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Obama Heckled at White House LGBT Event

I’m not really sure I’ve ever seen a president heckled in the White House. And President Obama, quite properly, was having none of it.

Obama was speaking during a White House LGBT event when someone from the LGBTQ group Get Equal named Jennicet Gutierrez began interrupting him. Q, um, is for “questioning.”

She is described by ABC News as “transgender and undocumented” – uh oh, lots of possible angles here – and “shouting claims about bad detention conditions for LGBTQ immigrants in the United States.”

Obama handled the situation with aplomb. Sometimes he overindulges hecklers, IMO. But this time, he calmly but firmly had the person shown the door.

From the pool report:

The president seemed less patient than usual and quickly asked the heckler, who your pooler could hear but not see, to leave.

“Hold on a sec,” said Obama. “Ok. You know what. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. No, no, no, no. Hey, listen, you are in my house,” he added, to cheers from the audience.

“You know know what? It’s not respectful when you get invited to somebody [‘s house]. You are not going to get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. Shame on you, you shouldn’t be doing this.”

As the crowd also became impatient and began booing and sshing the heckler, Obama had the heckler removed.

“Can we escort this person out? Can we have this person removed please,” said the president.

“As a general rule, I am just fine with a few hecklers but not when I am up in the house,” he added to laughter from the crowd. “If you are eating the hors d’oeuvres, know what I’m sayin’?, and drinking the booze . . . I know that’s right.”

Frankly, I’m surprised the Secret Service wasn’t on this a little more quickly. Or maybe I’m not.

Here’s another angle.

44 Responses to Obama Heckled at White House LGBT Event

  1. An illegal alien tranny?! In the People’s House? Heckling? Shame on Obama!

    Obama asked for someone to ‘remove this person from the room’…What about removing it from this country??? We must be footing the gigantic transgendering bill – adding insult to injury!

    **Has Obama ever held a cocktail reception for Bibi?

    • Gilry1, you always have great comments! I was about to post that this is what Barry gets when he invites illegal aliens – with a huge sense of entitlement – to the White House. And, that’s OUR house, not Barry’s.

      It’s absolutely ridiculous that it took three minutes, rather then thirty seconds or less, to remove this screechy interloper. Apparently, background checks for WH invitees are a thing of the past.

      Hey Barry, THIS is your base. You can have them!

      • You’re right, Snark. They are his base – and base they are. He seems so comfortable with them, too!

        Just watched the video again – I think he’s drunk! His days begin @ 5:00 it seems. Always schedules the weirdos at that time.

  2. How curious: An illegal alien gets to enter the WhiteHouse and be in the same room as the POTUS. Then, once inside he/she feels comfortable enough to call out in a rude manner to MrObama as if he were no more than a common politician on the stump.
    Who’s fault is this, who is responsible for allowing or inviting an illegal alien to the WhiteHouse, and who has spent time recently being interviewed by some dope in a garage?

    MrObama has invited millions of illegal aliens to enter our country in direct violation of our laws.
    Why would any of them respect him, or his office?

  3. She’s not an immigrant.

    She is here illegally. Therefore, a criminal.

    Glad to see the WH does such a fine job screening visitors.

  4. My initial reaction is that the President must refrain from saying “my” house, when he knows the house belongs to the people. But he was correct to ask firmly for the heckler to pipe down or leave. Decorum should rule the day….which brings us to the real issue, that of law and order.

    IMHO, the rule of law, and the cadence of order in our country is slipping away. I am not that old, 57, but I grew up in a country that respected the rules. No longer.

    You can bash a teacher, scream at a cop, commit road rage, even heckle the president at a reception at the WH, it no longer matters. This needs to stop.

    ps. The squeegee men are back in NYC, saw 2 last nite…. help us all.


      • Ha ha ha.. Squeegee men are unemployed, often homeless folks that come up to your car at a stop light, clean your windshield and look for an offering. They do provide a service, but often it feels forced.

        • It felt like an attack on the front windshield and unabated. Even if you waved your hands in a wild emotion, pleading No, No, No… No dirty rags on my clean windshield!

      • Squeegee men are guys who stand in the streets at intersections with a bucket of water and a squeegee sponge. When someone stops for a red light, the Sq. guy will approach a car and start to clean the windshield, expecting a tip. The driver can either avail himself of the service or wave them off.

