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REDLINE || Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015​

Good morning! In the news today: Drive to remove Confederate flag from the public square gains momentum; Trump surges in New Hampshire; Obama trade victory at hand; ValJar’s parents reportedly hardcore communists; conservatives have more self-control than libs; Obama hosts Israel haters; and sex with Neanderthals.

Have a great day.




Momentum against Confederate flag grows . . . An initiative to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House grounds picked up steam on Tuesday, a week after the massacre of nine black church members, and criticism over the emblem long associated with slavery spread to other U.S. southern states. U.S. retailers joined lawmakers in distancing themselves from the banner, with industry leaders Amazon and Wal-Mart Stores pulling the images of the rebel flag from their stores and websites, joining Google, Sears and eBay. Reuters

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) joins calls to remove a statue of Kentucky-native Jefferson Davis from the state capitol building.

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Clinton aide worked with UAE while at State . . . Hillary Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills held several outside roles, including a board position with a UAE-funded university in Abu Dhabi, while working as chief of staff and counselor at the State Department. Washington Free Beacon

Trump surges in New Hampshire . . . Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is leading the 2016 GOP field in a new survey on the early state of New Hampshire, with fellow newly declared presidential candidate Donald Trump close behind him. Mr. Bush was at 14 percent in the Suffolk University poll released Tuesday, followed by Mr. Trump at 11 percent. Both men officially announced last week they are running for president in 2016. Washington Times

Video || Sharpton Vs. His Touch Screen Display

Cruz: Where’s the apology from AP? . . . Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Mark Levin’s radio show on Tuesday night that he is not surprised that the Associated Press would publish a photograph that appears to show Cruz with a gun pointed at his head–and that if the AP had done the same thing to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama “there would have been a public apology.” CNS News

Christie could announce as early as next week.

Conservatives plot revenge against Boehner . . . Dozens of members of the House GOP’s most conservative faction plan to meet Tuesday to discuss ways to counteract the decision of House Speaker John Boehner and other leaders to seek retribution against members who vote against must-pass measures. Washington Examiner

Fox dumps Palin . . . Palin, 51, is expected to make occasional guest appearances on Fox and Fox Business, and will appear on other networks and cables. She has a show on the Sportsman Channel, does a lot of speeches, and will announce a new publishing project soon. Politico



Obama headed for huge trade victory . . . President Obama is poised for one of the biggest victories of his second term after the Senate voted Tuesday to advance legislation enhancing his trade powers. The Senate’s 60-37 vote sets the stage for passage on Wednesday of the trade-promotion authority (TPA) bill, or fast-track, which House GOP leaders ushered through the lower chamber last week. If the Senate approves the measure, as expected, it heads to the White House for Obama’s signature. The Hill

GOP trade divide . . . It’s Cruz and Paul vs. Rubio and Graham in the party’s latest ideological split. Politico

Obama orders amnesty for prisoners . . . The administration has ordered agents to begin ignoring many of the illegal immigrants they encounter in prisons and jails, as President Obama begins to implement a lesser-known part of his deportation amnesty policy — though his program isn’t sitting well with either side of the immigration debate. Washington Times

Illegals not showing up for court dates . . . Not only are illegal immigrant women and children continuing to cross the border in large numbers, but the majority charged with crimes aren’t even showing up for court. Fox News

Report: Jarrett’s parents hardcore communists . . . FBI files reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government. Jarrett’s dad, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals, his lengthy FBI file shows. In 1950 Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage. Judicial Watch

Obama hosts Israel haters at Iftar dinner . . . President Barack Obama hosted two radical anti-Israel activists, Riham Osman and Batoul Abuharb of Houston, Texas, on Tuesday night. They both had the honor of sitting at Mr. Obama’s exclusive “President’s Table” at the annual White House Iftar dinner. Both have publicly stated that they consider Israel and its leadership to be sponsors of terroristic acts. Breitbart

Obama glad he used the “N” word . . . The reaction, in Obama’s mind, is a good thing. Like a national experiment in abstract expressionism, the response it’s generated has shown him he was right in the point he was making about what’s wrong with how the country talks about race. Politico

Biden soft pedals China criticism . . . Opening a series of high-level U.S.-China meetings, Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday cautiously touched on human rights, but as he did so, he assured his Chinese guests that he was not “lecturing” them. CNS News

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 24, 2015



Obama to announce US won’t prosecute ransoming . . . The White House is expected to announce Wednesday that the administration will tell families of Americans held by terror groups they can communicate with captors and even pay ransom without fear of prosecution. Fox News

Hayden: Policy could increase hostage taking . . . “When you allow a family to pay ransom for a hostage, you are in a sense transferring risk from your family member to future family members,” said former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden. “In other words, you may be making it more likely that other people’s children or father or mother or sister are captured and held for ransom because you’ve suddenly made it more profitable for those who would do this.” Newsmax

How could it not increase hostage taking? It’s a clear signal to terrorists that they will be paid.

