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Rubio Turns Heckling to His Advantage

Sen. Marco Rubio reacted with aplomb as protestors interrupted his speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington Thursday, using the protest as a chance to tout free speech. Have a look.

2 thoughts on “Rubio Turns Heckling to His Advantage”

  1. My ‘puter refused to put sound to the video, so ….
    With all the political ‘hecklers’, on both sides of the game, we have learned to take what they say and how the candidate/official responds with skepticism.
    We wonder- are they a plant to allow the candidate/offical look good, or are they plants from the opposition hoping the candidate will say something gaffe-ish?

    Get back to us when one or some of the candidates/officials appear at the Senior Center to give a speech, or at the local VFW. Then we’ll see.

    1. Agree with the VFW suggestion. I could not her myself at first.
      I did not understand what the heckler was saying. If anyone understood, please note it. Tks.

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