In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Saturday Open Thread || June 27, 2015

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  1. Continuing the discussion of the garish rainbow-bathed WH lights, there must be a ‘Special Effects’ czar on the payroll. It goes all the way back to the spectacles of the Gettysburg Express and the Greek styrofoam columns. Obama’s reign does, in many ways, resemble a parody of the Cecil B. DeMille spectaculars.

    That said, just had an idea for his 2017 Grand Departure.
    When the clock strikes 12:00 noon on Jan 20th, Obama’s 40 vehicle motorcade arrives at Andrews AFB where his beloved AF1 awaits to whisk him off on his final joy ride to an undisclosed location. When the cameras pan to AF1 sitting on the tarmac, the world is stunned to see that it has been fundamentally transformed into the rainbow colors of the LGBT flag. The American flag is nowhere to be seen.

    There’s more. As Obama scales the steps and approaches the open cabin door, he turns to wave good-bye to the crowd. This is the moment he has been waiting for. Eight long years – his moment has finally arrived… as Reggie suddenly appears from out of nowhere! Violins are serenading them as they embrace and embark on their odyssey ‘somewhere over the rainbow’.

    Meanwhile, Michelle, the kids, and old Granny are schlepping their way up the steps of AF2, as the cargo workers are frantically loading all the back-up jets with their ill-gotten booty. Her ‘schtruggle’ is over…at last! It’s time to play Queenie in one of the palatial mansions awaiting her arrival. The WH was sooo beneath her.

    Seriously, the next 18 months are going to be h*ll!

    1. He has wrecked the military, and the health care system, and now gays are legal.

      I hate to think what his future plans are, aside from declaring martial law.

          1. Here’s the thing – the Constitution is neither liberal or conservative.
            The Supremes are supposed to base their opinions on the law, not public opinion,nor their own personal thoughts.
            We all agreed to abide by the Constitution, not some liberals slant on what it means.

          2. Totally agree, SrDem. In the case of the health law, they ignored the intention to punish the states with that provision, but focused on the intention to somehow help people with this stuff…The words said what they said–you can’t just go, oh, well…they probably meant the opposite. But we mere mortals are not supposed to notice things like this.

          3. The vote was not unanimous by any stretch. 4-5, I have never seen the SCOTUS so divided.
            We should not have jurists for life. After eight years, they should return to real life and either retire or get a job.
            Or in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s case, take a long, unpaid nap. They should not be appointed for by the prevailing
            Washington party-certainly not for life.

    2. So you are ruling out the chopper taking off from the roof?

      Was commenting on the Charleston “obit” story in the Wash Post. The usual–historic moment, the hymn singing, he should be a preacher, he is a fake, where did you get that from Faux News (still using that oldie), on and on. Maybe it’s me, but I remember no other president where this was in our face every SINGLE day–something or other. Maybe I stepped to close with commenting, etc., but I sense this is not good. It’s not high-info, it’s high-emoti.

      1. He is intentionally trying to keep things stirred up.
        My wife has said that we can’t go one day without seeing his face somewhere.

  2. re: a thousand or so police from different agencies are searching the woods of upstate NY for the escaped prisoner named “Sweat”
    A lively discussion was held at srdem’s house last night- exactly what was Plan B for the escape?
    If Plan A was to crawl through a sewer line, then have the stupid woman drive them somewhere, then what was Plan B if, say, her car wouldn’t start or had a flat tire – forgetting that she got cold feet.
    We assume most criminals are stupid when they make it so easy for the police to capture them after the crime, but this escape shows some, not much, careful planning.
    So, no Plan B, or was it that death was Plan B?

    1. I laughed–some guy was on the screen opining on how these two did not plan and I thought, “Yeah, that is why you are sitting there in a suit saying this and they are in the woods being eaten alive by bugs.”

  3. “Look, I am 71, I have seen politicians come and go–this one will go. They do. Always. Hold the good thought.”

    I will turn 65 next month.
    Star,…have you ever seen one to change society to this degree ?

    1. Roosevelt served three terms right? I can totally see Obama saying to his SCOTUS and his now truly bi partisan, tottering on single party, Congress — there is so much domestic strife, the country is at war — divided against itself — this is no time for great community organizer Messiah to be deserting the ship (HA) etc. etc.

      For the price of one more ride on AF1 Boehner will agree, for the price of one more “out of body experience” McConnell will agree and SCOTUS will agree also, after it is publicly threatened.

      So, until today I was counting on Obama leaving. But now that the Constitution has been trashed and the law does not mean what the law is written to mean it’s pretty much something I consider possible.

      Now Hillary will be a little disappointed, but at this point a lifetime supply of the finest vodka and some UN position should keep her happy and compliant.

      1. FDR was elected 4 times and died in his fourth term.

        Since Obama is not just any “person” the twenty second amendment does not apply any longer. Shillary is going to need more than vodka.

        Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

    1. The sons and daughters that volunteer to put their life on the line for this Country deserve better than this.

      The menace in the White House is determined to destroy this Country.

      There was a link that I saw that now the troops are supposed to observe the fast of Ramadan.
      They are regulating their food for God’s sake !

      When is enough enough ?

    2. The fact that we cannot accept/admit that transgender folks are mentally ill. Yikes. And we want to allow MENTALLY ill people to serve?

      Scary times.

      BTW – I identify as a canine and i’d like you all to accept that.

  4. Good morning. Missed Saturday thread. Read all comments late last night.
    I took a hour 1/2 ride yesterday. I stopped for a cup of coffee. There was a sign on the front door: Do not come in if your pants are not pulled up!
    Finally someone had the guts to tell customers and employees to pull their pants up.
    As I was walking out I noticed a pickup truck ride by with a Big confederate flag flying in the wind.

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