As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Jeb Slow-Jams the News With Jimmy Fallon

At the risk of sounding like a terrible prude, I think the sight of the leading Republican candidate for president submitting himself to a string of cheap sexual double entendres is a sure sign of the probably irreversible decline of our civilization.

I mean, not to be too dramatic about it or anything.

I don’t even think his brother would have done this.

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  1. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!











  2. I agree. It smells like cheap goods, and “I’ll submit myself to any level of stupidity if it helps me win the White House.” we’ve had enough “stupid” from politicians to last 1,000 years.

  3. Thanks Keith. I just made an OT comment about this on the last thread.
    Enough with the 2nd languages. We have English here in America. If you do not like it, go back to where you came from.
    That sounds cold. Not meant to be. I would love to be able to speak a 2nd language that my great great great, etc. relative could have taught. However I would have used it between the family. I would have not called the Govt. and expect them to start pandering to the 2nd language.
    The newspapers were calling Trump a clown yesterday, and we have Jeb singing on TV the same day.

  4. I could not make it through this. First there was a lame intro video clip the other day, now this pandering move to gain cred with the millennial. Good lord, man, you are a wonky guy who can govern, but you are not a cool dude. Jeb makes Mitt look like the coolest cat on the right.

    This may have been a brave thing to do, but not smart


  5. Agree 100%, Keith.

    There used to be some dignity to the office of president. That was before Clinton and especially Obama repeatedly dragged it down to new lows.

  6. So, let’s talk about clownish and amusing Presidential candidates, starting with John Ellis Bush:
    assuming the persona of PanchoVilla/really bad comedian, he alerts us to the fact that Spanish speaking people will never be intergrated into modern America.
    Allowing himself to be belittled on a national stage won’t garner him one vote from a people who want a serious, dedicated person to lead their country.

  7. Barack Obama has given many, too many, examples of un-Presidential behavior with his booty shaking, beer drinking, fast food counter butt-polishing, appearances on comedy shows, and dismal singing.
    Jeb Bush should definitely NOT continue the lesson. George Bush for all his faults, real or perceived,would not have done this, he has too much dignity.
    We need a principled, dignified leader in this country, not some Hollywood wannabe as we have now, not some little brother who wants to be president too, not some Horrible Hag who lacks credentials, is a thief, destroyer and liar, not some Socialist wack job.

  8. When Obama did this, he came off looking cool. When Jeb did it, he came off looking the fool. (And wait till the Dems get hold of that whipping bit, they’ll put Jeb “back in chains”.

    Never thought I’d see a bush jump the shark. “Bush League” has taken on a whole new — and unfortunate meaning.

  9. What is this cockamamie ‘slow jam’ the news stuff, anyway. Have I been living in a cave all these years? Is it Obama’s legacy to America? So cheap!

    As for Senor Jeb, one of the requirements for citizenship is the working ability to read, write, and speak English! Only US citizens are allowed to vote! Why are you speaking a foreign language?
    2016 is now officially the Year of the Hispanderer. Press Uno for Hillary; Press Dos for Jeb. Sigh.

  10. Right now, 62 percent of the American people believe our country is moving in the wrong direction. 2/3’s, let’s say. That’s the context we are living right now.

    That’s a governmental, leadership crisis, no matter how we cut it. That’s why we don’t like Jeb making a fool of himself on television. That’s why we are demanding that our candidates behave like serious adults and prove to us that they are committed to changing the direction of the country. The entire political establishment, R and D and the bureaucracy, needs to be cleaned up. That’s why Trump is attracting our attention, no matter how much the “establishment” demeans him.

  11. Is there anything these people will not do as they pursue the presidency? I am not inclined to vote for someone who debases the Office. But then, I didn’t vote for Mr. Obama and I’ve never thought he was “cool.”

  12. “History is only the pattern of silken slippers descending the stairs to the thunder of
    hobnailed boots climbing upward from below.”