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Sunday Open Thread || June 21, 2015

77 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || June 21, 2015”

  1. One year after outrage about long waiting lists for health care shook the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency is facing a news crisis: The number of veterans on waiting lists of one month or more is now 50 percent higher of last year’s problems.
    The department is also facing a nearly $3 billion budget shortfall, which could affect care for many veterans.

  2. I just heard one sentence from Hilla’s speech throwing the word reform.
    She keeps silient for weeks, and gets rid of important information.
    Than comes out ranting about the people killed.
    Why wasn’t she speaking so bold several weeks ago?

  3. Good morning and Happy Fathers Day to all.

    On a lighter note, the famous slugger Ralph Kiner spent many a game after retiring, in the broadcast booth for the NY Mets. One glorious fathers day, Ralph was in a jovial mood, wanting to wish the very best to all and he came our with this beauty:

    Well its Fathers Day, a day to remember dear old dad. So Happy Birthday to all you fathers out there.

    Ralph was remembered as a great slugger, an ace of a guy, who occasionally launched an oops, and we loved it.

    Happy Fathers Day,


  4. I wonder how Bruce/Caitlan Jenner is celebrating today ?

    He wants to be a girl…..
    When he grows a womb and births a baby he will be a girl, until then he nothing more than a sham.

    This society is sick.

      1. She is still their dad, whatever you think of that clan. Yes, she identifies and looks like a woman–willing to put up with all this judgment and contempt to reflect how she was born to feel. So hard to get?

        1. “Born to feel” ?

          I married a girl.
          She has girl parts.
          She does not want to be a boy.
          She married a boy.
          I have boy parts.
          I don’t want to be a girl.

          Feel ?
          Feelings ?
          Liberal claptrap going on here.

          1. Your opinion. Since the dawm of time, they est, 2-3% of people have been born “gay,” or in between someplace. You can call them names if you want, but it does not change that. Are women who cannot bear children not “real” women? I am glad you are a certifiable male and your wife a woman–for most couples that is true.

    1. Denise, you and AFVet have given me my best laugh of the day. I had not even considered how on earth Caitlyn would spend the day. What a quandary …..

  5. The common sense story for today is.

    From the Weasel Zipper

    “FEMA Denies Federal Taxpayer Disaster Aid to cover Baltimore Riot & Looting Case.”

    It is a city problem. They saw what was happening and did nothing about it. Their comment at the time was it was only property.

    1. Nah, it’s just politics, MD is a safe blue state, don’t need to waste tax dollars on them, saving it for the battleground states’ “natural and man-made” disasters.

      Just a hunch ;)

  6. Happy Fathers Day to Keith and to all the Dads who post here. Relax, take it easy, and enjoy yourselves – you’ve earned it!

  7. The Obama’s are apart on Father’s Day – I believe this is a repeat scenario for them and what strikes me as odd (wrong) is that there’s so much discussion about fathers needing to take a major role in the upbringing of black children – how absent so many are, so why wouldn’t Obama take this opportunity to show (even faking it) by example, The European vacation certainly didn’t have to be over father’s Day unless they wanted it so. Just roils me that Obama waxes poetic about black men needing to step up but where is he today? Playing golf.

    1. Simple,….he is a hypocrite.
      When he lectures he is 180 degrees out of phase, just the opposite of common sense.

      They are determined to throw us off course.
      Always watch the other hand.

    2. Add to his hypocrite list:
      1. Embracing the Pope’s encyclical to push climate change regs while spewing carbon all across America and golfing in CA in the middle of a drought
      2. Politicizing Charleston shootings for his gun control agenda and then jetting off to Hollywood to party with the biggest culture corrupters of all.

  8. Lee started this thread by mentioning the VA.

    Trump declares that he can fix anything.

    Put him in charge of fixing the VA.

    OK Donald, put your expertise where your mouth is.

        1. It’s like everything else he “pivots” to or “focuses like a laser” on…his “outrage” ends when he stops talking.

  9. Hsppy Fathers Day to all. To those who are with us now and who have gone before.

    Now I will sit back and wait for the Left and the LGBT tell us why Father’s Day is so icky, and unfair, and promoting all the wrong values — because if it can be ruined it will be ruined.

    1. Do gay dads hate Father’s Day? Or transgendered dads? Or even Dems? I can’t keep up–why would they? In the case of gays, they go to some lengths to become dads.

      1. I am not making fun. But gay couples — who is Mom, who is Dad, are they both both — eventually we may have to do away with Mom and Dad and just call them Parents and then of course, the distinction Parent A and Parent B or Parent 1 and Parent 2 — there is no way to equitably differentiate.

        I am pretty sure this is not a problem for gay parents who have made their individual family decisions, but eventually it will become a problem for the extreme Left. That’s where all this segmentation and identity politics leads.

        1. Good not my prob then! I used to number people with subscripts. Dad sub 1, Dad sub 2–can even remember why I numbered people. This was in the Way Way Back. I would not like to be called Mom Sub 1. I heard a lesbian couple who said Mom and Mama. Maybe the kids come up with it.

          1. Yes it is relevant.
            This mindset is against God’s plan and is destroying our society’s morals.
            Every child needs a mother and a father.

            And Star,….don’t tell me that a woman can be a father or a man can be a mother.

            That’s BS.

          2. Plenty of people don’t have one or the other and one person has to be both, are you serious? ..Do you speak for God? I better be more careful then. Why are you so threatened–this does not affect you. My friends’ gayness did not directly affect me, until they started dying on me. Then it did.

  10. Obama as a father — stepping up — playing golf. He’s done it before. Would be pretty hypocritical for him to talk up the value of fathers to a family when he and his family cannot manage to be together on one symbolic day. But…priorities.

    1. He also was a distance dad while in the Senate…Yet always Father of the Year on mag covers…Come on, we don’t have too much longer to go–be brave.

        1. Wrong, wrong, wrong Grace.
          That attitude is what they want.
          We need to come back at them full bore.

          When they think they have won they are the most vulnerable.

          1. I know this. I just am not hopeful. Look at the divisive Republican Party.
            Boehner has punished conservatives for not following him on TPA TPP — took out 3 deputy whips. And the other day Jason Chaffetz — brought to office by conservatives and touting his own horn as a conservative — takes out NC Marks and removes his subcommittee chairmanship.

            Difference between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks — Bolsheviks were organized and lockstep. Mensheviks — a mess.

            Somehow we have to get back to making the individual and responsibility work for us. Tough go when government is Sugar Daddy.

  11. Well half the day is over but…
    Just wanted to wish Keith and ALL the Fathers on here a “Happy Fathers Day”….ツ°

  12. It’s really unbelievable how this PO(t)(u)S regularly waltzes into the Oval Office at 11 am or later, yet on vacations and weekend getaways, he’s up and out early. This morning, he was at a country club gym by 6:30 am and on the golf course with the Choom Gang by 8:45. Yet, when it’s back to “work” tomorrow, he’ll most likely start his day several hours later than that.

    From Mark Knoller’s Twitter (time stamp is Pacific Time):

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller.
    Press pool reports Pres Obama up early in Palm Springs to work out at nearby country club gym.
    6:27 AM – 21 Jun 2015

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Pres Obama getting in another round of golf in Palm Spingrs with boyhood pals Bobby Titcomb, Greg Orme & Mike Ramos. Returns to DC tonight.
    8:47 AM – 21 Jun 2015

    1. Wait til you see what his schedule is coming up this week – very strenuous –

      Monday, he hosts an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan.

      Wednesday, a reception in recognition of Gay Pride Month.

      What, no sports team photo op??

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