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REDLINE || Monday, June 15, 2015

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Monday, June 15, 2015​

Good morning! In the news today: Jeb set to announce, issuing a call to help “the most vulnerable;” top Islamist gets his due; Hillary declares, again corrals the press, again; fifty years later, the Moynihan report rings truer than ever; and an Italian surgeon will attempt the first head transplant.

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Jeb to announce today, emphasize “the most vulnerable” . . . Jeb Bush is ready to launch a Republican presidential bid months in the making on Monday by asserting his commitment to the “most vulnerable in our society,” an approach targeting the broader American electorate even as he faces questions about his policies from conservatives in his own party. Associated Press

After loss, Bush created JEB 2.0 . . . Humbled by defeat the first time he ran for office, Bush spent the mid-1990s broadening and deepening his knowledge of how his state worked, forging relationships that softened his profile and striving to talk about what he believed in a way that would bring people together. Washington Post

Bush Releases Video; Unveils Logo

Club for Growth: Bush is a tax cutter . . . Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will most likely continue being a “tax-cutter” if he is elected to the White House as he did during two terms years in the Statehouse in Tallahassee, the Club for Growth predicted in a report released on Saturday. Newsmax

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Obama humiliated on trade . . . President Obama was handed a horrific defeat Friday in Congress as his own Party deserted him to thwart trade legislation for which he had personally lobbied and which he viewed as a keystone of his second term legacy. White House Dossier

Orwellian White House Iraq spin . . . White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tried to claim that the decision to increase U.S. forces in Iraq by up to 450 troops and to begin basing forces at another air base was reflective of the success of President Obama’s strategy. That’s right. Success. We are sending in the reinforcements because of SUCCESS. White House Dossier

Obama urged to stick it back to China . . . President Obama now has the authority to sanction anybody who attacks the United States’ infrastructure, and experts and lawmakers alike want him to unleash it on China. Washington Examiner

Kerry claims he’s off meds . . . “All I’m taking is Tylenol,” he told the paper in an interview Saturday. “After I got two or three days in, I said, ‘You’ve got to stop this crap.’ AFP

Well, I’m sure he’s still not thinking clearly, since he wasn’t before the accident.

HUD aid for its workers includes $100,000 move . . . It reserved $5.5 million to cover expenses for everything from storage to airline tickets — and in some cases, the cost of home sales. Politico

Obama Schedule || Monday, June 15, 2015



British spies moved after Snowden files read . . . UK intelligence agents have been moved because Russia and China have access to classified information which reveals how they operate, a senior government source has told the BBC. According to the Sunday Times, Moscow and Beijing have deciphered documents stolen by whistleblower Edward Snowden. BBC

Petraeus: Water, electric grid vulnerable to cyber . . . Cyberattacks are an “enormous” threat to U.S. national and economic security, said retired Army general and former Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus. “When you look at the massive theft of personal data, the massive theft of intellectual property, the damage done to business by denial of service attacks,” said Petraeus. Bloomberg

Top Islamist sent to meet the virgins . . . A veteran Islamist militant blamed for a deadly attack on an Algerian gas field and who ran smuggling routes across North Africa has been killed in a U.S. air strike inside Libya, Libya’s government said on Sunday. Mokhtar Belmokhtar was an Algerian militant who became a major figure in insurgencies across North Africa and the Saharan border region and was dubbed “The Uncatchable” by the French military. Reuters



GOP to run the trade bill again this week . . . House Republicans could take another shot at passing Obama’s trade agenda this week, just days after Democrats handed Obama a stinging defeat by blocking the package. But it’s not clear what’s happened since last Friday’s trade votes that could change the minds of the more than 70 Democrats Obama needs to advance the centerpiece of his economic agenda. Politico

Hillary quarantines the press, ignores foreign policy . . . Separated from the throng of Clinton supporters, journalists shuffled forward like livestock through a cattle chute, smiling Hillary volunteers watching their every move. The tight scripting and heavy security surrounding Hillary Clinton’s Saturday speech lent an air of inevitability to her candidacy — almost as if she were already president. National Review

Ten things to love and hate about Hillary’s speech . . . She’s says she’ll be our champion, a new kind of leader. Well, we’ve heard that before. National Journal

Quote of the Day || June 15, 2015Clinton skipped IT security training . . . The State Department has no record of former Secretary Hillary Clinton or her two top aides receiving IT security training while Clinton led the department, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. Washington Free Beacon

Hillary, Fiorina richest candidates . . . Fiorina is worth nearly $59 million, according to a tax form she released last month. She and her husband, Frank, have a $6.6 million home in Virginia. Bill and Hillary Clinton earned about $30 million over the last 16 months, according to financial disclosures filed with election officials in May. The Hill