Iran deal a legacy maker for Kerry . . . If U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pulls off a nuclear deal with Iran, it will be a singular achievement in a long career in which the grand prize has eluded him. His 2004 presidential election loss, lack of legislative monuments despite 28 years in the Senate, and failure, like many before, to bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians have contributed to a view that he struggles to seal major successes. Reuters

Get it? It’s about him. He’ll take whatever Iran offers.

US to give Iran advanced nuclear equipment . . . The United States and its allies are willing to offer Iran state-of-the-art nuclear equipment if Tehran agrees to pare down its atomic weapons program as part of a final nuclear agreement, a draft document has revealed. Fox News

The bomb Obama could use against Iran . . . When dropped from an altitude likely above 20,000 feet, the bomb would have approached supersonic speed before striking a mock target in the desert, smashing through rock and burrowing deep into the ground before its 6,000 pounds of high explosives detonated with devastating force. Politico

Of course, he won’t use it, ever.

Attacks on power grid growing . . . Major attacks on the U.S. power grid system are “increasing,” with hackers stepping up efforts to penetrate critical systems and to implant malicious software that could compromise the power grid and result in a nationwide crisis, according to a government report. Washington Free Beacon

Iraq “zero civilian casualty” policy criticized . . . U.S. and coalition air forces are aiming for zero civilian casualties in airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), frustrating some lawmakers who say the military campaign is progressing too slowly. While officials say they can never be absolutely certain of who’s on the ground, U.S. and allied forces are refraining from airstrikes against ISIS if there’s a risk of even one civilian casualty. The Hill



Afghans say foreign fighters flooding in . . . An estimated 7,000-plus foreign terrorist fighters are believed to be operating in Afghanistan, according to the country’s ambassador to the U.N., although it’s unclear how many of those belong to, or have pledged loyalty to, the Islamic State. CNS News

France furious about US spying . . . Angry and embarrassed, France summoned the U.S. ambassador Wednesday to respond to the revelations by WikiLeaks that the U.S. National Security Agency eavesdropped on three successive French presidents and other top officials. Associated Press

You must also know 2


Scientific study: Conservatives have more self-control . . . “Evidence from three studies reveals a critical difference in self-control as a function of political ideology,” the study’s abstract reads. “Specifically, greater endorsement of political conservatism (versus liberalism) was associated with greater attention regulation and task persistence. Moreover, this relationship is shown to stem from varying beliefs in freewill; specifically, the association between political ideology and self-control is mediated by differences in the extent to which belief in freewill is endorsed, is independent of task performance or motivation, and is reversed when freewill is perceived to impede (rather than enhance) self-control.” Newsmax

Library of Congress promotes gay erotica . . . The federally funded Library of Congress held an event to mark Gay Pride Month on Thursday to showcase the publication of literature focused on the homosexual lifestyle, including a gay man’s photography of nude male subjects and poetry by gays and lesbians about their homosexuality. CNS News

Transgender athlete switches teams . . . She was the quintessential recruit for the women’s swimming team at Harvard University: a nimble breaststroker with a fierce work ethic and sharp intellect. But when Schuyler Bailar jumps into the school’s Olympic-size pool this fall, he instead will be a member of the men’s team, the first openly transgender collegiate swimmer in U.S. history. Washington Post

Humans had sex with Neanderthals . . . A jawbone found in Romania more than a decade ago provides the first genetic evidence that humans and Neanderthals knocked boots in Europe before the latter disappeared between 35,000 and 40,000 years ago. Fox News

Prison worker put tools in meat . . . The prison worker charged with helping two convicted murderers escape from a maximum security prison in New York admitted to smuggling hacksaw blades and other tools in hamburger meat, according to Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie. Good Morning America


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44 thoughts on “REDLINE || Wednesday, June 24, 2015”

  1. The She swimmer, now the He swimmer: will She/He wear the standard speedo trunks as the other Hes?

    Humans had sex with Neanderthals: Humans have been known to have sexual relations with mud, and plastic blow-up items, so it’s not surprising that they partook of a willing Caveman/woman.

