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Obama Says “We are not Cured” of Racism; Uses “N” Word

Dr. Barack Obama, in an interview released today, opined that the nation remains plagued with the malady of racism, despite some deceptive outward signs of health, like discontinued use of the “N” word.

Obama offered his latest meditation about race on a podcast called “WTF.” He said:

The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives, you know, that casts a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on. Racism, we are not cured of it. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say “nigger” in public. That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. Societies don’t overnight completely erase everything that happened two to 300 years prior.

Ah, to have studied history in the manner of Obama, and to know such things as the length of time is takes societies to erase everything.

Probably it’s 400 years. But I, being a surface skimmer, just don’t know.

When Obama was first elected, I thought I perceived a difference in the interactions between blacks and whites. That there seemed to be less consciousness of race. It was subtle, but, I thought, apparent.

I can remember at least one person I respect confirming that they too had noticed it. The election of the first African American president, it seemed, was bringing us closer together.

I actually had a chance to share this observation with Obama himself. He nodded and smiled politely and didn’t seem to know what the Hell I was talking about.

Well, I don’t notice it anymore. And Obama is partly to blame. Because what he never understood about his historic role was that the less he – as the first black president, as the president of all of us – said about race, the more he would do for race relations in this country.

Because, yes, racism still exists. But it’s not nearly what it was, and it is certainly not what is preventing African Americans from gaining full economic and social equality. It used to be, but it isn’t anymore.

Instead of throwing in with the racial grievance crowd, Obama should have stood above it as an example of the unity that can be, of the Promised Land to which Martin Luther King aspired for all us. By taking less of the traditional civil rights role, Obama could have trailblazed a whole new path. A civil rights icon for the 21st century, one who doesn’t check his skin color every time the racial cauldron stirs.

But even such a deep thinker as our president can be lulled into perceiving things merely as black and white.

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  1. I don’t know whether you are giving Obama too much credit for being a “deep thinker” or too little credit for knowing exactly what his words incite. I believe the latter. He’s no dummy; he fully intends to stir the racial pot to rally support for his plans to rob from the rich and give to the Dem voters. Everything he does is calculated. He can come across as air-headed, but that’s mostly when his calculated words are so completely at odds with reality that he sounds stupid. Like, we can trust Iran. We are beating ISIS. The economy is better than ever.

    This is all message, on the order of Orwell’s “black-is-white,” and “things-change-prayer,” (a theme it seems Hillary has picked up on as well.)

    My operating principle is to never assume Obama is dumb or ignorant. He’s smart, calculating, focused and completely willing to lie straight-faced to advance his message. We doubt that at our peril.

  2. I know the “cure” for racism, elect a non-racist in 2016. Oh, and it’s not Hillary because she’s beating the same “white privilege” (irony alert!) drum that the professional agitators are beating when she should be fighting to take back the moderate liberal wing of the Dem party.

    Even the vile progs don’t trust HRC, figuring Hillary as usual will say anything to get elected then do nothing <—-according to her "list of accomplishments" :D

    • We are probably approaching the most important election in our lifetimes.

      The condition of this Country is in dire straits and whomever sits their butt down in that Oval office had better have their ducks in line because they are going to have a huge task before them.

    • Hillary is marching to the same drummer alright: She said this today:

      “For a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear,” she said.

      “And news reports about poverty and crime and discrimination evoke sympathy, even empathy, but too rarely do they spur us to action or prompt us to question our own assumptions and privilege.

      We can’t hide from any of these hard truths about race and justice in America. We have to name them, and own them, and then change them.”

      UGH Hillary, just UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Can’t even remember who said it–someone on one of the Sun blabs–but it was to the effect that Jim Crow may be dead but his grandsons and granddaughters are popping up everywhere. I really don’t see this as a trend. I do think people are sick of the constant drumbeat–and this may be taken as being sick of “black people.” Don’t know…

      • “For a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear,”

        That same fear is evoked in decent, God-fearing black people when they incounter a black, Hispanic or a white dude with a hoodie up. I experienced it myself the other night. Why did that white dude have his hoodie up on a June evening with an 85 degree temperature?

        • Correct. If you have ‘nothing to hide & your intentions are good’ there is absolutely no need to hide behind a hoodie in summer, no matter what color your skin is!

          • What if a person has an allergy to sunlight?
            1. Stay out of direct sunlight.
            2. Wear a hat and a long sleeved shirt/sweater.
            Two options other than a hoodie pulled down low over the face.
            Use your brain for something other than keeping your ears apart.

      • ““For a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear,” she said.”

        And for a lot of black people! Jesse Jackson anyone?

    • Yeah–and those flames can catch on straw men in a second! No one said all racism is “erased,” look at that creepy shooter. But I do think people of good will are looking both outward and inward.

