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Live Stream || Obama Statement on South Carolina Shooting

President Obama will make a statement today at 11:45 am ET on the shooting in South Carolina.

UPDATE: He’s late, as usual.

UPDATE2: The event has concluded. A report and the video replay are available here.

43 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on South Carolina Shooting

  1. While the shooting was cowardly and shameful, just how long do American Blacks think the hot-headed or mentally disturbed White man was going to do nothing about the constant anti-White man drumbeat of our government officials, educators, and the MSM choir.
    Did they think that watching White people being ‘knocked out’ while walking on a sidewalk by a Black gang, that seeing White police officers arrested, threatened or fired for actions against Black criminals, or the Black rioters given a pass to destroy other people’s property would only cause White people to hand their headss in submission to their “White guilt”?
    They sowed the seeds of this kind of violence, and now we see the result.

    I condemn violence, and offer prayers for the loved ones of those killed.

      • Sorry star – zero has been dividing this country for going on 7 years. Wanting something like this to happen. This will advance his goals of gun control and hating whites.
        He is going to make this a really big deal. Or try!

        • I agree he has fomented this atmosphere, I just don’t think this is related–it may be, we will see. But this admin has definitely divided, goaded, overemphasized some Ams over others, sympathized with a small minority, etc.

      • And not one who had been studying up on the latest trends. IMO. I guess we will find out more–he might have been smoldering at each “advance” of the black race, don’t know.

        • He did say something about blacks raping “our” women. The whole thing is sick and ugly and I hope it doesn’t get stretched into another national conversation. But you know how this goes.

          • Didn’t the kid also make some remark about “black people taking over the country”? Wonder where he got that impression?

    • The people in that church had nothing to do with the riots and the destruction going on in other cities.
      They were studying the Bible.
      Sheep to the slaughter.

  2. He’ll probably be standing on the tarmac at LAX with one foot in the golf cart. He is due here @2:30 pm PST.

    Hope he keeps the golf bag out of sight while he lectures the country on racism and the need for gun control.

  3. this was a horrible crime, and I hope the kid swings for it, I really do.

    but is it too much to expect our president to be interested in ALL Americans, not just black Americans? when jihadis tried to murder Pam Geller in Texas, was he outraged? did he even notice? why is it that the only thing that upsets Obama is white people killing black people?

  4. Can’t wait to hear what conclusions the ever superficial Barry Obama jumps to now. The monumentally vile Al Sharpton is enroute to Charleston now. Too bad he can’t be stopped at the border.

  5. This shooting was cowardly and shameful and I too hope he swings for it. Prayers for the congregation and family and friends.

    Prayers also for our nation. There is no reason to believe, based on past experience, that Obama will not use this to fan the flames of racism.

    And just like Trayvon Martin could have been his son, he and Michelle knew many of those involved so the hammer will come down hard on all whites.

  6. Please someone save us from Obummer. Zero is as nuts as the gunman. We have seen him for years doing the wrong thing on like everything. He has made a mess of the world and now he will lecture US on how bad we are!
    There is no hope for this country anymore. He has destroyed our homeland.

    • “There is no hope for this country anymore. He has destroyed our homeland.”

      No he hasn’t.
      He is attempting to do so but he has yet to succeed.

      Do you think a socialistic man can truly take this Country down ?
      Do you think that his Marxist administration can destroy this Country ?

      More and more people are beginning to wake up.

      Enough of them?…I don’t know.

      A clean sweep is needed, the presidency and the congressional members that tend to align with his agenda.

      • I hear U but it looks bad here in Calimexico. How is anyone going to undo Obumercare or the open borders? Jeb and Hill both want open borders!

  7. It’s websites like this one that feul that hate that caused the shooting last night. You are vile racist people. I hope all of your children grow up and pretend to be black disown you and have black babies while working for the NAACP.

  8. We need to tread carefully with the mental health issue that is being bandied about (thank you Obama) and gun control.

    Many people in the former Soviet Union and elsewhere suffered under the useful tag of “mental health” where rights were taken away.

    Yes, we need to treat the mentally ill and be aware. And yes crazy people use guns (and machetes to cut off people’s heads) but go overboard on this and we will have a very big battle on our hands regarding right to privacy and right to own guns.