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Even Hillary’s Campaign Music Playlist is Contrived

Rolling Stone music critic Alan Light thinks maybe politics has influenced Hillary’s professed tastes in music:

It’s really kind of lame what she put up as a campaign playlist. I look at this list, and it doesn’t feel real, it doesn’t feel like anything that Hillary Clinton actually listens to . . . All this shows me is, “I like things that are popular, and I don’t want to like anything that would remind you that I’m old.”

Although I will say, I remember George H.W. Bush showing some journalist a bunch of country music cassettes he claimed to listen to, and I wasn’t really buying that one either. His sons, maybe. But you know HW was jamming to Mel Torme and the Andrews Sisters.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

7 thoughts on “Even Hillary’s Campaign Music Playlist is Contrived”

  1. Politically correct playlist…covered almost every racial and ethnic group….hey wait, no Klesmer music? Oiy Vey!


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