  3. Community Leader my foot, more like community rabble rouser. Despite my defined differences with Obama the politician, I was actually hoping that having a minority in the WH would do our society some good, at least on that front.

    What we have, instead, is a pot stirrer that cannot help but flame the fire of racism.

    Its a darn shame that this man had so much opportunity given to him, yet he falls back and old bias arguments and achieves so little as a result.

    He squandered his time, a rookie emperor with no clothes


  4. Racism can never be cured. The instinct to be with those who look like us, who think and pray like us, is inbred in our ancient DNA.
    What can be cured, or overcome, is the hatred of another race, religion, or physical look if those differences are seen to be attractive or non-frightening.
    White people don’t “love” or accept Blacks anymore than Blacks “love” or accept Whites into their lives.
    The feeling that MrK referred to that race wasn’t such a big deal a few years ago was reality- no one really cared that much if a Black family moved into the neighborhood, or showed up in our hospital room as a care giver.
    What happened to that blase racial feeling was the election of BarackObama and the constant drum of racism if any criticism was offered for his policies. Then, we have the ‘racist” police who are chastised for doing their job – looking out for the peace or arresting criminals – only if they are Black peace disturbers or Black criminals.

    We watched as Blacks rallied against the police for shooting a Black criminal in MO, then watched as they burnt Baltimore to honor a repeat criminal. We gangs of Black youths beat innocent White pedestrians, we see Black women beat or terrorize fast-food workers for a small offense.
    What we don’t see is justice for the innocent, we only see (and hear) that Blacks are entitled to destroy their communities and threaten anyone who dares enforce the common law.

    What we have now is a small percentage of our country turning small events into outrage and dragging a conversation that will never end well for them.

    • I don’t know that I agree srdem. Just look at how the residents of Charleston took charge of a volatile situation and turned the shootings into a love fest combining deep and abiding faith with the power of forgiveness. I was so moved by listening to the pastor who spoke yesterday that I thought, whoa, what effect those words would have had on a nation had Obama uttered them.

      • White people don’t “love” or accept Blacks anymore than Blacks “love” or accept Whites into their lives

        I do not buy this sentence. Plenty of people, if not most, have friends and workers of another race that they like and respect. I also do not believe like always wants to live with like. Some people want to be in a gated community with people of like income and age, but others take it as it comes.

        I do not think this racism thing is baked in…Our country is one in which people all look different–they don’t all have black hair, brown skin, or blond with white skin–so it’s easier to pick people out and do or think this or that about them as a group. People often lean in and do the easy.

        • There is a minority in this country who have an agenda.
          They are racially and economically diverse.
          Their agenda is race and economically driven because the media are a part of this group and those two topics are easy to make newsworthy.
          We are their experiment.
          Now is the time to chose.
          Do you stand for what you believe or do you fall for anything?

    • Well said Srdem! you certainly share touched on the sentiments of many who are watching our society deteriorate before our eyes. We seem to reside in a vacuum of leadership and yet the masses don’t care and look to govt. as the solution which plays right into the hands of the ruling class.

      And living in the south, I experience more racist blacks than I do whites… uh oh, am I allowed to say that ? even if it’s true?

      • Sure you can say it…there are people on both sides of the racial divide who predicate everything on skin color. But I would say fewer than say 60 yrs ago. And 60 yrs from now, even fewer. If people can’t change, they can die off.

      • Growing up in the 60s when race riots abounded, my Dad used to say it wasn’t the whites with the problem, it was the blacks.

        Living in the South now, I see it much more clearly.

        • Growing up in the Bronx in the 50s/ 60s I would go the my friends that lived in the projects and always be amazed that the stairs were used as a bathroom & the halls had so much trash in them and my friends would say it’s nothing , everyone does it !!

  5. So now, ‘racism’ is a disease! Obama gets more devious and manipulative by the day. He rode to victory – twice- on the backs of poor Blacks and disenfranchised Americans. Shouldn’t that be enough for him?
    Haven’t we buried enough White cops killed by Blacks to suit him? Or enough towns and businesses destroyed by govt induced rioting directed by the Rev. (cough) Sharpton?
    Right out of the box, Eric Holder started the ball rolling with his ‘We are a Nation of Cowards’ indictment. Well, maybe he is correct. We should have picked up our torches and pitchforks and marched to the WH – demanding his resignation.

    I, for one, would like to see a GOP candidate campaign on putting out the firestorm of racism that was started by the two WH arsonists, Obama/Holder. It’s out of control.

