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Koffler’s Ironic Father’s Day Gift

Okay, those of you who didn’t like my assessment that Donald Trump is a demagogue – I know, there were plenty of you – might particularly enjoy this.

My family, aware of my sentiments, gets me a tie for Father’s Day.

This tie.


Dad: “You guys are too much.”

Smart ass nine-year-old daughter: “You want less?”

18 Responses to Koffler’s Ironic Father’s Day Gift

  1. You have a daughter with a wonderful sense of humor. YOU, on the other hand, need to take your vitamins, because you are going to need them in about 4 or 5 years!

  2. That was a great moment for you and your daughter. Thanks for sharing.
    When she wants to borrow the car, you can joke with her, with the same type of humor. Hand her the keys to the bike lock. :)

  3. As my smart ass 30 year old daughter told me on Sunday, “I’m more like you than I am mom.” I guess that is why she is marrying a guy that is a lot like me. The upside of having a daughter like that is you know she can stand on her own two feet when it comes to deal with life’s crap.

  4. Cool tie. One father’s day many years ago, my young daughter was caught giggling at something my 80 yr. old dad was saying. Dad was a WW2 era vet, when men were the strong pillar of the family. He looked at her as if to say, how dare you laugh at me.

    At which point, our daughter said calmly ” oh Grandpa, we’re not laughing “at you”, we’re laughing “with you”.

    We still chuckle at that one, and we remember Grandpa, wrinkles and all, and we miss him.