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Obama Uses South Carolina Killings to Call for Gun Control Rethink

President Obama Thursday appeared at the White House to mourn the killing of nine African Americans in South Carolina in a apparently racially motivated mass murder, using the tragedy to call for Americans to change the way they think about guns.

“I have had to make statement like this too many times. Communities like this have had to endure tragedies like this too many times,” Obama said. “We don’t have all the facts. But we do know that once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun.”

Obama all but admitted that gun control measures were not likely to pass anytime soon, charging that “the politics in this town” probably prevents it. But he also appeared to acknowledge that the “politics” reflected thinking in the country, implicitly criticizing Americans for not attaining the same enlightened state on the issue as other “advanced” countries.

“Let’s be clear. At some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries,” Obama said. “It doesn’t happen in other places with this type of frequency. And it is in our power to do something about it . . . At some point, it’s going to be important for the American people to come to grips with it and for us to be able to shift how we think about gun violence collectively,” he said.

Obama addressed the racial aspect of the murders, noting the killing had occurred in an historic black church and has saying the killing “raises questions about a dark part of our history.”

But he also said there was an “outpouring of unity” across races in Charleston which “indicates the degree to which those old vestiges of hatred can be overcome.”

And with that, Obama jetted out to California for two days of fundraising.

92 thoughts on “Obama Uses South Carolina Killings to Call for Gun Control Rethink”

    1. Birthday present from his father is what I read.
      Once again. It is not the gun, it is the operator.
      It would seem the kid has some real mental issues.
      Typical that Superficial Barry and his posse of leftists, comes out and pushes gun control.
      They are so predictable and weak minded and really have no interest in getting to the root of the problem.

      1. “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency. And it is in our power to do something about it.”

        That’s BO, the only president to seize every tragedy as an opportunity to denounce our country.

    2. If he had five rounds in each clip he 25 or more shots. He missed a lot of times. 45 ACP has big knock down power, he was not a very good shot even at close range.
      Clip can hold 7 plus one in the chamber. So he could have shot as many as 36 rounds. Poor marksman.

  1. He as yet doesn’t even have a clue as to the circumstances surrounding the attainment of the gun by the evil that did this but just as the “police acted stupidly” he just can’t help spouting off his mouth to make a political point before the bodies are even cold.
    He is beyond disgrace.

    1. It has to do with poor mental health standards. It has to do with poor family structure and no respect for life upbringing. It has to do with the worst race relations this country has ever seen. Much of it brought on by our CIC and all of the WA cronies around him. Look at Washington, DC. The whites are clearly in minority.

      1. More are moving back in there, though. When I lived there 20 yrs ago it was 76% black. Everything changes–and yet some things don’t or not enough.

      2. Clinton gutted all the old mental health regs that sent many onto the streets.
        And you’ve got a point about who’s at root cause.
        Even though this guy is a nut job would he have had the delusion that blacks are taking over without the images of a years worth of black riots all started from a “hands up don’t shoot” lie and POTUS and Holder pushing the narrative and siding with the “protesters”?

  2. I think they should pre record Obama’s comments about race, violence, and gun control. And just play that track.

    No need for him to come off the golf course or leave the party early. He’s got Valerie and Lynch/Holder and Sharpton to deal with this.

  3. I live in Charleston and work only a few blocks away from the church. My heart goes out to the families of those killed by that deranged idiot kid. You had to know it was coming within hours…the leftist Dem pols calling for more gun control. An armed citizenry is the best defense against those who wish to do harm and acts as a check to those in govt who wish to expand their powers. Even if there was no such thing as a gun, you cant prevent someone who is bent on harming others from devising other methods for inflicting mass casualties. To bad the kid did’nt get popped while he was reloading.

      1. I’m aware of that. And now, thanks to him, I’ll start carrying. I haven’t even though I’ve had a CW permit for several years.

      1. Legally, you cannot carry in a school, post office, library or most government places. Legally, that is. The bad guys will.

  4. “The politics in this town.” That’s all he can think about. How about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the will of the citizens of this country?
    None of that seems to matter to Superficial Barry.

    1. Your right, none of it does matter to him or his ilk. Would not surprise me at all to see Obama try to use this incident to execute an EO concerning gun control regs.

        1. I’ve been thinking about that since the beginning of this moron’s second term. Crisis = Martial law = Third Term = the demise of America.

          1. The slow creep to martial law is what you want to watch.
            Military style vehicles in the police forces.
            A civilian defense force.
            This man does what he wants.
            We are the ones that will suffer from it.

  5. I must have missed the part where BO thanked those local law enforcement officers who seemed to do a really good job ? Why his he sending his feds down there then?

    His speech was supposed to be calming and healing, I didn’t feel it. I felt Nikki Haley’s though. Very emotional.

