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  1. This past Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled in Walker v. Sons of Confederate Veterans that license plates constitute state speech, and therefore, the Sons of Confederate Veterans could not put a Confederate flag on their license plate design.

    Justice Alito’s dissent is instructive, but the money line is this:

    “The future uses of today’s precedent remain to be seen.”

    He has no idea. It’s go time. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m in a mood for total war.

    If the liberals on the Court think it’s now okay for states to say what groups can, or cannot, put their logo on state license plates, then conservatives need to punch back twice, thrice, nay, ten times as hard.

    If you live in a reliably red state, and your state allows unions, environmental groups, abortion-rights groups, gay groups, or any other of the collectivists’ fellow-travelers, to get state plates, start filing challenges. You now have the opinion of the highest court in the land on your side.

    GAME. ON.

    • I get what you’re saying about the freedom of speech, but the Confederate flag is not a good starting point, IMO.
      We have one flag – the Stars and Stripes- and to allow other country’s flags to fly on government buildings or to be displayed as some are doing is wrong. IMO again.

      At the time, the Confederacy was a separate nation – at war with the US. That flag should be a historical relic, not a government sponsored icon.

      • I don’t view the Confederate flag as a historical symbol; rather, it is a symbol of Southern pride.

        I am a relocated Yankee living now in the South. I have learned over the years here that Southerns are very proud of their ancestry and history. They see themselves as Southerns and not Irish, German, or whatever ancestry you or I might say.

        When I see the Confederate flag on a vehicle, I don’t see it as a symbol of hate, but a symbol of pride.

        • And Sons of the Confederacy have much of which to be proud. Their ancestors stood up for states’ rights over the power of the federal government.

          Somehow that has gotten lost in our history. To a Southern, the war was a fight for their rights over the federal government. Now, it is taught as a war against slavery.

      • No, what I’m saying is, SCOTUS just legalized viewpoint discrimination.

        So if, for instance, Virginia has AFL-CIO plates, or pro-abortion plates (which it does, by the way, I looked), conservatives could now challenge THOSE designs by way of this ruling.

        Same with the Union Yes plates in New York, and so on.

  2. Re: Church shooting.

    From time to time I watch CBS Evening News. The nightly news the day following the shooting CBS opened with the story and spent 1/2 of the program on it. Then last night they spent another 1/2 program and added the Colorado shooting trial. The jest of it all was about gun control. I wonder if CBS has a branch office inside the WH.

    • You can add CNN’s programming to that, too.
      They want to play this as if all of White America is on the verge of shooting innocent Black people, and the only way to prevent this imaginary event is to take away our right to bear arms.

      I know this sounds bad, but I believe that the Dems, the MSM, and others were so disappointed that the relatives of the victims were forgiving to the shooter, and showed their Christian love in public.
      We know that Rev(of no church)Sharpton flew to the city, but as of yet he’s nowhere to be seen – no riots, no screaming for justice is happening there so we can assume he’s put his hateful and opportunistic speeches back into his pocket.

      • Agree srdem that the MSM is disappointed the families are so forgiving but that doesn’t stop some hatred spewing forth on social media by the black dissidents – the deray mckesson’s of this world who just want to blame.

          • I am seeing some of that, too, Mr Pibb. Did anyone see the guy on O’Reilly (everyone here claims to hate Bill and never watch). Anyway he interviewed a man who had encountered that creepy shooter kid shortly before this–in a restaurant some miles away–I think NC. Anyhow, the man was a Navy vet and had a hat on that said NAVY VET–this Dylann started questioning him about the navy–OK at first, but then he said did you kill anyone? The Vet guy started to back off and disengage and the kid pulled up his shirt–in the restaurant–to show the .45. “What do you think of this?” he asked–then went on about how Hitler as right, etc. The Vet said outside to his wife–that is a bomb waiting to go off. He was blaming himself–but he wondered to Bill–who would I have told? Evil, warped people walk among us–could be people we see everyday. It’s a fact of life.

          • He said he thought of it, but what could he say–the kid could be gone by the time they got there–he was pretty distraught over it. Can they stop and frisk in NC?

          • The point to me is this “see something say something” thing sounds good and logical, but in practice, can be tricky. People hate to rat out people, they hate to get involved, have their name taken, what if the ratted out person is not arrested, their name is out there…there are many reasons people hesitate.

          • If I had had that conversation with him I wouldn’t have hesitated to call the cops.

            Law enforcement generally don’t brag on the weapon they have on them.
            This man was nuts, and Navy got a gut feeling that he was and should have called the cops.

    • If you can get Newsmax, try that.
      Conservative news channel and they don’t dwell on incidents like Charleston for half an hour.
      Foxnews is becoming just as bad.

