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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 16, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Vice President Biden
5:05 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Carter

All times Eastern
Live stream White House briefing at 12:30 pm

22 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 16, 2015”

  1. 10:00 am || Presidential Daily Briefing sent to iPad
    11:45 am || Wake up and get ready for lunch with Joe
    12:30 pm || Lunch with Vice President Biden
    2:00 pm || Basketball game with the Choom Gang
    5:05 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Carter
    6:00 pm || Dinner with the Choom Gang
    8:00 pm || Hanging with the Choom Gang and doing what the Choom Gang does

    1. Snark, thanks so much for all of your great links and the info on using the time stamp for old comments!!! You are our Super Sleuth!!!
      You solved the mystery of the two teenagers who always appear in travel pics. It’s been driving me crazy for 6 years!
      Leslie Robinson looks so much like MO and Craig – it all makes sense now.
      Can’t believe you found the twitter accts, lol. Great job, Snark!

    1. Thanks for the clip. That is great that this huge crew are there. sarc
      I am still embarrassed that he did not show up in Paris. Now all this money and protection is there for this crew.

    2. Thanks for that link. I like how the DM posts the info for the dresses MO wears and the cost. $1800 and $3500 dresses shown so far although that doesn’t take into consideration the cost of adding sleeves to her dresses.

      I wonder how many people accompanied MO on this trip?

      1. Maybe the dresses are expensive but they certainly aren’t attractive! Look at the one she is wearing on the Breitbart news link….ugly!

        1. No they aren’t attractive nor do they fit well. But the cost – they always berate the 1% yet think they aren’t part of it.

          1. Do all of you remember the hoopla over the price of one of Ann Rommey’s blouses which I might add she paid for herself! Now the mooch can spend whatever she wants on a dress or whatever and I am sure some of the cost WE are paying for!

  2. Major media organizations in Clinton’s traveling pool issued a statement Monday night defending Martosko and rejecting any attempt by the Clinton campaign to “dictate” who covers the candidate.
    The Daily Mall reporter told Megan Kelly: “I got there when I was told to get there”. He showed up in the parking lot, told them who he was, and they said ‘No, you can’t come.’

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