  6. Let’s be equally clear, Americans as a group don’t much care what Europeans think about gun ownership. This IS American exceptionalism! We ARE different from other countries, inarguably and proudly. Obama does not respect that at all. He is NOT American at heart, no matter where he was born; he does not understand or embody the American spirit.

    1. I come from a long line of shooters–including competitve ones at Camp Peary etc. And I have shot many weapons myself. There can’t be gun control that would stop this kind of random lashup of bad judgment and derangement. Somehow these events come together.

  7. What a horrible tragedy. Instead of trying to comfort the ppl, our “president” takes the opportunity to push his agenda. Which to me is tearing up the constitution at every opportunity. I’m sure the total of murders that’s been committed in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore adds up more than the 9 needlessly killed yesterday. Yet no comments on them on how drugs & thugs need to be curtailed. Just saying.

  8. Pleasantly surprised to see Whoopi Goldberg emerge as a voice of reason on this. She stressed that events like this need to be viewed in a case by case basis, and that no events reflect on any entire group of people. WH residents might take a hint.

    1. I am picking myself up off the floor about Goldberg’s comments. I did not hear this and I am pretty sure not to many other people will either.

      1. She said it after Lyndsey Graham spoke on “The View” about the shooting in South Carolina. Not what I’d expected to hear from her.

  9. After Benghazi murders –> Fundraiser
    After Beheadings –> Golf
    After Charleston –> 2 Fundraisers

    Clearly the problem is not guns. Obama just needs to stop golfing and fundraising.

    I did not hear him mention the 40 May murders in Baltimore, but I hope he realizes the correlation between his selective demagoguery and what happens to people on the ground.

    “The politics in this town?” His own failures are a bitter pill for him to swallow.

    1. I believe that’s just the plan for today. Tomorrow he’ll shoehorn in a “presidential” speech to a mayors’ conference before heading off to even more fundraising and golf. That golf is to be the Coachella Valley, where something like 17% of all the scarce water goes to golf courses. Par for the course…

  10. Did this church have a security team and, if so, were they present last night? Doesn’t sound like it. It would only take one experienced, armed security person to prevent and/or stop these kinds of shootings. Reloaded five times???? Unbelievable. My heart breaks for the church, the victims and families affected by this tragedy. Every day it’s some new manifestation of evil and, as usual, POTUS misses the point.

  11. Couldn’t even wait for the facts to come out before he made this about his agenda. Couldn’t say something comforting to the grieving families and the nation – No! He doesn’t have a clue does he?

    1. It was all about Obama and his agenda. He used the victims and their families to lecture us. He used the word “I” in the first sentence. There is something seriously wrong with Obama. He has no heart. Only an agenda.

  12. This event and the Newtown event are one in the same. Take away color, all you have is a mental illness crisis and a society that refuses to properly assess and treat those people affected. And the innocent die.


    1. Newtown, Columbine, the Aurora movie theatre. It is always about madness and inadequate respect for human life taught both at home and in church. We must all grieve for the families. It is unimagineable that yopu might be gunned down in a Bible class in a church.

      1. Often it is not taught at home, it is ignored at home. Mental illness is something no parent wants to face, admit or attend to…so we turn a blind eye, or worse, we fuel the fire by giving the unstable weapons…

  13. “This type of violence doesn’t happen in other advanced countries”?

    Horse hockey.

    Il est pas Charlie, one supposes.

    But actually, yes, it does happen, and in “civilized” countries, too. It just doesn’t show up in the US media all that much.

    So either he’s not paying attention, or he’s using this tragedy to score cheap political points before they’ve finished mourning the dead.

    I’m not sure which is worse.

  14. Yet Barry ignores the 172 shot & killed, the 971 shot & wounded for a total of 1143 shot of which 200 were fatal.
    Certainly no mention that 75.3% victim’s were black and that 71.1% of offender’s were black.
    All this in his faux home of Chicago, now being referred to as Chiraq.
    Not a peep nor whisper.
    Tks to for above stats accurate as of 9 JUN 15

  15. Once again our President is wrong on the facts. Slaughter in Norway and France, two of those enlightened countries, contradicts his assertions. Either he is willfully ignorant or so committed to his political narrative he unconsciously forgets any fact that contradicts that which he is inclined to believe. Smartest guy in the room? No. Most honest guy in the room? Never.

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  17. Going to read books, watch movies and play music for about a week. What I am not going to do — watch television news.

    The MSM and Fox will beat this to death. And it will be ugly and shrill and the racists on both sides will be out in full view.

    Pray there is no burning, looting and professional thuggery and mob.

    Pray that the families and the city is left to grieve.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Let the families grieve in peace, privacy and with the support of their friends and neighbors. Stop sticking microphones in peoples’ face and torturing them with inane questions and causing them to relive this tragedy. The money counters in the MSM are already counting up the dough they will get from increased ratings. Despicable on every level.

