      They’re going to think that even more, now. And in this case, they’d be correct in that.

  5. Let us celebrate sodomy! Homos forever!

    Tacky, clueless, insulting, offensive, and celebrating homosexuality, not marriage.
    Just when we think this administration has reached the bottom of civility – they dig deeper.

    1. Some thought that the “rebel flag” was offensive and wanted it removed. And it was removed. What about the rainbow flag ? Is the White House totally indifferent for that many find that flag offensive on certain buildings, monuments ?
      Well, for Barry and his crowd, some peoples opinion counts, other peoples opinions do not count at all. He is disgusting.

      1. The next attack will be on Religion, primary the Catholic Church just watch.
        Many are predicting that and they were right about the Gay-LGBT movement not really being about marriage, but is about destroying traditions, like they have done to the traditional family.
        That is well known Marxist move. They did that in Russia to leading up to the Communist takeover.

        1. So is it now illegal to refuse a sacrament for someone who is without Grace? What will SCOTUS have to say about that one?

    2. What we have seen this week is NOT a SCOTUS ruling whether laws are Constitutional or not, that is their main job but a court that is illegally writing law, Judicial Activism.

    3. For about the tenth time, 2-3% of people are born withe wiring to make identify as or desire the same gender. Yes, this is way over done for this small percentage–but it will blow over. Become commonplace–it already is pretty much. Let’s celebrate all human beings–the ones contributing and adding to our country.

  6. A disgusting provocation. An insult to this beautiful, historic building and it´s earlier inhabitants. As a matter of fact, it is shocking to me and my husband. Could this be legal ?

    1. Amen Swedish Lady and srdem65 ..i just want to crawl under my comforter and swim in the ocean and wash this nasty week away

  7. Western civilization has long turned to Judeo-Christian writings as a basis for determining what was right and what was wrong. Now, defining right or wrong is whatever “They” say it is. Be it the loudest voice or the biggest crowd, it makes no difference.

    I have little qualms about who does what with their time or property. But now “They” will define who can do what to whomever whenever. “They” will dance in celebration today knowing that words mean what they want them to mean. The ever louder din has taken on the tune of a dirge.

  8. All American citizens own the WH. This fool of a president thinks he can do whatever he wants to “his” house.
    In the Bible, the rainbow was a sign from God that he would never again destroy the world by flood. The homosexuals have now co-opted a biblical symbol to represent their odious and perverted lifestyle. How strange.

    1. “I will never recognize it in my heart because God gave marriage between a man and a woman and that’s what marriage is. And I don’t think the court – since it never defined marriage – doesn’t have the right to redefine it. God gave us marriage. Period. And God doesn’t change his mind.”
      “If pastors are going to be forced to provide marriage services for gay couples, I’m not going to do it.”
      ~Reverend Franklin Graham

  9. That is exactly what I thought last night when I saw it. Obummer and his pals are sticking it in everyone’s faces and laughing while doing so.

    Obviously this was planned in advance and they were all ready to bathe the WH in rainbow lights when the decision came down. Honestly, it would not surprise me if they fly the rainbow flag next. I remember reading last year that they flew the rainbow flag on our embassy in Israel to “celebrate Gay Pride week”:

  10. He is antagonizing all Muslims in our country and abroad with this tasteless insult to their religious doctrine. Sarc.


  11. While I actually agree with legalizing same sex unions, I am tired of having gay rights shoved down our throats all the time (and my daughter is gay). As Keith says, that White House tweet is absolutely, purposely rubbing America’s nose in it.

  12. Cute, Barry and Val, real cute. /sarc

    If someone had done this in our neighborhood, the HOA would have slapped them with a fine.

  13. Look who is running the country now:
    2% that are rich
    5% Gay,lesbo, etc.
    15% Black
    25% Mexicans
    Total 47%
    The 53 % Get to suck it up! Just guessing at the numbers but I think it is close.
    So while we are the majority we have no power and no one to fight for us. Certainly not the GOP as they are the dems whipping boys!

  14. Yes indeed he is despicable. I’m sure he will try and do as much damage to this country as he has time left. If you plug in the premise that he hates this country, white people, the Constitution, Christianity, and morality in general. And he wants to be known to history as the person who brought this nation down-then everything he has done makes perfect sense.

  15. My wife and I and my two teenage kids will be in DC for a vacation. My son wanted to do something involving history. We submitted a request six months ago for tickets to tour the WH. Honestly, at this point, I really don’t feel much like going in it or even seeing it. For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed of my country.

  16. Forget about being forced to bake a cake. Will all religious institutions;churches,synagogues, mosques, temples be forced to perform gay marriages?

