As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Jeb Bush Announcement

Jeb Bush announces at Miami Dade College in Miami that he is running for president.

17 Responses to Video || Jeb Bush Announcement

  1. Boy there is a shocker. Not. He is scum as he wants open borders and more war. Great. What a guy.

    Here we go another fake election the big money has chosen hill and Jeb. Both pretty much the same.

  2. I glad he made the point of the military draw done that has been done.
    I wish he would have mentioned something about keeping us safe from the maniacs…
    I do not agree with CC…
    He said, I wish all Americans will pull up a simple math problem. Right to any school. This Country cannot afford to do such a thing.

  3. I watched Hill on Saturday. If the media wants us to choose between her and John Ellis Bush, based on their roll out speeches, I’ll vote Boooooooosh. Damn. Still too early ;)

  4. I usually ignore the letters from the viewers that Bill O’Reilly reads at the end of his show, but tonight I caught it. He read a letter from a Republican who said he’d vote Democrat if Jeb’s the candidate.

    I don’t think most Republicans would go that far and end up voting for Shrillary, BUT, I do think if Jeb’s the candidate we’ll have many conservatives sitting home refusing to vote for the THIRD presidential election in a row.





  5. We all know Jeb speaks fluent Spanish. And that’s fine. But don’t lapse into the Spanish language if you are announcing your bid for the American presidency!!!
    So far, we are not officially a bi-lingual nation and this is offensive to most, if not all, Americans who are fighting to save our sovereignty.

    Save the Spanish for your private life, Jeb. We had a Mexican Mayor in Los Angeles who repeated every word that came out of his mouth in Spanish to accommodate the non-English speakers who dominate this city.

    If you really want to score points, Jeb, announce that you will make English the official language of the U.S. if you become president!