As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 25, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. I hope one of the reporters ask Joshi how he likes being covered by ocare?
    Than I hope the next reporter ask, Why isn’t o joining everyone in this trash?
    Joshi’s face right now is gleaming as he is discussing the Supreme Court ruling.
    They were please with the vote, he just said. How sweet.
    Reporter: Asked about the safeguards that the former advisors released a letter on. Read Redline.
    Joshi Most interesting part of letter brings out issued raised in April.
    Joshi said millions got health care. Woman don’t have to worry about being charged more. Worry about being kicked off. Do benefit from provisions of o care.
    Reporter asked if o is going to crack open a beere.
    Joshi said possible.
    I can’t believe that reporter asked that question. Instead of asking if o was going to get a job for everyone that was let go from their job due to ocare. As well why didn’t she mention the people who voted for this are not a part of the system.
    Reporter. o said he would vote no for Roberts. Would he vote again the same way?
    Joshi Interesting question.
    She said tomorrow o is going to S. Carolina. Asked about push on gun control.
    joshi said they are still working on speech. Focus will celebrate lives of people killed. He will be mindful of how sad it is also use occasion to celebrate their lives.
    Reporter: Does this give o confidence on policy of gun control outside of legislation.
    Joshi said I don’t think so.
    Reporter said What does this say about Roberts legacy.
    Joshi backed off on making comment on that.
    Joshi said the Supreme Court felt their was not an error.
    Reporter in wake of debate of confederate flag. Does o have view on symbols statues have no place on capital.
    Joshi don’t know and this would be hands of Congress.
    I missed the question regarding about person assigned position of the person collecting info on all hostages and dealing with that issue. Joshi don’t think he will be communicating with o. Major asked if there would be a change in updates on the hostages. Joshi said possible info o receives will better info.
    Major asked about the hacking of sensitive data. Joshi said it is protected. o is willing to except is responibilty, but want Congress to pass things in Cyber.
    Major said this could have been prevented before Congress went through dealing with lesislation on Cyber.
    Joshi This is a challenge.
    Others have dealt with this in private sector. We need Congress to act on information sharing.
    Heard enough.

  2. Interesting to me that just about the only time this website behaves, (no jerk to the top to force the ad down my throat), is when Josh is BS’ing us.

    Other posts are irritating to say the least when trying to read them.

    I chose this post to complain again that I will not be interrupted when writing a comment.

    I cannot be the only one experiencing this.

    Someone with WordPress experience should send Keith an e-mail with advice on how to get rid of the irritant.

    • AFVet, I have an AdBlock extension enabled on my browser. I have never had an issue with this website.

      I just disabled it temporarily to see if I could see what you are experiencing. Only 2 ads appeared: an AdChoices banner at the top of the page, and an ad in the left sidebar. That’s it. Nothing obnoxious.

      Please try the AdBlock extension and see if that helps you.

  3. MerryCarol,… have saved my sanity.
    I have been everywhere,…no ads.
    Faster response on the websites.

    God Bless and thank you.

    • Yep, works very well. Glad you and SnarkEsq installed it. I just ran out of curse words about ads, and nothing nasty left to yell about popup ads. So I installed it. Peace now reigns..;+}

      • I had my husband install it on his laptop too and he also thinks it’s great, something we should have done a long time ago.

        I’m still getting used to the No Script add-on, though. I’m torn with that one. Sometimes it’s great, but it’s kind of annoying every time I go to a new site and can’t see everything and then I have to check off to allow that site or temporarily allow that site or page. On the other hand, that small annoyance is probably worth it, considering that prior to installing it I was having a terrible time with constant script errors and pages locking up on me, always having to restart Firefox.

        • NoScript does take a little patience at first. On sites I go to often, I allow what seems to be the principle script ( on this site, e.g.) permanently. On sites I visit infrequently, I go through the drill and only allow scripts that seem to be necessary to see the site–usually on the bottom of the list.

  4. OT regarding Bob Beckel:

    Fox News Reaches ‘End Of The Road’ With Bob Beckel, Sends Him Packing

    3:54 PM 06/25/2015

    After months of speculation, Fox News announced Thursday that they have parted ways with “The Five” co-host Bob Beckel after a five-month absence from the network.

    The news, which was first reported by Mediaite and confirmed by a network spokesperson, comes after Fox announced in April that Beckel had entered rehab for his addiction to prescription pain medication after back surgery earlier this year. Beckel had not appeared on the show since February 16.

    According to a statement from Fox News Executive Vice President Bill Shine, Beckel “took tremendous advantage” of the network’s “generosity,” and the network had simply come “to the end of the road” with the much-maligned co-host.

    “We tried to work with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold ‘The Five’ hostage to one man’s personal issues,” Shine said in a statement. “He took tremendous advantage of our generosity, empathy and goodwill and we simply came to the end of the road with him.”

    Shine also said that Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera will be taking over Beckel’s old spot. The two commentators, along with Julie Roginsky, have been holding down the fort in Beckel’s absence.

    Beckel had been a co-host of “The Five” since July 2011, and first signed a contributor deal with the network back in 2000.

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