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The Trump Irony

Donald Trump announced his candidacy today, to the knowing, complacent guffaws of journalists and political experts who have achieved so much less in their lives than he.

Trump, in reality, is remarkable. But these critics who nip at his heels are not wrong. He is also, unfortunately, a buffoonish piece of American pop culture.

Here’s Trump spending two and a half minutes today talking about his money, and capping the presentation with, “I’m not doing that to brag.”

Trump, of course, is the biggest braggart going. His whole persona is built on braggadocio. And in the video above, you may have noticed, he sounds slightly nuts.

But the irony here is that Trump actually has more to brag about than nearly anyone else in the GOP field, including Carly Fiorina, who is also basing her candidacy on her much less impressive business career.

Trump has made himself very, very rich, and more than once. He is a highly accomplished individual who as a real estate titan has employed tens of thousands of people and built massive structures. Things you can feel, enter, and live in. Not speeches for half a million a pop.

And while he may be slightly insane, you certainly need a very strong grounding in reality to make so much money. Because money doesn’t grow on trees. It accrues to people who figure out how to plant, grow, and tend to trees.

I once read one of Trump’s books. I had decided there might be something more to the man than the cartoonish figure we often see when I saw the video below.

It’s of Trump’s appearance on the Ali G show. Ali G is a fake, a pseudo British hip hop character – created by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen – who fools celebrities and other august figures into granting him “interviews” and then leads them into a maze of absurdity where, the more they try to follow along, the more ridiculous they look.

Invariably, serious people attempt to humor this obvious moron, pretending that he has some good ideas and trying desperately not to insult or humiliate him with a dose of reality. The interviews drag on until Ali G releases his captive.

Look how Trump handled it. He gave Ali G exactly one minute of his valuable time, sized up the situation, and exited.

The Trump book I read – “How to Kick Ass in Business and in Life” – made clear that there is a lot more shrewdness, self awareness, and even sensitivity beneath the outward Trump character than you would expect.

He wonders, for example, why we make people who have never negotiated the the price of a tomato Secretary of State. The clear implication is that he, the famous dealmaker, would be a better Secretary of State than someone like Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Hillary Clinton, or John Kerry. Look at their records. He might be right.

The problem for Trump, who seemed to be extemporizing during much of his announcement today, is that he clearly has no one to discipline either his thinking or his talking. He’s brilliant, but he’s not, at this point in his life, going to take instruction, if he ever did.

And so this talented man will be little more than an amusing sideshow during the Republican primaries. And that’s a shame.

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  1. “..amusing sideshow”. How devastating, how typical MSM thinking to lay on this intelligent, forward thinking, most engaging the label of “amusing” or clown-like.
    What of Rev(of no church)AlSharpton, is he clown-like or amusing – not according to the MSM or the Dems – he has the ear of the POTUS and is a favored advisor.

    If The Donald, wasn’t “the donald”, if he wasn’t a TV personality, would he be taken more seriously by everyone, or would he be still considered “amusing”. Is MrMurdoch amusing, is MrGates amusing – no, they are held in high regard even though they are cut of the same fabric as MrTrump.
    It’s not my intent to protect MrTrump from constant bullying from those in the MSM who choose to make him out a fool, but let’s be fair here. The man is a financial genius, and he’s speaking to all of us.

    • “If The Donald, wasn’t “the donald”, if he wasn’t a TV personality, would he be taken more seriously by everyone”


    • The video denotes his negotiating ability.
      He listens, hears absurdity, gets up and leaves.

      OT, Trey Gowdy was just on Megan Kelly’s show and is waiting on more info from the State Dept. concerning Hillarys e-mails.
      The State Dept. is dragging their feet again, and he said that Kerry is the one holding up the process.

      Hmmmm,….I just wonder if Obama is involved in any way in delaying the procedures.

      Nah,….never happen……

      Gowdy said that Hillary will only make 1 appearance before the congress and he wants all the material he can get before that appearance and once again he is being stonewalled.

  2. Keith, I love you man, but what Trump brings to the “post-Obama” future (we hope he leaves the WH that is)is that Trump’s so deliciously politcally incorrect. And, he didn’t promise to stop the rising seas or promise free sh*t.

    I watched Trump’s speech and I was fist bumping the air! Most of us don’t see a difference in the political parties, especially during the worst political experiment gone wrong, Obama’s era.

    Let’s give Trump a chance. Even Ted Cruz welcomed him to the fray after he announced. (or as the Dems call it, The Clown Car). That’s the spirit of American politics, plus Cruz may be covering his butt to be Trumps VP :)

    • The degree to which the dems denigrate Trump will tell you how afraid of him they are.
      They will do everything they can to destroy him because he can tear down everything that they have established over the past 50 years.

      Their liberal fortress is in jeopardy and they know it.

    • What you saw today was a speech from a LEADER.
      One that has been successful.
      Yes he has an ego.
      So does Obama,…..
      one difference though, Trump earned his.

  3. There is a lot more to Trump than the persona he presents publicly, and Keith recognizes that. Trump is focused, tough, succinct, and gets the job job.

    Is he perfect? Of course not. He’s failed, but he’s come back. Brilliantly. So he knows how to learn from his mistakes. That’s worth a lot. He’s amazingly perceptive, and gets to the point right away. He doesn’t suffer fools. He is the direct opposite of what politicos and pundits have come to expect from politicians. That makes the kingmakers very uncomfortable, and it shows.

