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Video || Dana Perino Tries to Get Co-Host Off Planet Trump

Donald Trump’s rambling nonsense of an announcement “speech” was so larded with empty promises and tough-sounding demagoguery – and so devoid of actual plans to achieve his many screwball notions – that, naturally, some people got upset.

One of them was Fox News commentator Dana Perino. She zeroed in on one of Trump’s ideas, that of a Mexican-financed border wall, though she could have chosen any of . . .

“Bring back our jobs from China, from Mexico, from Japan, from so many places. I’ll bring back our jobs, and I’ll bring back our money” or “Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts” or “Get rid of the fraud” or repeal Obamacare and replace it with some other form of universal coverage, repair all the roads, increase military spending – oh, and also reduce the debt.

Really? Trump is not a traditional politician? Promise everything and don’t say how you’ll do it or pay for it? Sounds pretty typical, except much, much more outlandish.

But Dana decided to unleash a torrent of impassioned sanity in response to her co-host Eric Bolling’s celebration of this Trump inanity:

I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively, I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.

The Great Wall of Mexico.

Dana asked:

On what planet is that actually true? Eric, do you think that you could make Mexico pay for a permanent wall between Mexico and the United States? You could do that? How?

Well, you can only do that on Planet Trump of course!

Please Dana, don’t try to bring us back to earth again. It’s too much fun on Planet Trump, where venting anger passes for a political platform and egomania is a sign of character.

Conservatives, even Rush, seem a little taken with Trump. It’s understandable, because it’s always refreshing to receive unvarnished rhetoric from someone running for office.

But make no mistake. Trump is a demagogue. And in a large, divided field, anything can happen, including the emergence of a dark horse who is making exciting noises and is armed with tons of cash.

Particularly if there’s a crisis in the next year or so, someone like Trump could start to become more widely appealing. And that would be a very dangerous development for the republic.

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  1. Dana Perino is what is wrong with this Country.
    Anyone with a differing opinion from ‘the norm’ is immediately dispatched as a kook, a clown, and their opinions are dismissed as folly.

    Hey Dana,….yes congress has 535 members, and they do hold the purse strings,…

    Why are we 18 trillion in debt,… congress.
    Did the presidents run up that debt ?
    No congress did.

    All Eric was saying was that it is possible to do what Trump was saying, and she immediately attacked him to try to make him look like a fool.

    Dana is easy on the eyes, but hard on the ears.

    • Er…he kinda is a fool, AfVet. Eric, that is. He is not even a journalist, although you may consider that a plus, I don’t know. I don’t want to get into a smackie of Eric Bolling, that’s for sure. He is just there.

    • I saw that segment live and was stunned that Dana was so out of her normal, calm and cool character. Though she doesn’t wear it on her sleeve, she’s very protective of the Bush family, to see her lash out at Eric like that with such a mean girl tone was more rude than a “discussion”.

      I yelled at the t.v., there’s a crisis at the border, what are Jeb’s solutions? I’m glad Trump is forcing this debate!!

      • It was out of character for Dana, but quite telling. On Monday, she tried to shut down Bolling’s negative comments about Jeb, basically saying he doesn’t like Jeb anyway, so his opinion doesn’t count. (?!) Then, on Tuesday, all this with Trump…I think she believes none of these “unserious” or “fringe” candidates should be part of the process…it should just be the establishment choices (Jeb, Rubio and perhaps Walker as the “outsider”). Very shortsighted of her…but again, very telling.

      • She has not come out for Jeb, that I heard–she prob would, but has not let it show yet. She can be a little goody two shoes for me–and Gutfeld’s “crush” on her is tiresome, but she has accomplished a lot as a woman and I would never say she is what is wrong with America–we ALL dispute the opinions of others and of each other!

        • I like Dana a lot…she’s very smart and typically has a calm, reasoned approach in discussing the topics at hand. Just found it odd for her to be almost demanding Bolling recuse himself from any Jeb discussion because he doesn’t like him to begin with. I mean, isn’t that what the show is about – to give their opinions? First sign I noticed her support for Jeb, even though she hasn’t come out yet. And I think her problem with Trump is that he takes attention away from the “serious” candidates…like Jeb!

    • Congress approved those expenditures–it was the president with the non-shovel readies, the food stamp expansion, the health care bill etc that ran it up, though.

    • afvet I think you are right and I think Dana is great but she was way off base. President Trump could immediately approve Keystone, slap a tariff on all Mexican imports and start exporting our oil at reduced prices.

      Mexico would pay the tariff until the wall is built. The lower gas prices would stimulate the economy and put even more pressure on Russia to get out of the Ukraine.

