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Open Thread || Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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  1. This morning on MoJo, a new NBC poll was released that said upwards of 75% of polled Dems would vote for Hillary. Further, the poll said that 91% of non-white voters would cast their ballot for Hillary. The woman has zero credibility yet she is skating her way to the WH. As Peter Griffin said, ‘that grinds my gears’!

    1. IMO, this race will be all about the battle for hispanics, i.e. Mexicans. Bush will take the lion’s share of hispanics – they genuinely like him and vice versa. He is also the only one polling higher than HRC in Florida – bad news for Marco.

      Hate to say it, but my vote will be for Bush unless something changes. As they say, it’s impossible for anyone to win without Florida and Ohio. Bush is half way there.
      Hillary must be stopped at any cost.

    1. I agree with you AFVet,I voted for him to be removed as Speaker,but IF we can remove him,who would you suggest to replace him?
      I like Congressman Jim Jordan, but he has a lot on his platter.

          1. Boehner should not be allowed to remove people from positions that do not agree with him.

            The link I provided above is an indication that some of them have had enough of that crap.

          2. Should Boehner keep his speakership?the washintonexaminaminor took a vote..
            Sometimes Star, I think you think “We The People” are stupid! Well guess what,WE are NOT!

          3. Come on, I don’t think anyone is stupid…but when you say let’s just get rid of someone, it’s not up to us. That makes me think the person does not know how it works. My mal.

  2. I read with great interest the discussion yesterday about racism in America. (

    As a Canadian, I am very thankful that slavery was abolished in Britain and the colonies in 1833. While racism does exist in Canada, it has never been the problem here that it has been, and still is, in the USA. I say this not to sound superior, so please don’t take it that way.

    I’m old enough to remember the race riots in the 1960s, and Martin Luther King’s speeches. I remember Bobby Kennedy calling for calm when King was assassinated. When Obama was elected, I was thrilled because to me it proved that, at last, America had risen above racial division. How wrong I was!

    I weep for what Obama and his minions have done to the United States of America, by setting race relations back by 50 years. Instead of bringing the country together over race, he has almost single handedly destroyed all the progress that has been made, and all the healing that had been accomplished by far better men than he will ever be. He had the opportunity to be a great uniter, but instead he has divided the country and plunged it into chaos. This, to me, is the greatest failure of his presidency.

    1. WE weep also I’mNoDhimmi. And pray that he doesn’t destroy our great country before he leaves OUR House.It won’t be because he hasn’t tried!

    2. Well said. He squandered the greatest single achievement of the black community since slavery, wasting his rhetoric on division instead of unification. Somewhere up there, MLK is saying ” are ya kiddin’ me?”


    3. Just as a matter of historical interest, here’s a list of which states banned slavery, and when they did so. Also, which states never permitted slavery.

      EXISTING STATES (and when it was abolished):
      Vermont in 1777
      Pennsylvania in 1780
      Massachusetts in 1781
      New Hampshire in 1783
      Connecticut in 1784
      New York in 1799
      New Jersey in 1804


        1. Maine did, as well. Many of these homes can still be seen, and you can do a tour of them–can’t go inside, they are private homes–but you can see them.

    4. Well said, ImNoDhimmi.The racial turmoil, yes, a great failure. I would also include his foreign policy, has resulted in a turmoil in Europe , North Africa and the Mideast. Well, he sure earned that Peace Prize.

        1. And wait until Friday when O ‘eulogizes’ (aka sparks more racial division) Pastor Pinckney. What a farce to have the president come to Charleston. I think it’s the worst possible move the president could make. If he wants to attend, fine, but sit in the pew and say nothing and let those who KNOW the pastor speak eloquently about the man, not about the color of the man’s skin.

          1. Apparently this man was a terrific person, spiritual leader, busband and father. He does not need the croc tears, the sad face, the pooched out lower lip, the pretend “I know hims” etc.

          2. I so agree Star – Pinckney was the EPITOME of a successful man. Faithful, loving, dedicated, smart…I won’t watch the service Friday. I refuse to give in to Obama’s faulty logic that all whites are racists. And all blacks want reparations.

    5. The fact is he has a family on his mother’s side that he is insulting as well.
      If he were 1/2 French and 1/2 German and all he did was speak ill of one or the other, it would be just as insulting.
      I grew up in the south, and was taught to see no difference.
      I have mentioned this before, but it seems he did not witness, see, read the same as I did as a child.
      All we need is love.
      He sings a different song than the ones I listened to as child.
      I do not care if he is from mars, I cannot think of anything he has said or done to benefit the citizens of our Country.