    Sec of State Kerry’s legacy: Enabling a country hostile to the USA to arm with nuclear weapons is not something to be proud of.

    The “prison worker” put tools into frozen meat: That makes no sense whatsoever.

    Spying on French leaders: Oh, why? Who cares what they do or say.

    1. Spying on French leaders, well, no matter what I think about them I consider it a serious breach of trust. And the French do, believe me, they are very upset. Now, Frau Merkel, and Germany, may be under the US thumb politically and there was not many official protests about that spying but the French are different, you will see. Well, we suspect that the NSA spy on all of us but I still really find it provocative.I want Europe to be independent just like you want the US to be independent. We should meet at equal terms and respect each other.

    2. The She swimmer, now the He swimmer: will She/He wear the standard speedo trunks as the other Hes?
      Nope. Defer the to former She. All swimmers will be required to wear the unisex suit.

        1. Gay neanderthals now–what? Well, they probably had them. Why are so so worked up (I was going to say “het” up) over transgenders and gays? Does this affect you–I mean, besides signaling the end of the world as we know it. I am out of this subj–it just does not interest me enough. I feel bad (and yes, it’s OK to have emotions and feel things) for people struggling with this–to them–central issue.

  2. The damage to America from Obama and his hard-core communist braintrust, Jarrett, won’t be fully realized for years. Heck, she has never been questioned about her secret trips to Iran!

    I don’t buy the story that Obama just happened to have a chance encounter with Michelle Robinson while applying for a job at the law firm where she worked.

    It turns out that Jarrett’s family had a deep connection to Obama’s communist mentor, Frank Marshall. My guess is the meeting was ‘arranged’ by Marshall, along with the sham ‘marriage’. Obama was hand-picked to rise thru the ranks of Chicago politics with an eye on the brass ring – the White House.

    If the full story ever comes out, what a blockbuster screenplay it would make! Fictional, of course.

  3. From the desk of Mitch McConnell

    The Civil War, the war where all the white people in the south wanted to continue to enslave black people.

    South Carolina was the only state to fight on the side of the Union.

    Denying history never works out well.

        1. I could not agree more. This civil war thing is a red herring. Taking peeps mind off the Gigantic sell out on the trade deal. Giving Obumer what he wants on a platter. The GOP are traitors like the dems.

        2. Can’t wait until they go after Robert E. Lee and then figure out that the nation’s military are buried on land formerly owned by a confederate family.

          Then what ? Dig ’em up? Asshats and ridiculous this whole thing.

  4. A couple of years ago, I took one of those genetic tests just for fun. It came back that I was about 2 percent Neanderthal (true story). I told my wife and she quickly responded, “Doesn’t surprise me at all.” ;+]

  5. Obumer, present GOP leaders have killed this country as we knew it.
    This is the new America – one with values and goals that are no longer the ones of most of the voters.
    Obamacare,obamatrade, immigration, gun control, promoting blacks, down grading whites is all the new America.
    We are powerless to change any of this!
    Jeb and Hill will carry all of this on!
    Time to find a new country.

    1. The current temperament of the world is anti-assimilationist and anti-American.

      Previous waves of immigrants came in during periods where it was widely believed that assimilation was good, because America itself was good. Now foreign immigrants are being taught — as native-born Americans are being taught — that America is shameful and needs to be rejected, torn down, and even, as one anti-American, communist-sympathizing foreign critic said, “fundamentally transformed.”

      I borrowed this from an Ace of Spades thread. To do it full justice and to consider it in context (discussing Ann Coulter’s comment about Niki Haley).

      So, when the Republicans join forces to deny, hide, and run from our history this is not a good sign.

      Renouncing oneself like so many do in the media, the society and corporate world is a very slippery slope to losing liberty and freedom.

  6. The office of the executive is refusing to enforce the laws on the books (illegals, ransoms, DOMA…) Negotiating with known terrorists. Highest and most secretive advisor is a COMMUNIST. The guy is untouchable. What is it going to take to impeach this guy??

    1. Barack Obama will never be impeached. Nor will the existing Republican Party with its corrosive Vichy collaborative leadership do anything to stem the tide of the destruction of America and its fundamental transformation into leftist Amerika.

  7. I missed the entire WH briefing today. I just heard on Fox that o administration acknowledged mistakes regarding hostages and their family.
    Another Executive order was given.
    I want to hear him acknowledged that he screwed up in the beginning by ignoring the maniacs.

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