      When I first heard he was going to run I laughed and then I heard his speech. Dana is just a political analyst protecting her politicians. Her diatribe against Eric disappointed me.

    • When Dana was WH spokeswoman, she had no idea of what the Cuban Missile crisis was about which I found shocking. She’s beautiful but dumb and close minded. If you’re in the press biz you should have a knowledge of American history and a curious mind.

  2. I found it hard to watch. Normally I like what she has to say on subjects and respect her opinion, but she went over the top in this case.

    Nothing wrong the ideas Trump presented or his delivery. We need to get back to believing anything is possible, instead of the negative/defeatist attitudes that we’re currently being force fed.

    • Well said and I agree with you.

      Nothing Bolling said is impossible, he was only saying that it could happen.

      Perino is adapting the liberal tendency of speaking over whomever you disagree with.

    • But anything and everything is not possible…We need to be able to master the art of the possible–know what is possible and what is nice and cute but can never happen. This does not amt to being negative–I don’t think one other Rep so far has been negative.

    • Agreed JimR63, well said. After many attempts & failures to build a canal in Panama, America did it, first to fly, Americans although that can argued, but put men on the Moon, no argument there.
      In the words of Daniel Burnham ” Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood…”
      I’m tired of dynasty candidates and professional politicians.
      Maybe, just maybe we need a crazy sob like Trump in the WH.
      No disrespect to Trump, I’ve been called the same and kinda proud of that.

      • Cisco, I remember Kennedy promising to put a man on the moon before the end of the sixties, and we did. He allowed a nation to dream and embrace good old fashioned “We Can Do It”, he was inspiring.

        • I was thinking of that very incident. JFK didn’t say: “It would be great to land a man on the moon but, you know, it’s probably not possible. It’s way too hard.” We might have failed the first time, but no one could have said we didn’t try. Without a first try, there is never a second and perhaps successful attempt.

        • DeniseVB, I remember President Kennedy’s speech as if it was only yesterday. No talk about “fundamental transformation” of America, as you noted…”dream and embrace good old fashioned we can do it spirt” And I believe WE still can!

  3. And Keith doesn’t help by blowing him off. I would pick Trump over Rubio, Bush, Rand,etc. He may be a demagogue, but at least he doesn’t come off as a bullshitter like so many others.

  4. Dana is getting a little too big for her britches if you ask me. And I’m getting tired of so many talking heads who are cashing in on their book deals. Bill O’Reilly immediately comes to mind

    • Krauthammer, Powers, Guilfoyle, Gutfeld, that colonel–Peters, Huckabee, they are legion. Bill reads books other than his own, too–which I find endearing. Kinda old shool–reading!

  5. Somebody hit a sore spot with Dana Perino, and she reacted. Big whoop. Besides that, Trump can be buffoonish but he speaks to exactly what a vast population in this country will nod their head to. And as Lou Dobbs said on radio today:

    “Give him this much, he don’t lie, and that’s refreshing today”

    Something to ponder.


  6. On what planet can a President – change our tax code or insure income equality as candidate Clinton claims. Not this one, that’s for sure.
    Can a President build a wall, yes he can. Can he force Mexico to pay for it – in a manner of speaking, he can.
    MrTrump is RandPaul to the nth/power – he is speaking to our fears, to our desires and claims he will try to make our country better.
    The MSM, the snotty pundits, and the Dems can sneer all the want at the man, but they can’t make MrsClinton likeable, and they can’t make us embrace John Ellis Bush.

  7. On the subject of ‘the wall’, I believe it’s a total waste of time and money. They can be scaled, tunneled under, or even blown up with a little TNT.

    The only way to stop illegal immigration is to enforce the existing laws before Obama issued his illegal dictates.
    Profiling is in order, along with proof of citizenship or legal status. Deportations should be immediate with no hearings allowed. Let them litigate their case in Mexico or their country of origin. Why do we provide lawyers for these people? They never show up at their hearings anyway.

    Once the word gets out that the US is tough on illegal immigration, the flow will stop.
    Can’t blame the illegals for coming – they have received gold-plated invitations.

    • You are correct.
      Physical walls can be breached.
      We need to poison the well.

      I think Trump was alluding to that when he said that he would make Mexico pay for it.

      Many corporations have factories in Mexico because of the cheap labor.
      We need to bring them back here.

        • You are correct. We need immigrants to do the work Americans won’t do.

          What we don’t need is all of their relatives taking benefits that belong to American citizens only.

          Jeb Bush had one good idea – the ‘work program’ where they come here to work without their families, receive no benefits, and must return home at a specified time.