  3. Hold on to your hats ladies and germs, The Republicans are about to give Obama his whole trade deal on a silver platter. I swear, it gets harder and harder every day, watching McConnell et al run the R Senate, to stay an R.

    1. Star, your description of “O” is right on, except that you did not mention his head tilted high so that he looks down on all of us. That total down his nose look. Hate it.

    2. Well, the deal isn’t nego, but the up or down vote on it may occur. If I may be a contrarian as usual–you can’t have members attaching little amendments–this deal for sorghum in my district, that deal for robot spare part made in my district… Yes, I know other non-tradey things are slipping into the agreement or what we see of it so far, but this cannot become a huge unwieldy mess–such as a certain health care bill did.

      1. I agree Star.
        Bills such as this should not look like an over-loaded pack mule.

        But, they are just loading on as much pork as they can while they can.

      2. The other issue to watch out for is that the trade bill is being routinely described as a “living document”. We all know what that means. Like the EU trade agreement, any element within the treaty can be changed, amended and otherwise modified whenever the central group overseeing said trade bill decides it wants to. No US Senate or other US government oversight needed, thank you very much.

        To illustrate: Here’s John Boehner and his crew hauling the Trojan horse into our lives. Watch out for what comes out of that horse.

      1. Thanks. I will miss my razor cell phone. I did not have a choice, and had to get a smart phone.
        Press the music last night after I had the lights off. Blasting music came out the phone, and could not figure out how to turn it off. :)

        1. You will adapt Lee and in many ways you will be happy with the phone can do. A friend of mine resisted and now she texts with her daughter almost 24/7!

          I have found with any new tech the fastest and easiest thing to do is use the internet: How to turn down the volume on ______/ where is the @ symbol on the _______?

  4. Just pulled up Drudge. The cover pic of a dissipated looking Obama is a shocker! Either he is ill, or on drugs. Maybe both?

  5. Giving fast trade to Obama is going to open up Pandora’s box.
    We cannot trust him or the congress at this point in time.

    If this goes through, there is no telling what will happen to this Country.

    “We the People” are being held hostige.

    1. Passed TPA today. Here is Jeff Sessions op ed.

      At one point I thought it was only McConnell and Boehner self identified as democrats. Now I think the majority of the Republican Party self identifies as Democrat. And why the heck not — Rachel what’s her name can be black, and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner can be a woman — why can’t the Republicans be Democrat and liberal and allies of Barack Obama.

      The American people have been deserted.

      1. Thanks for the link Grace, but Sessions is a bit behind the curve on this one.

        The people that have been paying attention have known what he is saying for years.

        I think he means well in his op-ed, but he is still ensconced in that environment.

        1. Sadder still is to believe the swill that comes out of Obama’s mouth. I just heard someone — maybe filling in for OReilly — as a black woman — if she thinks it’s true that racism is in the DNA of America white people.


        2. Sessions has not wavered in speaking out against the environment that he is is.

          And if this was common knowledge to so many people we wouldn’t be in the mess we are. People like Sessions cannot speak out often enough or loud enough.

          1. We hear them Grace, but their voices are being suppressed by the like of McConnell and Boehner and Obama.

            The conservatives in both the house and the senate are consistently demonized as right wing wackos,….McCain’s term.

            As far as the ‘aisle’ is concerned, I feel it should be shoved a lot further to the right.

      2. Caitlyn Jenner is NOT A WOMAN.
        Biologically impossible.

        The goof that thinks shes black, fine,…go for it.
        I hope she can tolerate laughter from intelligent people.

        It is black and white,….no grey.
        The left is determined to expand the grey area to the point that there is no longer right and wrong.

        It is rather,…how you feel about it.

        The guidelines that have been established over the years that have proven to work are being shoved away by the progressives.


        Feel free to contradict.

        1. Agree
          My high school English teacher taught “You feel with your fingers. When expressing thoughts and opinions, you should ‘think’ or ‘know.'”
          I listen to the gobbledygook of “feelings” expressed by empty headed pundits and I want to vomit.
          On another note, I found a timber rattler in my driveway this afternoon. My neighbor said it is a protected species. I watched as it crawled away up the berm next to my driveway. I felt squeamish. I thought about running it over!

