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Haass: Chances Grow That Iran Deal Will Cause Nuclear Middle East

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday, Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass said the Obama administration’s desperation for an Iran deal, with its continuing series of capitulations to the Iranian regime, is setting the table for a nuclear Middle East.

From his appearance:

The danger is that we will get an agreement that . . . after ten or fifteen years will allow Iran tremendous freedom to rebuild its nuclear capacity essentially unfettered. And the administration is setting up a Middle East where I actually thing the chance that – not just Iran, but several of its neighbors will have some sort of nuclear program – is going up, To define success as “getting an agreement,” I believe, is strategically simply the wrong way to go about this.

This is not some right-wing neocon. This is the head of perhaps the most respected foreign policy organization in the country.

Do people not see the obvious? Is Secretary of State Kerry really so Hell-bent on the Nobel Peace Prize that he is blinded to what is going on?

A nuclear-armed Iran, which this deal will indisputably bequeath, is perhaps the most dangerous development since the dawn of the nuclear age. It will result in all sorts of irresponsible characters wielding nuclear weapons. And eventually they will build missiles and aim them at us.

This isn’t even really about Israel, although Israel is the most directly threatened. It’s about YOUR children and grandchildren.

10 thoughts on “Haass: Chances Grow That Iran Deal Will Cause Nuclear Middle East”

  1. I think zero would like a nice nuclear war, because he thinks there are just too many white folks out there.
    I was so busy today I forgot to hold any blacks back or suppress there rights.(sar)

    How many more days do we have to put up with zero?

  2. This many,…. Is Gone and America Is Safe&text2=Obama Is Gone and America Is Safe&group=My Countdown&countdown=My Countdown&widget_number=3015&event_time=1484913600&timezo

  3. Albert Perales-Rubin

    It doesn’t matter to Obama what will happen after he leaves office. He just wants a deal no matter the consequences.

  4. Iraq is on fire, and all this guy worries about is the nuke giveaway and his legacy.

    Obama has been lying for years about the Sunni army being trained and battle-ready amidst reports that they were not fit to fight. It was all a cover-up to play for time..until ISIS reared its ugly head and filled the vacuum left by Obama.

    Obama’s failure to rebuild the Iraqi army and the re-emergence of the Shia militias is destroying the US and British policy of supporting a more inclusive and less sectarian government in Baghdad. The goal was to create a government that could reach out to Iraq’s 5-6M Sunnis and turn it against Isis. But, since the militias treat all Sunni men as Isis fighters or supporters, the Sunnis are left with no choice but to stick with the jihadi militants.

    As Maureen Dowd wrote in her column last week, Obama’s Flickering Greatness, she was told by the French Ambassador: “Why would a Sunni soldier want to die fighting Sunnis to defend a Shiite government?”

    Obama’s Legacy: ISIS and a nuclear ME.

    1. exactly! Albert, above, says Obama wants a deal so much he’ll do anything to get it. but what kind of legacy is “I let Iran go nuclear”?

      is Obama so stupid he can’t see that the deal with virtually ensure an Iranian nuke? I thought he was the Smartest President Ever ™.

      we’ve caved on every single thing Iran has’t liked. then John Kerry and Baghdad Josh trot out and pretend that that’s been our position all along, and anyway the thing we caved on wasn’t even that important.

      and all the while we’ve been being insulting and dismissive of Israel, our one constant ally in the region. but Obama is petulant about those annoying Joos (except when he’s claiming to be one). it really bugs him that Israelis seem not to want to commit national suicide.

  5. It’s an awful thing to say, but I’m beginning to be be glad that I have no grandchildren, nor am ever likely to have any. The world will be a very different place in 50 years, if it survives at all.

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