          Hispanics have already surpassed critical mass in this country. It if continues, we will no longer be a sovereign nation.

        • Welfare,…the well.
          If they can’t get jobs here, they will go elsewhere.
          Open borders, c’mon in folks, we will take you.
          Can’t speak the language? no problem.
          Can’t vote? we’ll fix that.
          Need a bus to the polls? no problem, we’ll get you there as long as you vote for the lib.

  8. I don’t have any opinion about Trumps’s candidacy, but I don’t recall Keith’s use of so many pejoratives in one short article before.

    Koffler has made it clear he’s not a fan.

    • Keith does a good job of just putting it out there.
      He has an opinion just like the rest of us do.

      Opinions have a tendency to change over time as more information becomes available.

      It is very early in this election cycle.

      The people that comment here are generally very open minded and a pleasure to talk to.

    • It’s perfectly OK that Keith isn’t a fan. We all look at the candidates from a different angle, from our own perspective.

      The candidates are still at the starting line, all puffed up, snorting, stomping their hooves into the ground, jumping around nervously, anxious to leap off the starting gate.

      It’s going to be a long, long race. Lots of time to observe the race, change opinions, change opinions again, then again, yell at the horses, see them change positions —poll-wise and politically. Whew, I’m tired already.

    • I think that you will note that many people do not necessarily like Trump, but they do like his message.

      Nice to hear clear concise fixes for the problems this Country has.

      Will it happen ?
      Time will tell.

      Congrats on a great site.

      • These aren’t fixes, tho–they are statements about fixes he has no way of knowing he can make. Oh, well–enjoy. I give up. Wait–is it never say never or never give up? I am going to see if the Tooth Fairy wants to be my Plus One.

      • To Star,…
        If you never try do you ever fail ?
        This Country was born because of a revolution against a monarchy that oppressed the inhabitants of the colonies.

        They said enough, and revolted.

        Seems that that time and that attitude is possibly becoming more prevalent today.

        Some people will say that it will never happen.
        I say it can with the right people at the helm.

        America is a big ship, and it will take a crew that can steer Her back on course toward the Nation She deserves to be.
        It will take time and expertise.
        America is too precious to lose.

        The people that can do it are out there.
        Some have come forward already.

        More need to.

        • Oh, for heavens’s sakes- I try and fail all the time–ever been in the screen business? Or freelance writing, for that matter? My motto is “Only by trying the absurd do we achieve the impossible.” But one has to stick in some realism someplace. Tilting at windmills is not what we need now–with so many challenges requiring immediate attn for our kids and their kids. We need to be practical, hard-eyed, pragmatic. This whole presidency now has been about trying the “new,” just doing it, Nike style–and it has been a disaster.

          • “This whole presidency now has been about trying the “new,” just doing it, Nike style–and it has been a disaster.”

            The pilgrims tried socialism and it didn’t work.
            It still doesn’t work.
            It will never work.
            Yet they keep trying.
            Go figure.

  9. Good conversation.

    I read elsewhere that everybody says we must secure the border. Nobody ever follows up and asks how that will be done. Whether you agree with Trump or not — he says a wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it (higher tariffs perhaps and other economic levers — heck I am of the opinion that many Americans would be willing to lend labor and other things to get it done.)Some of you don’t think that’s a good answer but it’s better than anything I’ve heard from the We Must Secure the Border politicos.

    What those who don’t have an answer will probably say — after the election we will….repeal Obamacare, challenge the President on illegal amnesty etc etc. None of that has happened. So, I prefer we try and pin some people down with specifics.

    That said, Trump is a man of action. He will irritate so very many people but he will stimulate the debate and hopefully pin some people down. I welcome him (as long as he does not go all Perot and do a third party which would guarantee a Clinton win).

    • I don’t think he will go third party Grace.
      He will however force the other candidates to come up with their own resolutions to the problems this Country faces.

      This is going to get good.

  10. not all of us disagree, Keith. I for one am stunned to see so many of my fellow Kofflerites seemingly so taken with the clownish Trump.

    but please do let me know: are you people really thinking Trump is the kind of candidate you want to run against Hillary Clinton? I’d like to know now, before I waste a lot of time and money trying to help get a GOP president elected.

    the guy is a joke, and he makes the Republican Party look like a joke. the libs like to talk about the “clown car” of the GOP, but up until now it was just an MSNBC laugh line. today, it’s the truth.

    very sad.

    • It is not the man, it is the plan.
      I think he is an egomaniac, but what he is saying sounds a lot like what Reagan would say.

      It’s been a long time since we heard someone openly love this Country publicly.