  6. Great…….. The Republicans gave Obama a Stick to beat the U.S. with when SCOTUS guts Obamcare.

    How sad that the black movement used the death of the nine citizens in Charleston,SC as leverage to remove the Confederate Flag. EBay and Walmart is no longer selling Confederate Flag Merchandise. Did this flag kill those poor people? (note:this commentor has never owned a Confederate Flag anything)

    Race Relations have come so far in this country. It is sad to see the leaders squander it because of money.

    1. The Confederate Flag was a flag representing another country during the Civil War.
      The South had seceded from the North and declared themselves free of the tenants that those damn Yankees were imposing upon them.

      OK,…take it down.

      How is that different than flying a Mexican flag at an American school ?

      Shouldn’t the same parameters apply ?

      1. I feel our voting right has lost it’s value.
        I feel the American citizens once again are being slapped in the face, left and right.

      2. The only parameters that apply are the parameters of the extreme left.

        I know about Catholic guilt, and Jewish guilt, but this White Man’s guilt is totally out of hand. History is being destroyed and rewritten and every corporation that bends to the will of this blackmail deserves what they get.

        Walmart thought they were so smart to be on of the first out the gate to not sell the confederate flag and now they (I forget which Dem it was) call for stopping the sales of the guns “right across the aisle”.

        America is hanging itself.

  7. Apparently Boehner and McConnell believe that Barack Obama will negotiate trade deals that are in the best interests of the American people.

    Yeah, like immigration and Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It’s going to be very interesting to see what kind of contortions the Republicans are going to go through to ok a deal where Iran’s path to a nuclear weapons is clear — no access, no verification, no nothing, except Barack Obama saying it is so.

    Boehner and McConnell will not defend America or the American people. This is no longer their primary concern.

    1. Right! No one on the peoples side now. GOP and dems are one party.

      Kiss the country good bye. Its over for us. Jeb and hill = more of the same.

      The trade bill is a sell out of the American citizens. Put a fork in us – we are done. No Power, our vote means nothing!! They lie and do what the corporations tell them to do.
      All can hope for is to hold on to what little they will let us keep.

    2. You are soo right grace.
      Millions of American patriots are disappointed and angry with Boehner’s recent actions, which make a mockery of the true leadership our country so desperately needs at this critical time. Boehner has betrayed the trust of his constituents, ignored the U.S. Constitution, and acted in a manner totally unworthy of a single vote. Past time to throw the bum out.

      Boehner, McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers are our leaders in the House and McConnell, John Cornyn, Hatch, Thune and John Barrasso are our leaders in the Senate.

      These are the sort of people C.S. Lewis spoke of when he wrote, “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

      1. Don’t leave out Caffetz, little boy playing conservative. He did Boehner’s dirty work with Meadows, all the while whining “I like Mark as a person”. Pathetic.

        Boehner himself relieved three deputy whips. But the layers , as Chaffetz illustrates, are deep.

      2. C.S.Lewis.

        “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

        He is rarely surpassed on his astute observations.

    3. These trade deals might be fine, WITH ANOTHER PRESIDENT !!!

      Not Obama.
      He’s a liar and McConnell and Boehner are just pawns on his freaking chessboard.

      They no longer represent the American People.

      They say to call your rep.
      Call your sen.
      C’mon, they don’t give a rat’s patute what you think until election time.
      Then the bastards restrict the town halls !!!

      When is enough enough ?

      1. Agree 200%, AFVet! Obama doesn’t deserve it – just padding his legacy. Trade deals take lots of work between POTUS and Congress – what a farce!

        I’ve always been curious as to why Obama always travels with and plays golf with his do-nothing former trade Rep from Dallas, Mark Kirk. Something is afoot!

  8. This has nothing to do with anything.
    A diversion from the frustration and heartache we are experiencing.
    Rod Stewart brings so many happy and fun memories to me. We were young – and ignorant of the corruption already enmeshed within our government.
    And now, Rod is 70. And has a new album…
    God bless him. And God, we plead, have mercy and bless America with rightful, just and incorruptible leadership.

    1. Look forward to the album. The video would not come up, it kept saying error.
      Thanks for the clip just as well.
      Good memories and good time memories for me as well.

  9. Meanwhile, in Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) announced that he would eliminate all of Virginia’s license plates that had a Confederate flag–despite having said, on the record, that he needs the Legislature to do that.

    There they go again, more lawmaking executives, and more Emmanuelian crises. Is it 2017 yet?

    I’m not sure if that was a small earthquake in Northeast DC this afternoon, or if it was merely Justice Alito getting a little too carried away with his “told-ya-so” dance (recall the discussion here this past weekend re Walker v. SCV.)

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