        1. I agree as well. I did not have the news on today on the TV or the radio. I will not give o and his click and msm the satisfaction.

    2. That’s my plan gracepmc.
      I’ve read that race-baiter Al Sharpton is on his way to S.C.
      $Money$, $money$, $money$!
      Rev. Al ‘sez ” when I pass the collection basket, I don’t want to hear coin’s clinking, I want to hear the rustle of folding money.”

  18. What is it with this Clown? He is going a two day fundraiser? I bet he will play Golf this weekend as well…………

    What a Putz…….

  19. Highest murder rate in the country? The gun-free zone of Chicago. Black men killing Black men with guns.

    Obama and Holder have opened the floodgates to racial tension and violence – pitting the citizenry against cops, blacks/hispanics against whites, and trying desperately to take guns away from the good guys.
    If Obama had his way, law enforcement would be carrying nothing more than night sticks and riding bicycles.

    And if this wave of violence is not enough, the bast*rd has released 3700 of the most dangerous illegal alien criminals from detention facilities. We have murderers and rapists roaming our streets and no clue as to who they are.
    And he wants gun control?? Let him try it!

    1. Absolutely agree. The 2d Amendment irritates Obama like nothing else. It stands in his the way of desire to round up and punish those he considers his enemies. No doubt about it.

  20. I despise this worthless pick “president” with all my heart and all my soul. To use this tragedy to pursue his bankrupt agenda of leaving good citizens disarmed and defenseless is heartless, soulless, and the epitome of evil. Go eff yourself you heartless prick.

  21. Of course he did. And I would believe his regime set the whole thing up. Hey, the treasonous trade pact went through this week, just as I predicted during last weeks episode of smoke and mirrors hot air theater.

  22. I was just watching Greta, and she used the word “unthinkable” to describe this shooting.

    Um, no, Greta, it’s not unthinkable.

    Tragic, horrific, barbaric, yes. But unthinkable, no.

    If anything, not only was it predictable, it was inevitable. The question was not WHETHER someone would shoot up a church; it was just a question of where and when.

    How many crosses have been ripped from the public square, by government force or threat thereof? How many displays of the Ten Commandments have been ordered out of the public square? How many anti-Christian bigots (let us call them what they are!!!) have been celebrated in the media and in popular culture in the last few decades? How many Christian businesses have been ordered, and Free Exercise clause be damned, to violate the tenets and commands of their faith?

    America has spent DECADES sowing the wind by vilifying, denouncing, and mocking the Christian faith. Behold, the whirlwind!

    No, Greta, this was NOT unthinkable. It was as inevitable as night following day. When nothing is sacred, the sacred inevitably will mean nothing.

    How much more of this must America witness, before she finally realizes that some things really ARE sacred?

  23. uh-oh: Obama’s mad at us again. his speech sounds like mom warning the kids in the back of the station wagon: “Don’t make me have to come back there!”

    you know what we’ve never seen from this president? compassion. he’s always lecturing us. Nikki Haley was in tears at her press conference earlier today. I don’t get the feeling Obama cares in that same way.

    Commentary says that Michael Oren talks in his book “Ally” about a European diplomat who said Obama’s problem was not that he had a tin ear, but that he had a tin heart. that about sums it up.

  24. We don’t need to control guns; we need to control the mentally ill. The “let them run in the mainstream” view of the 1980s has proven to be hazardous to both the mentally ill and the rest of us.

    Providing decent protected lives for those who are mentally ill is an investment by the community — a moral measure of a country’s character.

  25. I’ve just always been impressed with how Obama will go out and willing prove himself an embarrassment to thinking people.

    “… this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries…”

    France. Norway. England. Germany. Russia. Brazil. (these just off the top of my head)

    Apparently, none of them are “advanced countries”.

  26. Where was this guy and his angry racial talk when Holders people were playing the oh so fun knockout game which killed a number of whites?

  27. Dylann Storm Roof, got what he wanted. Now he is somebody, now he is famous. Now he is in the history books.Heck even the president of the USA is talking about him. Dylann made prime time big time. Psychosis works for him.. And what is scary? There are probably 10 thousand more just like him. Lurking, planning, enjoying the scheming phase, waiting for the perfect time and place…Be vigilant my friends…

  28. It wasn’t a tragedy, it was a CRIME. The sooner this idiot leaves,the better. And if anyone has been a catalyst for racial tension, it is him. And BTW, the largest mass-murder of people in the US (aside from 9/11)was perpetrated by a man with a quart of unleaded gasoline.

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  30. Well if there would have been someone with a gun, maybe he could have been stopped.
    Gungrabers,are all liberals.
    look at the crime in countries with no guns.
    Obama is a psychopath, a true United Nations guy.
    a Marxist…his Dad was and so was his Mom.

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