As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Sharpton Vs. His Touch Screen Display

Top Obama advisor Al Sharpton battles his touch screen display while it appears his producer tells him the names of the various GOP candidates just in time.

16 Responses to Video || Sharpton Vs. His Touch Screen Display

  1. I can’t comment on that. I am figuring out how to use a smart phone. However I am not on National TV covering the news.
    I would rather him on TV helping the people who’s company and houses and neighborhoods were attack by protesters.

  2. LOL! First it was the teleprompter, now it’s the touch screen. Brian Williams must be shaking in his boots with all the talent at MSNBC!

  3. If I was controlling that screen, I would have made it go backwards.
    That would have really screwed him up, or maybe not.

    At any rate, nobody would have really seen the difference.

  4. The back of his head looks similar to the back of the creature’s head in the movie ‘alien”… and I have to say the creature is much smarter than him but that aint sayin’ much.

  5. And thus the Rev Sharpton, chief adviser to the President of the United States on encouraging and stimulating racial division in all matters, illustrates his utter incompetence on a device a child can master. A good tell for all to understand why the White House stumbles constantly on every issue.

    • If I were “African American” – (that description riles me…why in the heck can’t we just say American?)
      – I definitely would be mighty angry that the White House believe this character knows anything about my people.
      Now that I think about it – “American” has come to be descriptive of both North and South America – now I am riled up about that, too!