      Is Trump a humble man?….no.
      Is he intelligent?…yes.
      Does he love this Country?…yes.
      Would he ever go to a foreign country and denigrate America?…never.

      As it was stated above, Kennedy got us to the moon, and he was a skirt chaser.
      So was his brothers.
      His dad was a bootlegger.

      It’s not the man, it is the plan,…the vision.

  11. I was stunned that Dana took such a cheap shot at Eric, saying he was only being positive about Trump’s comments so he could get on the Apprentice? Wow. Seriously? Eric was blindsided and furious and I don’t blame him. She basically said he was using the Five platform, lying about what he thought and doing it so he could suck up to Trump. One of the main reasons I watch the Five is/was Dana and her mid western “I don’t understand crude humor” thing. I wonder now if it’s an act and she isn’t just a political hack like the people she worked for and says she dislikes. I also wonder if Jeb’s campaign didn’t feed her that info and ask her to use it because it is something I have never seen her do and she acted like a vicious gotcha journalist. (these are questions I have never asked about her but now I am. Not good Dana) Eric’s point was that Trump, even if his ideas have no chance of working, will make Jeb answer questions about issues Jeb doesn’t talk about like China and what to do about the Mexican government and it’s drain on us. She has been so furious about Trump and wants all of us to just ignore him. He WILL NOT be president but this far from an election he can open up conversations that I suspect most of the POTUS wannabe’s simply don’t have answers for.

    I always believed Dana gave her honest opinions but now I wonder if she wasn’t promised a job with Jeb if he wins and now she is running cover for him on the show. Either way her behaviour makes me question her sincerity. She led me to believe she was so nice and hated hurting other people’s feelings and then she acts just as vicious, to a supposed friend, as any lib reporter ever has.
    She owes Eric an apology. That NEVER should have been done on the air and embarrassed the hell out of Eric and I don’t think he deserved it. I am also surprised to see Dana, very lib like, attempting to shut down debate about Trump. Clearly she thinks Trump is beneath her and his voice should not be heard around the Holy voice of a Bush but debate is what makes this country great and when you start acting like the left because You don’t take Trumps ideas seriously you become one of the left.

    And to Dana, if she ever reads this, if Bush is the nominee we will lose yet another presidential election. The media HATES W and they will be twice as ruthless with Jeb. There is no way they will tolerate a 3rd Bush. Yes, the will tolerate having a Clinton or Obama as the only 2 names as POTUS for the next 50 years but not a Bush. Jeb seems like another establishment Republican who will not really fix the countries issues. At least 3 agencies; Education, agriculture and…ummm what was the third? Oh the EPA need to be eliminated or made irrelevant but I haven’t heard Jeb talking about doing that. We need to reduce the Fed gov by 1/2, give the power back to the states where it rightfully belongs and I have not heard Jeb utter one word like this.
    Dana may be happy losing elections, hell it’s good for ratings on the Five but this country is in serious trouble and all ideas, no matter how wacky and unrealistic need to be aired and talked about. Maybe an undoable Trump idea will lead to a doable idea that actually fixes something. Either way, attempting to shut down debate, as Dana is trying or using the Sol plan (if you can’t silence the idea attack the person) is so beneath Dana, I thought, that I am now questioning if she isn’t just a big government rhino like so many establishment r’s are.
    It was a sad, disgusting attack and if she doesn’t apologize I will have lost a great deal of respect for her.

    • So you are imputing motives to Dana as she did to Eric. I admit she was again pretty irate. If this was some masterplan to help JEB! wouldn’t she have been more subtle. We may never know.

      • She is happy losing elections to help THE FIVE–that is pretty far fetched. I think many Reps think this sideshow will actually hurt Rep chances. I think that.

    • Just to clarify, poster “JD” above is referring to a second incident between Dana and Eric that took place today…it was even more intense than yesterday. I, too, was shocked that she would go after Eric personally.

  12. I feel he was speaking from the heart. All of us are fed up with the illegals being welcomed, sneaking in, etc.
    At least he spoke from the gut, which is the way a great deal of Americans feel.
    At this point he is not going to play the game of talk nice so everyone like’s me.
    Vote for Trump. Who know’s at this point.
    Anyone who thinks the idea of securing the border, no if ands are buts should not be ridiculed.
    Unless you would like to live on a piece of land with people from not just Mexico, but other nations walking, digging, running in your backyard. Than the fact of us supporting all of the family members.

  13. Just to reflect on the supposed great politicians. I did some research and we give almost two billion dollars a year to Brazil. Then I went to “who owns our debt” and Brazil owns 260 billion of it. Can anyone explain how are geniuses in Washington come up with this stuff.