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Obama Has Secret Dinner with Spielberg, Katzenberg

In a preview, perhaps, of the post-presidency lifestyle President Obama intends to lead, Obama had dinner Thursday with film moguls Stephen Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

No, the White House said, it wasn’t a shakedown for the DNC. “Just dinner with friends” that of course was not on the schedule or revealed to the press because “it was a private dinner with friends,” according to Deputy White House Press Secretary Eric Schultz.

“This was at the hotel, on his private time, a social occasion, unrelated to his official obligations are president,” said Schultz.

Well, when the president of the United States has dinner with two of the most powerful people in an industry – the movie industry – and two mega-Democratic donors, then it is not just fun times with the guys, and the press should know about it.

But secrecy seems to be an increasingly common hallmark of this presidency as it winds down and its occupant really gives less and less of a S&%* what anybody thinks.

Meanwhile, the president appeared on some program called “WTF with Marc Maron.”

I don’t know. I don’t have the cleanest mouth in Northern Virginia, but should a president really associate himself with shows bearing such titles? Do we not want to preserve some elevated sense – and with it, authority and respect – regarding the highest office in the land?

“I can tell you it was a very candid, extended conversation, about an hour,” Schultz said. The president had an opportunity to reflect on not only the issues of the day but much more his approach, his perspective, “how his upbringing informs his decision making.”

At least maybe there will be something interesting coming out of an unconventional interview. Maron posted an photo to his Instagram account titled, “The president forgot his coffee.”

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50 thoughts on “Obama Has Secret Dinner with Spielberg, Katzenberg”

  1. Is it another shake down for money? I can understand at this point he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. See his wife traveling like royalty at taxpayers’ expense on some cockamamie theme to Europe, of all places.
    He rose to the presidency under mysterious circumstances and he’s getting away with whatever he wants.
    Perhaps within my lifetime I will see who are the evil folks who brought this man to power to carry out their and his nefarious designs.

    1. Sometimes karma hits back quickly! I saw a sleazy, thieving mail order company I worked for, disintegrate into ashes, after lying & attempting to evade the law. So we can hope.

        1. “Instant Karma’s gonna get you
          Gonna knock you right on the head
          You better get yourself together
          Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead
          What in the world you thinking of
          Laughing in the face of love
          What on earth you tryin’ to do
          It’s up to you, yeah you…”

    2. You do see them – all the usual suspects in the Dem party, George Soros and probably some others that are not as apparent.

  2. “Should a president really associate himself with shows bearing such titles?”

    Think about it: This president recently spent a great deal of his stand-up comic address at the WHCD spouting off his “bucket list”. Read: “#uck it list”. So, as you stated so well, the WH occupant has made it quite clear that he doesn’t give a S&%* what anybody thinks.

    1. What’s the problem? Wasn’t that his slogan for a short time: Winning The Future? (Until they figured out what else it stood for)

  3. It’s bad enough that Obama can’t go anywhere without his presidential podium. Now we find out he can’t leave home without coffee cups and coaster pads bearing the presidential seal?

  4. I read today that Tom Hanks has signed on to play Sully in Clint Eastwood’s new project “Sully” about Captain Sullenberger and the Miracle on the Hudson. Spielberg has signed on to direct. This news about dinner with friends really sends me a mixed message about “empty chairs” Eastwood. Also, read earlier that Spielberg gave Obama a Humanitarian Award at some under the media radar function?

    I remember Marc Maron from my lib days, he was an ahole then, and a part of the Air America radio failure, never heard about him since. (Air America was UNlistenable, even for this rabid lib activist).

    Meanwhile, Charleston buries their dead. I watched the bond hearing…on Fox…was it covered live on any of the other cables? Famlies of the victims spoke of their pain, but also their forgiveness AND blessings for the killer. I was gobsmacked at this. Healing.

    1. Tom Hanks wants to abolish presidential term limits so his bud can be king for life. I’d revoke my permission for the movie if I were Sully.