    • Squeegee men in NYC? That means they will be in L.A. soon. Oh dear God.

      When we used to take day trips to Mexico years ago, we were always bombarded with the little squeegee kids, aka urchins. I would always try to give them some pesos BEFORE they jumped on my hood to ‘clean’ the windows, but they paid no heed.
      Always had to have the car washed after they were finished, lol.

      We really are becoming Mexico. So sad.

      • Haven’t seen squeegee men in L.A. yet, but the “intersection beggars” are getting bolder…there’s a guy at Wilshire and Sepulveda who walks through traffic with his sign (during red lights), staring down drivers and occasionally yelling at them for not “contributing.” It’s a bit unnerving since there’s nowhere to escape to in the middle of traffic.

        • You never want to be at that intersection during rush hour! I know the guy you are talking about. He might be from the Vet’s Hospital mental ward. I donated to the cause a couple of times, but no more.
          Wilshire and Federal is another bad spot during rush hour.

    • Ugh, we all predicted the return of the squeegee men in NYC! They were horrendous back in the Dinkins days, before Giuliani. Some of them were just a nuisance, but I had experiences with some who were very intimidating and even threatening. They would get very ticked off if you didn’t give them some money, or if you tried to keep them away. I would think that given the state of society today, they will be even worse than back then. Thanks, de Blasio, a/k/a Warren Wilhelm, Jr.!

  5. Yes Virginia there was a time when:
    1. A United States President would never even consider such a pathetically pandering event, and
    2. Known illegal aliens were arrested and deported.
    Of course that was also a time when we had Presidents that respected the rule of law and the Constitution over personal power and political expediency.

  6. This is OT but I want to mention a new Big Brother series started on CBS last night. One of the house guest is a transgender.

    • looks like the media/entertainment found their story of the summer. On ABC Family channel – there is a new series about a father becoming transgender. (Yes – ABC “Family”. A network that also shows “Pretty Woman”, and has another series where a pre teens first kiss is with someone of the same gender)

      • I never watch commercials, as I either DVR shows or watch them on a slight delay so I can skip commercials. So, this is news to me. We love Chobani and buy a ton of it every week. Crap! I’m tired of all these PC messages everywhere.

    • I saw that reported on one of the entertainment “news” shows last week. They showed a clip from Julie Chen’s talk show, “The Talk”, where she discussed it (as the host of “Big Brother”). She lectured to the camera/audience that she hopes “you watch this with a compassionate and open mind…it’s Audrey’s story to tell and I’m looking forward to hearing it….blah, blah, blah”, as she was tearing up! Unbelievable!

  7. Him and His wife call our house their house and I’m sick of it and people not correcting them. I do think he is drunk, but what’s new. I’m sure he went out for a smoke after. These are the type of people he likes to be around.

  8. […] Obama heckled at White House LGBT event . . . Obama was speaking during a White House LGBT event when someone from the LGBTQ group Get Equal named Jennicet Gutierrez began interrupting him. Q, um, is for “questioning.” She is described by ABC News as “transgender and undocumented” – uh oh, lots of possible angles here – and “shouting claims about bad detention conditions for LGBTQ immigrants in the United States.”White House Dossier […]

  9. We used to have “Act Up” in Philly and I began to think of them as “Act Out.”

    Isn’t it interesting that the amnesty that Obama has given illegals has simply emboldened them to demand more? I suspect he has the dream of being the second Abraham Lincoln — extending freedom to the masses “enslaved” by their illegal status.

    I don’t know which surprises me more — this man or that so many people still think he’s great.

  10. I think the house belongs to the citizens of the US, correct? The sitting president is just a temporary tenant or in Obama’s case a squatter.

  11. I don’t expect to see squeegee men in Cali due to it being a drought in progress out there. Only water available is for golf courses. Duh!

  12. Whose house does this dipshipt anal orifice think he’s at??????????The heckler owns just as much and even more than this illegal with expunged paper work on ass wipe!!!!!!!!
    He’s eating HI ON THE PORK AND BEEF< when he should not be allowed to have any glamour food!!!!!!!
    When you elect trash, you'll get what you paid for!!!!!!!!