    Who knows how he’ll do in his campaign? No one knows and that’s the truth, prognosticators be damned. But he’ll bring some fire and lightening to the discussion for sure, and will keep the other candidates focused and on point, and maybe that’s all he intends to accomplish.

    The biggest crisis in our political world world right now is leadership–ethical, smart, accomplished, committed to the nation’s best interests. We have, for the most part and for a long time now, dishonest weenies. With the incredible damage Obama and his fellow political vampires have have done before our very eyes, we will need a Charlemagne, a Braveheart to straighten this mess out. Nothing else will work.

  4. And, as Greg Gutfeld pointed out today on The Five, the MSM loves Bernie Sanders, whose ideology and belief system has killed millions…yet Trump is the one worthy of derision and being labeled a clown.

    • The Five sure had Dana in sceech-mode today, could barely watch that segment. I kept thinking, stop sending Mexico aid, that would pay for that Trump Wall on the southern border states.

      • As I mentioned in another thread, I’ve never seen her so riled up. She was on Bolling’s case yesterday for him criticizing Jeb – she basically argued that since Bolling doesn’t like Jeb anyway, his opinion isn’t really valid and he shouldn’t say anything (how liberal-ish of her!) Dana’s usually very objective, but her loyalty to the Bushes was really obvious the last couple of shows.

      • Mexico won’t like THAT one bit. Not when .2% of their GDP is wired in on Western Union.

        Never asked in the ballot box stuffing, sorry, immigration debate, is why Mexico isn’t building a fence on its northern border, to keep its citizens (and migrants who can’t be helping its economy much) from going north…

  5. Its all a side show. None of this matters. Its Jeb vs Hillary and that’s it.

    They are both losers and we are screwed.

    We are free to vote (as if it matters) for the candidates chosen for us by the big money .01 percent folks.

    Both candidates will want open borders and one world government.

    Learn to like taco’s and Burrito’s cause California is already there and they are coming for U next !!!

    • I knew we were on a different road when they started the Press 1 for English crud…
      Many many people learned english when they came here. Years ago they stopped immigrants from coming in. What happened people worked and took care of themselves and there families. A great deal propered. Than the dems saw what was happening, and the rest is history.

  6. Get ready for Ross Perot Two-Oh. He has enough money to stay in the race long after he shouldn’t. And that ladies and gentlemen is how Hillary gets elected.

    • You may be correct.
      I did vote for Ross. I lived in Texas at the time.
      He stole Winston Churchill’s motto of never giving up. I liked the motto – didn’t realize it was a barely modified quote of Churchhill’s.
      Ross’ daughter was married in the Bahamas many years past. He destroyed irreplaceable coral reefs so that all his friend’s yachts could anchor close to land. I didn’t like that, but in fairness to me – I learned about it after the election.
      Donald doesn’t want to be President (you sized him up exactly, Keith.). He does want a cabinet position.
      Hide and watch – this will be fun.
      Someone does need to show him how to surreptitiously wipe the corner of his mouth as he “preaches” his message.

          • I’d take Trump over Obama any day.
            Trump said that he would get someone like Patton to restore the military back to the status that these young men and women deserve when they have the courage to volunteer to serve their Country.

            Give Trump a chance.

            Look at what we have now, a socialistic/Marxist bunch of crap living in the White House and telling us that we are wrong to espouse Christian beliefs this Country was built upon.

            Get ready for the Saul Alinsky rules for radicals mantra,….
            Isolate, ridicule, destroy.

            Do you think Trump gives a tinker’s damn about what they think of him ?

            And that is why he will enrage them.

            I welcome him and Carly Fiorina into the fray.

            I am SICK of politicians.

    • Trump is not Perot 2.0 because he’s running as a Republican, not a third-party candidate.

      Wouldn’t this be delish: Trump takes the oath of office and then turns to the crowd to proclaim, “Obama, you’re FIRED!”

      Nevah, EVAH, underestimate the Donald!

  7. “And so this talented man will be little more than an amusing sideshow during the Republican primaries. And that’s a shame.”

    I hope you’re wrong Keith.
    Time will tell.

  8. I haven’t read all the comments yet but the Donald has been a force in my life for longer than I care to mention. He is a survivor and brilliant and SPUNKY so I welcome him for the ride.

  9. “He wonders, for example, why we make people who have never negotiated the the price of a tomato Secretary of State.”

    Nothing against Mr. Trump, but a tomato would be a better SecState than any of the aforementioned secretaries.

  10. Trump versus the Rino’s? Label Mr. Trump whatever you like. I believe he will shake up the campaign’s of all the candidates Dem and Repub. The backroom handlers and speech writers will now have to include ” what did Trump say about us yesterday?” Beginning now, there will be no free passes to the White House. This may be the ugliest most brutal election ever…And will top the charts on money spent..Bottom line Trump is saying what many ordinary common folks are saying. As big as Trump is in rank and money he is not smoking the little people with jibber jabbash..Is he Over the top? Maybe. Still It’s going to be fun from now on..

  11. Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air in a stale political field of regurgitated hot air.
    Welcome Mr.Trump!!
    Bring it on!!!!

  12. As Kevin Williamson points out in his NRO piece today, Trump has declared bankruptcy four times. Who picked up the tab for those failings. Williamson also points out that Trump inherited millions from his slumlord landlord father. Let me sit down to a poker game with a stack ten times the size of everyone else’s and let’s see how I do. I’ve never seen a more emotionally immature candidate for the highest office in the land–including skirtchasers Kennedy and Clinton. Unlike those two, Trump wears his immaturity on his sleeve.