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Live Stream || Obama Eulogy for Reverend Pinckney

The event has concluded.

17 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Eulogy for Reverend Pinckney

  1. Funny to watch on mute. His head looks down more than up so he’s reading the entire thing. Can’t this man speak from the heart without a transcript ?

    Look forward to the briefing from Keith and others, I can’t listen, I just can’t :(

    • spent the last 30 minutes on the phone w/daughter and granddaughter, hoping to miss him. now have Cavuto Coast to Coast on. was hoping he’d drop the fake cadence. I guess not.

    • He opened with “In praise of God …bible” before I could get to the mute button.

      But hey Prince Orange Boehner caught a ride of the Big Bird One. So, sucking up to The One does have a perk or two. But perhaps Prince Orange had to ride in the cargo hold.

    • I agree. Let the families and friends of that community grieve in their own time and space. Let them honor this good pastor’s life, and pray for the families of all those touched by this tragedy. This is a coming together so they can give one another strength and courage. I despise the fact that politicians show up at these events, make grand speeches and otherwise strut around trying to explain “what happened”.. And I despise the media who contaminate the sacredness of the moment to get higher ratings.

  2. He said Blacks don’t have a chance with ‘dilapidated schools’ or the opportunity for ‘good jobs’. No mention, however, of the absentee fathers in the home. 70% of Black kids are raised by single mothers.

  3. He just had to have his Al Green moment at the end. He didn’t invite the congregation to join him in singing…he wanted to do a solo performance. Probably spent hours with his voice coach.