    1. I can’t say what will happen with non-Catholic churches, but I believe in the Catholic church it will play out along these lines:

      Matrimony in the Catholic church is a sacrament, not just a ceremony. In the sacrament of Matrimony, at least one of the parties has to be a practicing Catholic in good standing. There also have to be no “impediments”. An impediment would be something like not being able to have children, or one of the parties being of the wrong gender. That takes out gay “marriage” right there.

      When some gay couple calling themselves “Catholic” tries to sue a priest or a parish for refusing to perform the Sacrament, they will actually be suing the local Bishop, since the Bishop, as corporation sole, holds the legal title to the establishment (the pastor simply stands in for him). According to Canon Law, suing one’s Bishop in a government court results in automatic excommunication. In a state of excommunication, a Catholic can receive no sacraments. So they cannot be married anyways, not because they are a gay couple, but because they are excommunicated. The deeper into the fight they go, the more impossible it will be for them to win it. That is my understanding of it, for what it’s worth. If the Supremes take on Canon Law, it’s going to take the battle straight to Rome, out of the Supremes’ jurisdiction.

  17. I’ve realized the rainbow flag is the mark of the beast. If you do not embrace it and worship it, you will not be allowed to buy, sell or breathe.

  18. I’ve realized that the rainbow flag is the mark of the beast. If you do not embrace it and worship it, you will not be allowed to buy, sell or breathe.

  19. I object to all of the recent uses of the White House as a billboard for colors that have a symbolism. It’s just another cheapening of our national treasures.

  20. Don’t worry about it. This is just part of Obama’s Theory of “Stray Doltage” which boils down to doing his best to incite and sow division.

    Whether you agree with the final result, a plurality of American’s did not want this issue resolved this way (a SCOTUS decree). Most peferred to leave it to the States.

    Resolving it this way will ensure it remains a divisive issue. And really that wedge is all Obama cares about. He wants to invent some nonexistent “War on Someone” this next election since the fictional War on Women and his $1 Billion smearing of Romney worked so well for him last time.

    What a divisive and small person. He is lawless and America can’t wait to remove his stain from Our House.

    “Win an Election” he said. And we did. And our “representatives” caved to Obama on every issue. Let’s elect some people with a backbone in 2016.

  21. Let me also say that it was equally unwise for Businesses to leap to change their AVIs and fall all over themselves to celebrate what, again, was a 50/50 issue decided in a method a majority disagreed with. It’s generally not good business to alienate half your customers and half your owners.

    I have been a 45 year stockholder in one company that leapt to change its icon to a rainbow. I will be letting them know that we shareholders would rather they not alienate half the country.

    I suspect this was done by some inexperienced millennials that lack the perspective that Team Obama does.

    In the same way that Marquette allowed a memorial to a cop killer to be made, then claimed it was in a “remote area of campus” before firing the supervisor, I look forward to the answer of these companies when asked what they were possibly thinking in alienating half their customers in their nonobjective orgy of partisanship. I suspect they will wake up with a hangover on Monday.

    If I get an insufficient response I may need to evaluate my ownership. I will also be more than happy to boycott these same businesses if I see religious freedoms being run roughshod they way they did their customers.

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    1. What goes up comes down! So they get married — ha ha ha – now they have to endure the divorce laws which are different in every state when they split the sheets. I can just hear those pigs squealing when they have to pay separate maintanance in California and/or split their assets 50/50 in Texas. Ha Ha Ha Be careful what you ask for! If they were smart they would stay single!

  24. The Supreme Court if following constitution should have said the following I believe. There is no legal grounds for our group to decide this case. It therefore should by rights be sent to Congress legally for constitutional revision or clarity. Period. Supreme Court is Not a governing body but interpreting in cases of dispute on laws already in force. They overstepped and have with the President been in violation of both their oaths and the law on this and other matters.

  25. It will not end here. The driving force behind this is the uber left progressive activists. They can never declare victory for there is no end. A victory stops them, they have no job. This is the beginning of a scorched earth policy directly aimed at organized religion. They are amoral and have no recognition of God or morality. This is one of the essentials to destroy America as we know it. These maniacs keep adding straws one at a time to crush Our culture. They may have finally taken the road of the last straw. As Obama so proudly stated “clutching to their guns and religion”…. that you egotistical Manchurian candidate will be your movements undoing.

  26. Using the White House bathed in the colors of the homosexual (GLBTQ) flag is not only “in your face” activism by the Obama administration and the president himself, but truly disgusting and franklyt, tacky. This from a man who has spent millions to cover up his background. Smells like fraud to me.

  27. This disgusting man in the white house (small case………it has been demeaned possibly beyond repair) has celebrated social dysfunction and aberrancy for years…..from “gay” sports figures getting his phone calls to this latest and greatest besmirching of our national symbol.

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