  5. There are paper cups and napkins with the Presidential seal…and someone follows him around with those?!

    Are you friggin’ kidding me?

    1. Lest we not forget his podium signs: “Office of the President-elect” and the Obama for America emblem that should have gotten him in trouble for duplicating the real presidential seal.

  6. This President is always most comfortable in secret mode, i.e., the indecipherable ObamaCare regulations, the Benghazi mess, the Iranian “talks”, the current “trade” deal discussions. The list is long. Secret discussions and negotiations are his style.

    Hard to say what’s up with this latest secret meeting. Money? Quite likely. Some sort of post-Presidential job? Could be. A movie about Obama and how he’s saved the world, walks on water and has calmed the seas? Hmmm. Might be in the works. Or a movie somehow promoting Obama’s leftist/Marxist agenda. Also could be.

    At any rate. We paid his his little trip. Every dime.

      1. I think that’s the only right thing to do. Naming something for what it really is, that’s become more important as we suffer through this Administration.

  7. I also heard that he had a fundraiser at/with whatever Tom Steyer. And I believe that Obama is “friends” with Spielberg and Katzenberg about as much as I believe the Obamas’ will pay one dime toward all these vacations that Mooch and the girls are taking. What a lovely Father’s Day this is — the females of the family in Italy, the beloved father on the links. Weren’t they apart last year also?

    In the end, it just doesn’t matter. I cannot wait until he walks out that WH door for good. He will have left an amazing amount of destruction behind.

    1. Both he and the Mooch are divisive people.
      Divide and destroy, yes.
      Well, they’re doing it no matter where you look.

      Community organizer my a$$.

    1. That link,….great find !
      But then, he doesn’t give a crap what we think.

      It is however comforting to know that we can rub his face in his failures.

      Ah, the legacy,….HAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

  8. OT. I was wondering. Is it possible for Barack Obama to pardon all illegals and undocumented “immigrants” for breaking the law?

  9. I read above: How his upbringing informs his decision making.
    I cannot relate to him at all. I am the same age. It seems he did not pay attention to what was going on in America as I did in the sixties and early seventies. I don’t know exactly what news stations he listened to. What his family told him of their upbringing. I certainly did not read the same book as he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Obama has a sick fascination (beyond money) with Hollywood. In his first year, he sent Harvey Weinstein a copy of a fictional spy thriller he was reading, and suggested it might make a good film?! Bizarre, to say the least.

    Obama’s presidency has been a ‘reality show’ when you really break it down. Nothing but daily video clips and personal appearances. EVERYTHING IS STAGED to make Obama look good. Spielberg probably writes half the scripts.

    We are never, ever going to be rid of this megalomaniac. Never!!! His post-presidency will be just as dangerous as the last 7 years. He will never allow himself to be upstaged by future presidents. Be prepared!

  11. My contacts in Hollywood reveal that MrO is proposing a bio movie about his life to the big guys. He wants Terrence Howard to play him, and Kerry Washington to be Michelle.
    There is some pushback from the big money on this – they call it, well to be nice, a loser.

    Now you know. You’re welcome.

        1. Or maybe they will be available when people go to pick up Obamaphones, EBT cards etc. Or perhaps as part of the Welcome to Amerika gift bags at the border.

  12. Here’s the key: “…an increasingly common hallmark of this presidency as it winds down and its occupant really gives less and less of a S&%* what anybody thinks.”

    Did Bathhouse Barry EVER give a S&%* what anybody thinks? Think about it in the context of his aggregate actions. While you’re doing that, consider whether he’d care if you care if he fixed it so his presidency DIDN’T have to ‘wind down.’

  13. I watch Marc Maron’s show on FX and have listened to several of his books on his depressed, neurotic, cocaine-fueled spin through life–very entertaining. His podcast is very popular–isn’t WTF almost part of the vernac now–and I speak as a prude? He is pretty liberal, although dyspeptic about everything! Am not going to listen to Obama talking to Maron, tho–somehow that seems wrong. Real wit, smarts vs. what…

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