      Dish network channel 223.

      • I kept the news channel of on the TV and the radio the last couple of days.
        I know they are not concerned about the 1 person that was watching.

    • Scott Pelly is as nauseating as 0. I catch the end every so often when I wait for the local (lib) news to come on. CBS & Pelly are umbilically linked to the WH.

    • I wonder if Hillary has weighed in on this yet. If she makes a
      another bad move to the left on gun control it could cost her the election. Hispanics love their guns, as do Independents and, of course, the right.

      Meghan Kelly is going to interview the woman who was nearly beheaded at her office by the disgruntled Black ex-employee. Her co-worker was beheaded! The only thing that stopped it was one of the office employees with a gun.

      Obama is beating a dead horse.

      • Libs have been in fine form the past few days since the tragedy…Barry and Hillary politicizing it by pushing their gun control agenda…South Carolina state representative Todd Rutherford blaming Fox News for influencing the shooter…and even “Ellen” TV show producer tweeting that Fox News wasn’t covering the tragedy because the shooter was white! What a pathetic bunch.

    • There is a definite CBS/White House connection.

      CBS News president David Rhoades is the brother of Obama‚Äôs national security adviser, Ben Rhodes. Anyone who doesn’t understand that Ben Rhoades influences his brother David over there at CBS on how Obama “news” is to be properly reported should immediately turn in their driver’s license to the nearest DMV office. They are obviously too feeble minded to be at the controls of an internal combustion engine.

  3. So, it’s almost 7:30 AM in California…think Sir Golfsalot is on the course yet? He doesn’t take his daily briefs until 10 AM most days, but darned if he doesn’t have a way of being up early for play time…

    • Time zones – 8am here in the West is 11am to Easterners.
      You’re right though, if he’s playing golf he better get it done before 10am = the temp is going to be in the 115s.

      • That’s what I was going to say. How can anyone want to be out in that? It’s torture, as you well know, living in Phoenix! Everything burns, metal, plastic, skin…

        • I remember before Walmart got an automatic door system, they had a sign that said DON’T TOUCH DOOR HANDLE. How could we get in? Some people carry potholders to open car doors.

        • Buy a yeti. It keeps the liquids very cold…
          There is one that you can pour cold liquid into it. There is another where you can put a soda/beer can into it. It is metal so good luck with holding it.:)
          I am from Louisana. Very humid, very hot. I wet the top of my head and the front and back of my shirt when I cut the grass. Makes a big difference.

  4. Is anybody else here experiencing the irritation of that video resetting the page ?
    I can’t believe that I am the only one.

    Same video is running on Michelle Malkin’s webpage and also on Drudge and neither one exhibits this behavior.

    Just curious.

      • Note that I mentioned that Michelle Malkins’ page doesn’t behave this way, neither does Drudge.

        Star mentioned once that it might be this version of WordPress, I tend to believe she’s right.

        I can run Ad block plus, that’s not the point.

      • Yes Grace, there was a good discussion on that topic.
        Someone said that no script was effective but added stuff to the screen display.

        I think you are referring to SnarkEsq.

  5. It seems to me that the issue of the confederate flag is so so secondary to the real issue of crazy white boy murdering 9 good christian people. Also, it is a state issue and should be left to the citizens.

    • That’s what the elites WANT you to believe. Watch what the other hand is doing, as Beck likes to say.

      Charleston is, in essence, a crime story. Yes, there are enough salacious details and viewer-bait story lines involved to keep the news racket chattering about it for a long, long time.

      But what the Supreme Court just did, while everyone else was watching a crime story, was to LEGALIZE VIEWPOINT DISCRIMINATION BY THE GOVERNMENT.

      That the Confederate flag was an issue in the dispute, is irrelevant to the THREAT TO LIBERTY AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH which that decision will cause down the road.

      Charleston is a crime story, one which will be quickly forgotten when some other tragedy strikes, or once some other more convenient squirrel needs to be pointed to by the political class.

      Walker v. CSV is a decision that’s going to cause problems for a long, long time. Mark my words.

      • Totally agree.
        “As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”
        -William O. Douglas

        • So far we have that here in the Commie state of California.
          Completely run by Dems how long until Cal goes the way of Detroit?

      • Thanks. Can you provide a link to Walker v CSV?

        With this administration it is important to focus and keep an eye out. 24/7 they are regulating and removing liberty — via a network throughout the country. Over at there was a move to shut them up and provide information on their commenters.

        • DA — I am an idiot. I read the whole blog without seeing the citation to Walker . Now I get it.

          I agree with you. This might embarrass you given how late to the game I was on this one. :)

        • It’s SCV–Sons of Confederate Veterans. I mis-typed.

