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Video || Obama Sings Amazing Grace at Pinckney Funeral

This, clearly, is not as God intended.

20 Responses to Video || Obama Sings Amazing Grace at Pinckney Funeral

  1. I now realize you have absolutely NO respect for your readers! lol
    I had already heard it on the radio and my ears are still recuperating.
    The one thing this does tell me, once again is that there is absolutely no limit to this man’s narcissism.
    A respectable man, a humble man, a decent man would not have interjected himself into what should have been completely devoted to Reverend Pinckney.
    Now the focus is on Obama’s lame voice instead of Pinckney’s great legacy.

  2. While I’m no fan of our modern day Julius Caesar I cannot criticize him or anything about the celebration of the lives of the Charleston massacre. I now this city well. It’s people continue to lead by example with all too rare grace, determined spirit, humility and deserve the respect of a flawed country.

  3. Hold the phone. I only saw this clip. I just saw the political speech he gave at a “eulogy”. I’m going to be more respectful of the victims than the P but it’s a struggle.

    • That’s the way it is with Obama. No matter the even, no matter the tragedy (I live in Joplin), no matter the victims he ALWAYS weaves himself and his ego into it.
      The man has done more to undermine American in 7 years than communism did during the entire Cold War.

      • Did you hear what he said right out of the box???? He was speaking about his meeting with Rev. Pinckney (sp) many years ago and, as he so often does, he started talking about how he had no gray hair in those days.

        His narcissism has no bounds – even at a Memorial for gawd’s sake!!!!!!!!!

  4. If only Obama had a fraction of the amazing grace demonstrated by the amazing people of Charleston, what a wonderful world it would be. Unbelievably inspiring and uplifting…God-fearing and humble.
    What a contrast to Obama, Sharpton, Holder and the racists in Baltimore et al.

    And, oh yes…it was Obama’s Al Green moment. How shameless he is.

  5. It just shows you what a wonderful loving, caring God who shows us his mercy. If God wasn’t then he would have struck down that Wretch right then and there.

    US Soldiers are expected to follow Muslim eating and drinking standards during Ramadan?? WTF? Really??

    ISIS is celebrating Ramadan by Killing Infidels and US Commanders are worried about dietary practices. Why can’t US Soldiers celebrate like ISIS and Kill Isis Members??

  6. He was to chicken to go to Paris or disrectful. Three attacks today, and he is going to sing. That is instead of work. Sit behind the desk and call the leaders of the Country. Contact the Pentagon. Work! As mentioned already he squeezes himself in front and center.

  7. There is this on the day that he lied about his position on gay marriage — a decision that trashed the constitution yet again. At Ace of Spades and elsewhere there are two other videos that highlight this rare day of Obama in church — the one not supporting gay marriage, the other Obama supporting gay marriage. Nothing will change the hypocrisy of Barack Obama — not even singing Amazing Grace in one of those rare occasions when he appears in a House of God.