Fear in Tblisi as flooding releases zoo animals . . . Severe flooding in the Georgian capital left at least 12 people dead Sunday and triggered a big-game hunt across the city for lions, tigers, a hippopotamus and other dangerous animals that escaped from Tbilisi’s ravaged zoo. Residents were warned to stay indoors as police conducted the hunt, but fear deepened as night fell on the city of 1.1 million with some of the animals still on the loose. Fox News

Italian surgeon to attempt first head transplant . . . Dr. Sergio Canavero unveils plans to perform the first human head transplant, says he believes he has a 90 percent chance of success. Deborah Gembara reports. Reuters

I’ve got it. They can put a man’s head on a woman’s body and start a reality TV show to pay for the surgery.

You must also know 2


Fifty years later, Moynihan report still so relevant . . . After analyzing reams of relevant social-science research, Moynihan concluded that the decline of the two-parent family was fueling the growth of poverty and unemployment, and leading to rising crime rates in black neighborhoods and schools without discipline. Sadly, as soon as Moynihan’s report was leaked to the media, it came under withering assault from his fellow liberals. John Fund

Even today, the discussion is about a handful of instances of police abuse instead of the total meltdown of the black family. Do the people ignoring the root of the problem truly believe that black lives matter?

Liberal politics: It’s something personal . . . The whole point of a free society is to reduce the number of things that are political, particularly at the national level. When everything is considered political, the totality of life is politicized. And that’s just a clunky way of describing totalitarianism. Jonah Goldberg

CNN anchor backtracks on “courageous” cop killing attempt . . . CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield got into hot water with Texas police organizations Saturday for saying would-be Texas cop killer James Boulware was “courageous and brave” in his attack on police headquarters. She admitted a mistake but didn’t apologize. Daily Caller

Police brutality class divides community . . . A recent class project on police brutality has left students and school administrators divided at a New Jersey high school after a police union angrily asked for it to be removed. Students at Clearview Regional High School in Mullica Hill were doing a humanities class project that included information on police brutality, including a collage posted on the wall that featured a silhouette of a person with his hands raised. Fox News

Prison worker plotted with escapees to kill hubby . . . The prison worker charged with helping the two convicted killers David Sweat and Richard Matt to escape from the New York maximum-security correctional facility allegedly told investigators that the three had planned to kill her husband. Reuters

Uh, if you’re going to kill your husband, I think there has to be a less complicated way to arrange it.

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8 thoughts on “REDLINE || Monday, June 15, 2015”

  1. The prison worker who helped the convicts escape:
    Pathetic, chubby, middle-aged woman falls for the prisoner who tells her she’s beautiful and he wants to make love to her.
    Experience tells us that her husband either ignores or abuses her so that she falls for the lies.
    Hillary the Candidate:
    Pathetic, chubby, elderly woman believes she can convince people that she’s: 1. Not rich
    2. She loves the little people, 3. She can change the tax laws, and if not, then she is counting on the electoral votes, not the popular vote, to slide her into the Oval

    About the racial turmoil:
    We come to learn that most of the rioting is faked by paid protesters. We see that Blacks have only outrage if a White person harms one of their race, and care nothing if a Black on Black crime is committed.
    Out here in flyover country, the belief is that the whole racial conflict is a Dem plot to raise fears about local police and allow the Feds to take over all policing.

    1. Hillary just missed her time, aced out by a powerfully backed mysterious newcomer–and then SHE went over to his side in a totally cynical move, promoted his lies, etc. And now she wants “her turn.” And seeing no alternative, the Dems may talk themselves into going along. The problem is the rest of us have to go along too if that happens. Is it me or do most lo-fos seem to be Dems?

      Anyone see her second in command in Fox News Sunday? Jell-O to the wall!

      1. “Is it me or do most lo-fos seem to be Dems?”

        Nope it ain’t you Star.
        Parties no longer make any difference, intelligence does.

  2. In other news, Black entertainer,Prince, gave a private VIP performance at the WH on Saturday night for the Obama family and 500 ‘lucky’ guests in celebration of Black Musician Appreciation month. A good time was had by all as they danced through the night.
    (seems like every night is Black appreciation night with these parasites).

    Must have been a bon voyage party for MO as she embarks on a European vacay with a price tag that is being held under wraps.
    Money grows on trees at the WH!

  3. I guess Kerry was not blown to giblets by ISIS–gee, you can’t believe anything in the press anymore (yes, Sarc). At least he is not getting addicted to opiates…one blessing.

    1. That is the first thing I thought of: So he says…
      As far as the Snowden issue. I want to see the proof of what they are claiming of figuring out the info.

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