          Text of the decision is on

          Look under Opinions -> Latest Slip Opinions. There’s plenty of legalese in there, and the citations will probably go right over your head, but the gist of the decisions is easy enough. They’re legal documents, but they DO try to keep a lay audience in mind when they write those, surprisingly enough.

          And they’re actually pretty quick about updating the opinions page, too: when they announce decisions at 10 AM, they’re usually posted online in a matter of minutes. They handed down half a dozen decisions on Thursday, and because they had to get the sequence right, that took them about thirty minutes to get all six posted.

          But yeah, is your friend.

  6. Free HBO weekend! Anyhow, I was checking out what I can’t afford, watched a few secs of Maher and this may not be a popular observation here, but I agreed when he said Republicans don’t like to use the word racism. He played several candidates commenting on Charleston–and saying things like I don’t know what this man was thinking and so on. We do know! Can’t we call it what it is? Racism. Does not mean everyone is a racist, or all Reps are, but this man sure was.

    • I watched C-span this morning, The Faith and Freedom gathering in DC.

      All of the rep candidates were there, but someone, not a candidate, was addressing PC.
      He said, if someone calls you a racist or a bigot all you need is two words,….so what ?

      A lot of it was directed towards free speech.

          • What does this have to do with what I posted? Did you hear any Rep say this was a racist attack by an avowed racist…they are trying to make it terrorism–which I guess sorta works but not exactly… or make him “insane,” they can’t just say he was a racist and there still are some.

          • I was not referring to your 12:27 comment Star.
            The guy that shot up the church was a racist/terrorist.
            The guy on c-span was referring to PC, and the libs tendency to restrict your opinion.

            I was practicing talking in circles,…. how am I doing ?

  7. Bad things happening in New Orleans! A police officer was transporting a suspect when the perp grabbed the officer’s gun and killed him.

    This one’s on Obama and Holder!

    (Lock your doors, Lee, the suspect is on the run.)

  8. I saw Dr. Ben Carson on c-span this AM.

    He said that he engaged in a conversation with an atheist that rejected the fact that God created Adam and Eve, and the whole concept of the Creator.

    Carson said that after many attempts to convince him, he told him that he had won the argument.
    Carson; I feel that I was created by God and you feel you came from a monkey.

    You have just proven your point.

  9. Obama landed in Palm Springs 28 minutes ago, according to Mark Knoller, CBS, on twitter. He’s certainly getting a late start for golfing.

  10. Goodwill Tour, eh? So why aren’t they staying with heads of state or at our embassies like previous First Ladies have done as official guests of the foreign governments? Security is built in and you don’t have to lockdown entire hotels for them. The Daily Mail’s done a good job covering this trip….

  11. Does anybody have a email address for Fox Sports? I have a few choice words for them about their sorry coverage of the US Open golf tournament.

    • Glad I’m not alone in thinking Fox’s coverage is pathetic. The anchors are a snoozefest and the camera work is beyond awful. It’s almost not possible to watch, it’s that bad. Social media is noticing so save your snail mail letter. I am SURE they are getting an earful and next year it’ll be back to CBS or NBC.

      • I would also add, there are far too many commercials.
        One 3 or 4 minute segment and 5 minutes of commercials.
        A 1 hour show equals about 30 minutes of news.

    • We’ve been following the Open and that golf course is just awful, but I guess they always try to pick the most challenging court for this tournament.

      I haven’t noticed the coverage being too awful, except it’s hard to follow the ball with the course being so light in shades of yellow and brown. I bet Fox Sports is getting a LOT of mail :)

      • Denise — I was just closing down and went to send you a link to a rant by Gary Player about the course. But WMD weirded out on me and sent me to Captcha.

        It’s worth watching. I found it on the 6.20 Ace of Spades thread called I Found My Candidate although it might be elsewhere on the web.

  12. What I have found interesting is how punishing Boehner and the Republican Party has been against the Freedom Caucus and others who opposed them on the TPA and TPP and other Republican leadership forays kindly to Obama and the Democrats. Deputy whips and others have lost positions, been reassigned, etc. Here is an article about Chaffetz — a lackey — denying that his stripping of Mark Meadows’ subcommittee chairmanship means anything at all. I mean, after all, Chaffetz likes Mark ….

    As is often said if the Republicans would move so swiftly and brutally against Obama and the Democrats we might not be where we are today.

  13. Come on, how about something completely different as the Pythoners used to say. Interesting story in WaPo on recycling and how it is dimming in popularity–and certainly in cost-effectiveness–it costs plenty instead of helping municipalities by paying off.

    Have no idea if non-subcribers can read this or if it will open. I don’t sub, but can usually get on…