  6. This is a little off the exact topic, but on his show two weeks ago, Maron dealt with a liberal confronting his own racial paranoia. He was accused of never having black comics on his podcast, so he booked a burly comic with a big entourage. They came to his house, and the comic went in the garage to tape the interview. Maron’s friend (white) hung out with the group inside Maron’s house (Maron hesitated before suggesting they wait there). When everyone left, Maron’s laptop was missing. He tried not to think it was one of them, but finally went to confront the comic in his palatial home. The guy went off–you think I would take your laptop from your little ghetto house–look where I live…etc. Maron left. His white friend then admitted HE had taken the laptop to see what Maron would do.

  7. I shopped at Walmart yesterday. My bad.
    I saw a woman slightly younger than me wearing a tank top. She was overweight (yes, I said “overweight” – truth is truth) – use your imagination. Imagination was nearly not necessary. Everything from the waist up was hanging out everywhere.
    I saw a young man covered in tattoos in the baby section talking on his cell phone. He left his cart in the middle of the aisle – blocking everyone – while he sauntered off – still talking on his cell phone.
    I saw people too fat to walk shopping in their motorized carts.
    I saw a sundry of piercings and tattoos and body parts and fat.
    All white people. Every single one. I noticed they were white simply because I noticed they were nearly naked and tattooed and fat and rude.
    Did I have opinions about those people? You bet I did.
    Did I voice those opinions or act on those opinions or conduct myself disrespectfully to any one them?
    No I did not….well, I was internally getting impatient with the skinny white woman trying to chose yoghurt for five minutes. Pick one already!
    My point is this: where there black people in Walmart yesterday? I couldn’t tell you. Where there people who needed to lose weight and dress appropriately and conduct themselves within the realm of common courtesy. Yes there were plenty. Plenty.
    The checkout woman was polite and efficient – and probably my age or older – which is old. She was helpful and courteous. I wondered why she was working the checkout at Walmart. I wondered how she stood for long periods of time – something I can no longer do.
    I wondered about her today. Maybe she still wants to work or maybe she has to work and maybe her back is not in bad shape. I don’t know. She is old and I am old and for a few brief minutes we met on common ground.
    Now – we are both old white women. Did that instinctively give us common ground?
    I don’t know because we are both white. I do know that I had absolutely nothing in common with the other white people I saw – people that were called “poor white trash” when I was a girl.
    Truth be told – I don’t care what racial identity you claim.
    I do care if you act ignorant or look inappropriate or conduct yourself in a disrespectful manner.
    I believe most God-fearing Americans feel the same way.
    Shame on you, Mr. President and shame on your minions, for trying to stir up antagonism where none exists. Shame on you for using the “N” word.
    Most of us -no matter race, creed or color- know right from wrong – and the majority of us will consistently choose right. Every. Single. Time.
    No matter what the nightly news attempts to portray – no matter what our government officials say – Americans know right from wrong.
    And we behave accordingly.

    • Wow! Did I ever empathize with what you said; I have had the exact same feelings any time going out in public and seeing similar people!

      • I am overweight and have a tattoo that shows. I guess you would scorn me…I don’t have a cell phone, tho. Sure, people “notice” aspects of other people–everyone makes a quick judgment. But everyone has a story…

        • You must know that Aileen–being in the “not a spring chicken group” like I am. People look down on old people all day long–I don’t care for it, do you?

    • So very well written and on point. We weep for what we have lost in our day to day lives–what we see and hear routinely now in public would have been unthinkable in our youth.

      The constant foul language, the completely inappropriate clothing, the disgusting goings-on in public places, the head in the ozone behavior are the norm.

      In an earlier time, we would have been corrected and told to act properly. Now, anything goes. Literally.

      For example, Obama acting like a low life fool on a disgusting television program.

  8. we’re not “cured” because one guy committed a horrific act of murder that the entire country is united in condemning? is there ANYTHING about this country Obama likes?

    remember when US presidents used to love and defend the US? I miss those days.

  9. Am I living in a parallel universe?
    The “N” word that Obama says is not polite to use is used in probably 80+% of “Rap” songs, everyday conversation among blacks and latinos.
    This is too stupid to believe.

  10. Plain and simple, Obama is a fool, trying to make whitey feel guilty about what? When Obama speaks he sounds dumb as dirt POS

  11. obama has set back race relations 50 years. It could have been the other way around, but he inserts it into every conversation.

  12. All that scumbag had to do was the same thing all the people did after the kid, KILLER/THUG/LUNATIC, shot 9 people , just go out and try to keep the peace and NOT burn down the city.
    My heart goes out to all of the people and I thank you so much for being so understanding without causing a war. I pray everyone would do the same. R.I.P.

    Once again I Thank You !!!!

  13. I have 2 points.

    If the “black community” wants to reduce racism, maybe they should stop producing criminals. What is the statistic now, 30% of adult black males are in prison.

    If you knew that you were 5 times more likely to get robbed by someone with blond hair, would you not maybe pay a little more attention when in the presence of someone with blond hair? I would.